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To ensure that Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. is providing the highest quality stainless steel furniture, we have effective quality management that fully meets regulatory requirements. Our quality assurance staff has the necessary manufacturing experiences to effectively manage product quality. We follow standard operating procedures for sampling and testing.We take the development and management of our brand - Pinzheng Furniture very seriously and our focus has been on building its reputation as the respected industry standard in this market. We have been building wider recognition and awareness through partnerships with a number of prestigious brands around the world. Our brand lies at the heart of everything we do.At Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture, customer satisfaction is the impetus for us to move toward in the global market. Since establishment, we have been focusing on providing customers not only with our superior products but also our customer service, including customization, shipping, and warranty.
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Chair  Mountain
Chair Mountain
Chair MountainChair Mountain is a prominent mountain summit in the Elk Mountains range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 12,727-foot (3,879 m) peak is located in the Raggeds Wilderness of Gunnison National Forest, 5.0 miles (8.1 km) west by south (bearing 259) of the Town of Marble in Gunnison County, Colorado, United States. .— — — — — —Poole Chair for Engineers at the University of AlbertaWhile continuing to manage Dalcor, McDougall was Poole Chair from 1991 to 1997.— — — — — —What do you think of this picture?Theoretically correct, and better if it is something heavier than a chair. But I still doubt it can work— — — — — —What to do with baby at wedding?congrats just take a chair with you— — — — — —what activity level am i?I sit in a chair playing video games all day and what do you know im normal weight— — — — — —Halton regional chairGary Carr was elected as Chair of Halton Region on November 13, 2006. 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The Peppa Pig Parenting Predicament
I know what youre thinking.I havent seen such good alliteration since secondary school English class.Unless youve been living under a rock for the fifteen years since she first graced our screens, the chances are pretty good that you know exactly who Peppa Pig is. If you dont, then I envy you. Only parents or those with young siblings truly understand just how torturous an experience having to listen to a cartoon pig constantly whining can be.As I type this article Im sat on my new garden furniture, basking in what is undoubtedly the last bit of sunshine the UK will see this year. Over the sound of my typing, I can hear children playing in a nearby garden. I find it highly amusing that I sit and type this particular article, I can hear a child shouting that she wants to watch Peppa Pig.In fifteen years the show has transformed from something which nearly never made it to air, to being shown in 170 countries and translated into 40 languages. The official Peppa Pig Youtube channel has more than 9 million subscribers (most of these are undoubtedly parents, unaware that their child has subscribed), and the show has led to the creation of all manners of merchandise, clothing, toys, DVDs, music albums and even a theme park. Kids love that irritating little hog.My children are no exception. Or they used to be. My daughter Isabella is five, so shes grown out of it, but when she was younger its all she ever wanted to watch. My son Jacob is two and it is currently one of his favourite to watch.I try not to pay much attention to the TV when my kids are watching it, so after almost six years of parenting, its pretty much become background noise now. But given the sheer amount of time combined my children have spent watching Peppa Pig, Ive picked up a few snippets here and there, which have led me to one conclusion.Peppa Pig is a rude, obnoxious little brat, and Id be horrified if either of my children turned out like her.Now the parents among you, and those with younger siblings will no doubt have some inkling as to where Im going with this. But for the blissfully unaware, let me give you some insight into the life of Peppa Pig.1) Shes a sore loser, and rude to pretty much everyone.Youre not my friend anymore is one of Peppas favourite phrases. If things arent going her way, or someone does something she doesnt like, Peppa is not afraid to say Bye-bye to her friends. The clip below, infamous among parents and meme-lovers demonstrates exactly what I mean:Now, some might say that her character is written to be realistic of how real children might act. But is this the behaviour we want our children to emulate? Jacob is two, far too young to understand whats happening in the show. He likes it because its colourful, and Peppa has a funny voice. Thats about it. But in a year or so, he may have developed more of an understanding of some of the concepts depicted in the show. Do I want him starting school thinking that friendships are based on the rule of Do what I want or get lost? No thank you.2) Peppa constantly fat-shames her Daddy.The shows writers were apparently unable to make a single episode that didnt involve Peppa making some sort of reference to Daddy Pigs Big Tummy.The above video is over an hour-long, but you only need to watch the first fifteen seconds to see what I mean. In this episode, Peppa and George are playing in their secret treehouse. She decides that the secret password is Daddys Big Tummy, which prompts much laughter from the rest of the family at Daddy Pigs expense. In other episodes, she tells Daddy Pig that he is too big to go down the slide with George, that he needs to do more exercise, that his tummy is too big for him to dive into a swimming pool.And we wonder why children become bullies? Now