Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors

I write so others can speak, and I speak so others can write. I dream it, and build it so others can find a piece of themselves in my work. I talk about mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors as tools for understanding ourselves and others. They help us find and build connection. I talk about mirrors as tools for helping people see their reflection. I hold mirrors up to people so they can see themselves. We look at the mirror together and reimagine new ways of being and living and doing. Mirrors help us to see and understand ourselves -— they are tools for building self awareness. Sometimes people do not like what they see in the mirror. I think about the ways in which my life and my work is a mirror for others — allowing people to find possibility in the ways I boldly choose to live my life. We say that mirrors are the windows into the soul but I like to think of windows and mirrors as separate.I talk about how windows help us look outside of ourselves. We look through them to see other worlds and ways of knowing and loving. Windows are how we come to know ourselves in the context of our environment. Windows help us understand differences and let us negotiate our identities in relationship to others. Windows are a precursor to connection with others and facilitate empathy and perspective talking. We decide what our windows look like. We decide whether they are open or closed or clear or opaque. We decide the size, shape, and purpose of our own windows.Sometimes we look at the mirror and get tricked into thinking it's a window. We convince ourselves that the mirror is a reflection of how the world is or is supposed to be. We forget to look out the window. Sometimes if we do not like what we see in the mirror, we draw the drapes on the window. It's hard to look out the window and appreciate the beauty outside when we have not yet figured out the mirror. It's a multi-step process and if we do not love what we see in the mirror, it's hard to engage fully with our windows and sliding glass doors.Sliding glass doors are opportunities for movement. They allow us to enter into and engage in dialogues with our world. If mirrors help us see ourselves and windows help us view our world, then sliding glass doors facilitate connection to the outside. We need sliding glass doors, not metal doors with deadbolts. Sliding glass doors help people imagine new possibilities. They allow us the freedom to engage with others, especially with those who do not look like us or think like us.It's okay to lock the windows and doors from time to time because safety and trust are important. Always remember that the sliding glass door is not a window and the window is not a mirror. Mirrors are our best resource for self-love and self-compassion. Let's also remember that these are features of our own houses so we still must check in with other people to see how they are doing with theirs. We can not fully engage in that project if we are still working on our own. What I know for sure is that we need more mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors if we want to become closer to ourselves and others. Be it for yourself first so you can be it for others because healing comes in connection with ourselves and caring others.(Adapted and expanded from the writing of Rudine Sims Bishop and her ideas of needing "Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors" as tools for empowerment in literature and education).

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