Would It Be OK to Use Hiking Boots in the Snow?

If they are waterproof then yes

1. Which brand of women's hiking boots would you recommend for intermediate hiking (7 miles one way)?

I am not a woman, but I have had terrific results from Timberland in general, eurohiker in particular. They are an excellent compromise between heavy and light duty boots. High on the sides to prevent ankle roll, low in the back to avoid pinch on the downhill slope. flexible sole, but hard enough to protect against angular rocks. But the #1 reason I like them is because they do not need breaking in. You can put a pair on and tackle a 7 mile hike right out of the box. I know, I've done it.

2. What are the best hiking boots to buy?

I own and still wear a pair of Danners (model 6490) that I purchased 30 years ago for $65. However, if you are after the very, very best in hiking boots, you might look into purchasing a pair of Limmers which are constructed of one-piece leather and cost $230 - $250 depending on the construction technique - cement or Norwegian sole

3. What is the point of hiking boots, versus any comfortable walking shoes?

Big, heavy "waffle stomper" boots are mainly a relic of the past, along with wool knickers and steel canteens. For most conditions, modern running shoes work far better. Any weight on your feet cuts down on your efficiency much more than a similar amount of weight on your back. Also, the heavier your boots get, the harder it is to keep from getting blisters, regardless of how hard you try to get the right fit. If you find it a nuisance to have pebbles always getting inside your low-cut running shoes, there are lightweight trail gaiters these days that you attach using velcro and a hook. (I buy them from dirtygirlgaiters.com.) For people like me who have wide feet, it tends to be easier to find running shoes that fit properly; in particular, nobody seems to make crampon-compatible boots in wide sizes. Boots are better in certain specific conditions:One of the justifications traditionally offered for heavy boots is that they gave ankle support, and some people felt that they needed the ankle support when carrying a heavy pack or on particularly rough terrain such as talus. Many people, however, do just fine in these conditions with running shoes. It's true that when crossing talus, boots will make you less vulnerable to an injury from a heavy rock that hits your ankle from the side or that falls on your toe.

4. is there anything wrong with hiking in boots that are narrow?

Shoe repair shops have a solution that is sprayed onto your boots and then you wear the boot until it dries..It does a good job of stretching the boot to fit your foot..your feet would thank you and it sells for under $10. 00. .easier on the wallet than a new pair of boots

5. Where can I buy hiking boots?

Foot locker or any Sport store or just any shoe store. hope this helps! :)

6. Where can I find a good pair of hiking boots that will last, but is not too expensive?

Well, it will probably be hard to find a really good quality boot that is inexpensive. A boot that meets your needs will probably cost anywhere from $120 to $180 depending on brand and type. If you like fishing, I would definetely recomend a boot that is water proof. Many boots nowadays come with either a Gore-Tex or like material waterproofing. For a good selection and sales specialists that are experts in the matter, I would go to your local REI. The staff should be able to help you select a boot and fit it properly to help you get the desired outcome.

7. How to keep small rocks and stones out of hiking boots?

The two answers suggesting the purchase of gaiters seem like a great idea. The same effect can be gained with socks. Either cut the elastic off of a pair of socks that are worn out. Or just roll down the tops of long socks over the cuff of you boot/shoe. If you do not own or wear long socks, and you know someone who wears nylons, ask them to give you any old nylons with runs in them. You can cut them into gaiters of you own.

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