Im not for a moment suggesting that if a child becomes a bully then it is solely the fault of a cartoon pig. But for young children to watch scenes depicting fat-shaming makes these attitudes appear normal. Ive written previously about child obesity, how an increasing number of children are already overweight when they start school. Do you want your child to think its normal to make fun of another childs big tummy because Peppa Pig does it? Or even worse, how would you feel if your child was on the receiving end of such comments?And while were on the topic of Daddy Pig3) The Shows Portrayal of Men Leaves A lot To Be DesiredSilly Daddy is something I hear quite often from my children and no doubt that obnoxious little pig is to blame. Its what Peppa says gleefully after watching Daddy Pig lose his glasses, knock a hole through a wall while hanging a picture, or mistaking what day it is and being late for work. The general attitude of the show is that the lead male character is fat, lazy and incompetent, who likes to do nothing more than watch television and eat chocolate cake. Female characters, on the other hand, are portrayed in a completely different light.One particular episode shows Miss Rabbit, the shows resident multi-tasking superwoman, taking a sick day from her multiple jobs as a bus driver, running an ice-cream stand, and working in a supermarket. Other characters (two of which are male) offer to step in and cover while she is off sick but they are seemingly not up to the task.Everyone makes the same joke that women can multitask and men cant. But portraying men as incompetent and lazy as a direct comparison to women is a lesson we should not be teaching our children, particularly in this day and age where we are constantly banging on about inequality. Imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was Mummy Pig or Miss Rabbit failing to do Daddy Pigs job while hes sick. Would it be acceptable then, to send the message to preschool children that one gender is superior to the other? I think not.4) Shes a Terrible Big SisterHaving an older daughter and a younger son, I can relate to this one somewhat. Jacob absolutely worships the ground that Isabella walks on. He loves playing with her, he just wants to be involved. She cant wear one of her Disney Princess dresses without him wanting to put one on and dance around with her. Most of the time they get along. Yes, they wind each other up. Yes, they dont always play well together, sometimes Isabella wants to play on her own.But Peppa Pig on the other hand? Whether it be because hes a boy or hes too little, George is constantly excluded from her games, particularly when shes with her friends. Is this a lesson we want our children to learn? Or should we expect more from the little porker, who regrettably is now considered something of a role model to children worldwide?But its only a cartoon!I know. But it is aimed at preschool children, who have brains like sponges. The interactions between these characters will form some part of their understanding of relationship dynamics. This is why it is so important that the way these characters behave around one another reflects the values and behaviours wed want to see in our children.Im not going to stop my son from watching Peppa Pig. But it has made me reconsider just how much he should be watching a show whose main character displays some of these negative behaviours, particularly as he gets older and reaches preschool age.Most parents can handle that insufferable little pig in small doses. But if you really cant stomach any more of her incessant whining?Im sure a few slices of bread and some HP sauce will make it much more palatable.Jon Peters is a 28-year old writer from the UK. If you reached this far down the page, welcome! Im glad you could join us. If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more of what I have to say, you can get to my profile by clickinghere·RELATED QUESTIONHow to fit 3 children car seats into the back of a carUnfortunately very few cars properly fit 3 car seats, and cramming them all in there may actually decrease the safety of the seat. If you do end up putting one in the front seat, make sure you consider the front passenger air bags - they need to be disabled for many car seats or they can cause significant harm
Tulli Zuccari Bathroom | Italian Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
ItalyTulli Zuccari Furniture and bathroom accessories Made in Italy Tulli Zuccari is headquartered in Bevagna, a small country that still has the original medieval village and is located near the city of Perugia, in the heart of Umbria and Italy.In 1963 it was one of the first Italian companies to devote himself entirely to the production of furniture and accessories for the bathroom which, then as now, are entirely manufactured in the plant in Bevagna: even the smallest component of a Tulli product Zuccari, bears label Made in Italy .Today, after more than half a century of experience, Tulli Zuccari, is one of the industry actually bathroom furniture that stands out for the attention and care they devoted to every detail of its products, in addition to a rigorous and refined design ; its products are exported to many countries in the world. Originally published at eurooo. com. RELATED QUESTION How can I customize wooden hangers? How are wooden hangers customized? If you refer to wooden clothes hangers, there are several ways, you can see examples at Etsy or other craft or art websites. The most simple way, of course, is to paint them, but for more effect, you can wrap them with fabric, ribbon, colored wires, or other materials, you can glue or fasten beads or glitter on them, you can even carve filigree or shapes on them. Heavy duty wooden clothes hangers are easy to find, and offer many woods and shapes to play with. Try your hand at wood-burning designs on them, using found materials to cover them, or just use bright, shiny paint to spruce them up a bit.
