Would You Rather Be in a Cult Or Learn and Study the Bible?

Learning the bible IS a cult

1. People say that mormonism is a cult. Being a mormon I want to know: why?

The people who do are purely ignorant and did not read the dictionary cults and religions are the same thing... SO for those who call the LDS church a cult, you also are a member of a cult every time you walk through the doors of the church where you worship. Evangelicals are Idiots anyways. Any way The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is no more a cult than any other religion.

2. Those who say Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult: what if I want to be in a cult? What if I think religion?

Really practical reply! Yes they are a cult and the one ones who suppose they do not seem to be ARE the JW and a couple of atheists. Look again at the entire solutions! Also the Jw cult will attempt to outline all faith as a cult however that is cheating and ignorant. If you seem it up cults and centered religions have separate definitions and meanings. By calling an centered faith a cult they are simply with no trouble seeking to observe a diffrent which means to a phrase. But what are you able to anticipate from a Cult that created a complete new Bible by means of exchanging the definitions of phrases? Go with Rev.Kip when you desire knowledge approximately the cult.

3. I want to write a book about a religious cult that I grew up in, and the abuse I went through in the cult. How can I get my book published?

You can not write a book if you do not know anything about book writing. Go to your local library and start researching. Writing a good book is not easy, even for people who have been writing for years.

4. PT Barnum would be SO proud of Obama! What's the difference between us lucid people and the cult followers?

the alternative will be McCain and his continuation of Bush's failed policies. This election will be like so many of the past ones, it's not about the best candidate for the job it's about damage control and NOT voting for the psychopath

5. Does anyone know anything about the satanic cult in Jordan, Minnesota back in the '80s?

John Decamp mentions in his book that Paul Bonacci visited James Rud, convicted sex offender, in Jordan, Minnesota. Reference is made to children testifying to ritualistic cult activities and witnessing ritualistic murders. Last week a three day trial was held at the Scott County Justice Center in Shakopee, Minnesota concerning James Rud's future. Judge Caroline Lennon heard arguments on whether to indefinitly commit Rud as a sexually dangerous person. She has not ruled yet but whatever decision is reached will likely be appealed. The Jordan Scandal and the Franklin Scandal are linked. It's not around anymore.

6. what are your opinions of the cult known as the children of god?

Pretty typical cult, I would say. Mind control with an extra emphasis on prostitution, that's a nice hook. COG follows the "How To Run A Cult" handbook to the letter and they are successful.

7. Christians: Can you please explain the difference between a religion and a cult?

cult is another word whose meaning has been warped through the years. answering the essence of your question...a cult is a group whose leader/s has distorted or created doctrine in such a way as to gain control of the followers for his/their own benefits and not the benefit of any "religion"

8. What do you think os SCIENTOLOGY??!! Cult or not??

Look up Apologetics index online-search Scientology. You will find that it is listed as a cult

9. Cult. Groups: Why are hispanic men and black women starting to date.?

You are generalizing. Blacks and Hispanic people are not "starting to date". They've been doing so for a long time. Maybe they are doing so more now than before, and if so, it's probably because people of all races and ethnicities are mixing and dating more.

10. what is the difference among a cult, a sect and then a church or religion?

A church is usually a set religious organisation, which is open for al to attend and question. It foolows set tenets adn principles, that can be fouind anywhere, and revolves around a god or goddess. A sect is just a fancy term for a group within a church that has broken away from the main church body as they hold ceertain doctrines in higher esteem or lower disregard. Cults, while they may follow a god or goddess, derive alot of there principles from a human who has created and seeks people to follow their teachings

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