Experts Teach You To Quickly Understand The Application Performance Of Aluminum Profiles
Experts Teach You To Quickly Understand The Application Performance Of Aluminum Profiles
Why are industrial aluminum profiles widely used for any reason? To quickly and easily understand the characteristics and application performance of industrial aluminum profiles, as a Coated Pipe Accessory Supplier, King 9 will teach you a few simple and quick methods.The surface of Aluminium Profile is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful, and it is resistant to dirt. Once it is coated with oil, it is very easy to clean. When assembling into a product, different profiles are used according to different load-bearing materials, and the matching aluminum profile fittings are used, no welding is required. It is environmentally friendly, and it is easy to carry and move with ease of installation and disassembly.Aluminium Profile mostly has strict requirements on material, performance and dimensional tolerance. Although the profit of industrial aluminum profile is higher than that of architectural aluminum profile, its production difficulty is relatively large and the technical requirements are also high.Industrial aluminum profiles are used in a wide range of applications and are extremely versatile. They are known for their environmental friendliness, ease of assembly and disassembly, time saving and long service life. Our company offers a variety of Aluminium Profiles. Welcome to contact us RELATED QUESTION I didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort? No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware. There are three main approaches for accomplishing this: 1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
Interior Sliding Glass Doors for the Modern Home Or Office
Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They are great for both the inside and the outside of the house. They can be used for closets, bedrooms, back doors, etc.These doors are very safe, even if you have children in the house. They are easy to open and close and need little maintenance. They are made of thick glass that is very difficult to break; it is usually 5mm to 7mm thick. They usually are constructed using laminated safety glass for added protection.Sliding glass doors are easy to open and close and feature a very quiet operation. High quality sliding glass doors are very unlikely to become loose on their tracks as they make use of a special locking system.These doors may be locked in both their open and closed states. They may be locked with a key in order to provide security, or locked for convenience by the simple pull of a lever.Sliding glass doors are constructed using the following parts: a head, sill, insulated glass, hardware, and a jamb. The head is the main horizontal piece that serves as the top frame of the sliding glass door. The sill forms the bottom of the sliding glass door frame.The insulated glass may be composed of two or more hermetically sealed panes of glass. If you would like to increase insulation in your home, these panes of glass may be layered with argon gas which can increase the doors' ability to retain heat.This is great for those winter months when heating bills can get so high. The hardware part of sliding glass doors is what is used to open and close the doors. Finally, the jamb is the entire patio door frame.Sliding glass doors have been improved significantly since they were first invented. Today's models feature energy efficiency, durability, safety, and beauty. Sliding doors may be constructed of either aluminum or wood, each having their own pros and cons.Aluminum doors naturally are more durable and provide for better security, but wood doors are much more fashionable. Wood doors will also be much more vulnerable to moisture, so make sure you apply a durable finish.As a third option, you may choose fiberglass doors that are constructed so that they resemble wood but don't warp or crack as real wood is prone to do.The wood, aluminum, or fiberglass only form the frame of the doors however, as you know the main part of any sliding glass door is glass. Seek glass that has a high quality glaze. Most sliding glass doors feature this so it is not difficult to find.Most sliding glass doors will feature dual glazing and/or argon gas filling. There are various kinds of glass that is used in these doors, so look carefully at what is available to you so that you can make the best decision.Remember, you don't have to stick to just one simple design. If you keep this in mind when purchasing your sliding glass doors you are certain to make the best choice.
I'm Looking for a Free Audio Book Website, Can Anyone Tell of Such a Website?
I'm Looking for a Free Audio Book Website, Can Anyone Tell of Such a Website?
5ry Type in free audio books in the search bar once u get there. There might not be one but try and there might idk1. I want to download this audio book for free off of this website. Will I get sued or in trouble or something?Book publishers are hurting in this economy and many ARE starting to hunt down thieves and sue them, just like the record industry did. If they cannot make money from sales, they will make it from suing thieves. Also, with a statute of limitations of a minimum of 7 years or so in most states, they could come after you anytime for years and years. They are also starting to monitor sites like this to find people who are stealing and promoting book theft as a starting point for their efforts. Some are even offering rewards for turning people in. Electronic versions of books are as copyrighted as the printed version and taking one is no different than walking into a store and stealing a printed version. If the book is under copyright (and most written after 1923 still are), then yes, downloading it could well land you in trouble. Also, you've now posted about it in public forum. If they come after you, you are a guaranteed conviction. you've displayed prior intent and cannot claim ignorance of the law now that you've asked about it, so you are especially prone to litigation if caught. If you would rather risk paying $20,000 and gaining a criminal record instead of just paying $14.95 for the book like most socially functioning individuals do, go ahead and steal it. Remember, while you may want the book for free, that book IS the author's property and source of income. Stealing it is stealing from them. And it can discourage them from writing more books (just research the Stephanie Meyer Midnight Sun situation where she stopped writing a book her fans wanted because it was stolen and leaked online for free). Why would you do that to an author you supposedly like? You like them enough to want to read their work, but not pay them for the effort of writing it? Besides being illegal, it is socially inept and rude. Would you want someone doing that to you? Finally, the fact that you "might not get caught" does not make the activity legal. It IS illegal if you get caught or not. Wrong IS wrong, if you get caught or not. And it is not up to the government to monitor such activity but the publishing companies and rights holders. And while they may not have done much in the past, as I said above, they ARE doing more now and will continue to do more in coming years and slow economy. Your chances of getting caught ARE going up. Plus, as I said, with a statue of limitations that can run for more than a decade, that means that if someone invents a piece of software 8 years from now that can suddenly and easily detect theft, they could apply it retroactively to database and IP records and do mass suings all at once years down the road. (P.S. i happen to know for a fact that they ARE working on software that will do just that in a new and creative way.)2. NEED HELP finding the crucible free online audio book!?How about buying the book instead of illlegally downloading it?3. Please I Need a FREE AUDIO BOOK!!! Asap?join my group you will get a large variety of book you want to read!!4. where can i download the free audio book of breaking dawn by stephenie meyer?Stephenie Meyer is very upset with people stealing her books and audio books. She works hard at writing and she wants to be paid for her time. So do the people that read the book and the sound engineers that record the book. You are taking food off the table of a lot of people. Meg Cabot says: "But what about the many hard-working people who edited, copy-edited, copy-set, printed, designed, publicized, and did whatever else was necessary to get that book into print? The publishing industry is in big trouble right now, just like all those other industries we hear about on TV every night during the evening news...only no one is bailing the publishing industry out. So publishers are having to lay people off, shut down whole divisions, and cancel book contracts. Projects some of us have been working on are being "post-poned indefinitely." One of my best friends just got laid off from her job last week. And of course, bookstores all over the country are having to shut down due to flagging sales. This is just wrong."
Company Immediately Calls Job Applicant Upon Seeing B.a ...
SEATTLECalling his rsum exceptional and like nothing weve ever seen, the human resources department at local public relations firm Brink & Tiller called 22-year-old job applicant Corey Wilhelm immediately after noticing he had a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, sources confirmed Wednesday. Wilhelms rsum, which was e-mailed to the firm in regards to an entry-level job opening, was reportedly forwarded to the highest levels of the company, after which executives scrambled to contact the 2012 University of Washington graduate and offer him the position. A Bachelor of Arts? In communications? I mean, where did this kid come from? said HR director Robert Bradshaw, who, after seeing Wilhelms impressive 3.20 cumulative GPA, walked the rsum directly into the company presidents office and said, We must hire this person immediately. I mean, not only did Corey manage to get into the University of Washington School of Communication right out of high school, butget thishe then graduated with a degree in that very field. A Bachelor of Arts, no less. Rare and gifted is all I have to say. Jesus Christ, Bradshaw continued, his rsum says he minored in History, too. We really have to move fast if we want to snag this guy. According to Bradshaw, Wilhelms thorough education in varied subjects such as public speaking and radio broadcasting, compounded with his relatively consistent position on the UW Deans List, makes him one of the bestif not the bestjob applicant the company has ever had. In addition, Wilhelms formidable career experience, which includes two summers working the reception desk at his fathers realty company, a semester-long editorial internship at the luxury magazine Seattle Metropolitan , and two years of involvement with his student newspaper The Daily reportedly blew Bradshaw out of the water. Impressed and admittedly intimidated company sources went on to confirm that Wilhelm had also completed four years of high school Spanish. I dont know how this is possible, but it says he has experience in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on both PC and Mac, said sales developer Brenda Juarez, explaining that she had to do a double take after reading the line in Wilhelms cover letter explaining that he had both professional and personal experience on multiple social media platforms. And on top of it all, hes taken the classes Introduction to Communication, Writing for Mass Media, and Interpersonal Communication. I mean, this guys on a different plane altogether. Honestly, he might even be overqualified to work here, Juarez continued. According to the firms co-founder Vince Tiller, the company is not only willing to offer Wilhelm the entry-level position for which he applied, but literally any job he wants, just so long as he brings his expertise in singing for his college a capella group and doing his bi-monthly radio show Wilhelm Wednesdays to the company. When youre dealing with somebody like Coreysomebody with a B.A. in Communicationsyou have to remember that this is the type of guy who goes out there and takes what he wants, said Tiller, adding that hell never know what its like to have the world on its knees like Corey Wilhelm. Keep in mind, on top of everything he accomplished in school, he somehow found time to perform in the campus theater group. With his skills, itll only be a matter of time before hes coming for my job, Tiller added. Sources later confirmed that Brink & Tiller had already presented Wilhelm with an initial offer of $275,000 per year. However, the recent college graduate reportedly made a counter offer of $350,000 plus a $50,000 signing bonus, which company management has said it will excitedly accept.
LED Safari: Teaching People to Make Solar Lights
There is a proverb I'm sure you've heard before that says "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." LED Safari is doing just this, going beyond providing affordable solar lighting to teaching people to make solar lights themselves. Today there are many organizations that are spreading solar power to rural areas in developing countries. The new range of options and prices has made solar power increasingly accessible to poorer households. However, there is still a barrier to the poorest, who are unable to take the risk of investing in a solar lamp that could break. They feel safer continuing to spend the same amount on kerosene, even if the lamp would be cheaper in the long run.LED Safari began in 2010 with a plan address this concern. They train people to make their own lamps out of the main components. This not only allows people to be creative in the design of different lamps, but also ensures that the lamps can be repaired if they should break. The model also provides people with valuable skills and empowers them to create unique businesses making different kinds of lighting products, or repairing them when they break. In addition, solar lamps can be made out of just about anything, so this program is promoting a new kind of upcycling.To date, LED Safari has trained 300 people and produced 1,000 lamps in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India. Their program is providing skills, creating new entrepreneurs, and making solar power more accessible to the poor. LED Safari also conducts workshops in developed countries for schools, companies and other organizations interested in learning about solar power or looking for a great team building activity. Do you know how to make a solar lamp?Looking to discover more impact ventures? Join us at·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.3. A water bottle with some secret space.4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.5. A comb-cum-bottle6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.7.8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.10. A shower with LED lightsthat changes colour according tothe room temperature.11.12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.13. Carpet alarm clock.14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...17.18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.20. Shark tea bagsThank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.21. Pizza box oven22. selfie toaster23. Cookie cutter tray24.25. 3-D pen26. Clear kayak27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.28. Planet plates29. Galaxy night light30. Weight measuring chopping board.That's it for now... will add more later :))
Why Does the Toilet "flush" When You Pour a Bucket of Water into It?
Because it is designed not to overflow1. What are your major "bucket lists" things you want to do?-Have sex with one man for the rest of my life. And love it. -Go to the countryside in Ireland and just lay in the grass. -Take a risk and fight my fear of falling, whether it be hang-gliding or sky-diving. -Swim with dolphins. -Change someone's life. -Make life and nurture it. -Know someone with an extremely amazing and beautiful name that nobody else has.2. How to coax a dog into the backseat of my car?I suggest getting a large bucket or bin or whatever (one that you can pick up easily) and put it in front of you, using it like a shield. Open the door. If she growls at you, say "sshhhhhhh" in a loudish, gentle way, and gentle move a bit closer. Make sure that your body is protected from her with the bin or bucket. Every time she growls, say "shhhhhh" but do not say it in a sharp way, just a nice slow way. Keep gentle moving forward into your car, even just touching her with your "shield". You want to keep doing this until you are finally in your seat, but do not do it too roughly, just take it step by step. The trick is that you are telling her that you just want to sit in this seat, and by gently pushing her aside, you claim ownership of your seat. Do not poke or prod her or anything, just gentle press onto her body with your shield. Hope this helps!3. i need a detailed list of everything i should pack for a 3 week sleepaway camp?Im going to camp two different times this summer,and this is my list: Clothes: tanktops Shorts bra/undies socks sundress hoodies sweatpants[i know its going to be hot,but im bringing some anyway] tennis shoes flip-flops laundry bag pajamas robe slippers rainboots rain jacket old jeans bathing suits Bed and Bath: twin sheets pillowcases pillows blanket throw blanket towels washclothes bucket for shower stuff shower/personal stuff[shampoo and stuff like that plus tampsns/pads. extra padding for bed EXTRAS: Lockbox[for if you bring a camera or cellphone..if you use a trunk that locks you wont need this. camera batteries flashlight Stationary Vitamins[if you take them] books[if you like to read] magazines water bottle[re-usable one] alarm clock battery fan This was the list I made for myself,so if there is something you know you wont use just take it off. Have Fun at camp! **EDIT** I forgot to put sunscreen and bugspray.Some camps have a outdoor camping trip,so you can use a sleeping bag instead of a blanket in case you need it. Also,some places have a camp store,so bring money4. Pretend you have a bucket of water,?fill up the three liter with water then pour that into the 5 liter. (3/5)(0/3) then fill the 3 liter back up again. (3/5)(3/3) Pour from the 3 liter until you fill up the 5 liter. (5/5)(1/3) Dump out all of the 5 liter. (0/5)(1/3) Then dump what is left of the 3 liter into the 5 liter. (1/5)(0/3) Then fill the 3 liter back up again. (1/5)(3/3) Then pour 3 liter into the 5 liter. (4/5) (0/3) That is 4 liters. (4/5= 4 liters.5. High School Bucket List?IN SCHOOL FUN STUFF: Graffiti in a locker Tag your name in one of the bathrooms Fall down going up the stairs during passing period (if you have stairs at school) Ask out the hottest person at your school Throw a chair across the classroom (this might be difficult and might not even be on this list) Sing loudly in the halls so everyone can hear you When at an assembly volunteer for an event and do it Create a school tradition Follow school traditions The day before you graduate gather people with cars and circle the school honking like MAD! Go to school with a snuggie...and use it Go to school with a pillow pet and sleep on it EDUCATIONAL STUFF: Pass a test with 100% Read "Lord of the Flies" Become a teacher's assistant Spend an all nighter doing an essay (this is not's more fun than Help paint a mural at your school Be involved in a musical/play production Write a short story that inspires you and ask your Literature teacher if they can count it for extra credit OUTSIDE SCHOOL STUFF: Try drugs...but do not get too crazy with it (do not do this if you do not want to!) Go to a party and get butt nasty drunk (do not do this if you do not want to either...i am not telling you, you need to do it!)
During a Car Crash, Which Is Safer?
During a Car Crash, Which Is Safer?
During a car crash, which is safer?tensing up is a natural reflex, yet it is statistically proven that the more relaxed you are the lesser the injuries you will receive, as in the casesf drunk drivers that are barely injured during crashes, however, I as well am guilty of tensing up as soon as I know that a crash is going to occur, my personal opinion is to sit normally in your seat and relax (as best you can) and let the safety equipment of the vehicle do its job, if you pull your knees up and an air bag goes off, it could do some serious damage to your body— — — — — —Is this a good way to describe a car crash?It was very descriptive. :) I liked it!— — — — — —Whatu2019s it like being a highway police officer and seeing car crash scenes?The minor fender benders are generally easy.I was a traffic officer. My unit's job was reconstructing traffic fatalities so our job was a little more detailed. We were on call 24/7/365.We did scale diagrams, interviews, speed measurements, and looked at a lot of mangled up dead people. We handled it as a "traffic homicide. "After a while, you just get numb.— — — — — —A CAR CRASHED INTO ME, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!?Relax, you will be fine and his insurance should take care of everything. Depending on the coverage it can take a couple of days to sort things out with the claims adjusters; let your insurance look out for you and above all else, make sure that they use new, not salvaged, parts to repair your truck. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks to get your truck back, but since you are 17 they probably wo not let you have a rental. By the way, you handled the whole thing very well.— — — — — —Survey: Would you rather die in a car crash or on the operating table and why?Neither. I am going to let god and nature decide when I am going to die— — — — — —Is $1000 good for a car crash injury settlement?You should be scared to settle with those type injuries, not to scare you but the headaches can go on indefinitely as they did with my 1st wife. Geico would love to get out of this for the money they offered, that is what insurance companies do, try to settle at the lowest possible rate. A personal injury lawyer will take this on a contingency and will be aware of what damages should be recovered. DO NOT TAKE THE ONE DAY ONLY LOW-BALL.— — — — — —What does this represent I dreamed of a calm car crash where my 16 year old son was driving?aww bless this isnt a bad dream !! dreams not about the pictures u see while sleep its about what is makes u feel. if u feel good its a good thing P.s the high way and the car only shows a life path you are taking, having you son with you is sort of showing how much u love him and will never let him walk alone in his life path.— — — — — —Please help me, I got into a car crash?If your vehicle is totaled, they will pay you the actual cash value of your vehicle, minus your deductible. You can use that to purchase a new car, or as a down payment. They will not help you find a new car— — — — — —Story about little girl who falls ill after car crash. What illness to use?Major infections from a deep wound that she got from the car crash, that makes a person realllllyyy sick! hope it helps— — — — — —Just got into a major car crash and am depressed.what do I do?OK, I will try to help. I can not get you out of this situation, but I will do what I can to help you understand it and (most importantly) calm you down. You need to keep your head on straight at a time like this, or you wo not do yourself any good at all. First, nobody was seriously hurt so it was not a 'major' accident. I know the car is pooched, but so what. They build those friggin' things in factories, hundreds per day in fact, and cars are expendable. Human beings are much harder to fix or replace, trust me. Second, take a few deep breaths and collect yourself. I've been exactly where you are, and I know it's stressful, but you are no good to yourself in this state of mind. It's called an accident for a reason, and you are not a criminal. You maybe made a mistake and got a traffic ticket, but a traffic ticket is not a criminal offense. Say it with me: You are not a criminal, and accidents happen by accident. Now let's talk about your ticket. If you can not afford a traffic lawyer (they are expensive), you can talk with the state prosecutor and ask if they can cut you some slack. Ask nicely for a detailed explanation of the charge (you are entitled to that), and then ask if there's any way they can cut you a break. Be respectful, take ownership of your mistake (as you already are doing), and be as mature and level-headed as you can the whole time. It's definitely worth a try. As for a lawsuit, do not worry too much. Even in California, people rarely sue for more than the insurance policy will cover because they know they wo not get more than that. If this lady sues, the first thing your insurance company will say to her is "prove your injuries". Then they will make her get a second medical opinion from a doctor she does not know (standard procedure), ask her to give a sworn statement or two, make her fill out forms upon forms, and then go over all the information with a fine-tooth comb looking for inconsistencies. Then and only then would the case possibly go to trial, where the insurer's lawyer (they pay the legal costs, not you) will try to trip her up several different ways. Considering she was not injured at the scene of the crash, she wo not be getting much money out of a lawsuit. Insurance companies did not get that rich by being stupid. And no, there probably is not a way to avoid seeing your premiums increase. But again, ask your broker if there are any options in that regard. You never know, and you can never go wrong by asking. At-fault accidents usually involve higher premiums on the next renewal, but sometimes there are ways to lessen the impact. Always ask what your options are. But for right now, you need a hot bath (trust me, it works), a hot meal, and some sleep. And if it helps at all, I am glad you are still in one piece and unbroken. Your parents are probably really happy about that too. Cars can be replaced, but not you. Take care of yourself.
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