Why Did Serbia Attack Kosovo in 1996?

I dont understand your question.Kosovo was and still is just a region in Serbia, as for example Siberia is region in Russia.What happened on Kosovo was that Shiptar terrorists begun armed attacks on all population and Serbia reacted with police as any other country would. But, due to foreign power interests, Shiptar terrorists were removed from terrorist organisation list, and begun receiving enormous help in armament and training abroad. Not to mention harsh diplomacy in the same light towards Serbia and in the end NATO aggression on Serbia in 1999.You should do much more research on the subject

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How was the energy created during the Big Bang?

The total energy contained in the universe is believed to be zero (or very close to zero). This is because the energy you see in the form of radiation and mass (which is positive energy) is balanced by an equal amount of energy stored in the gravitational field (which is negative energy). According to the inflationary Big Bang model, the inflaton field that cause the huge expansion of space just after the universe was created "borrowed" energy from gravity (increasing the negative gravitational energy) to create the matter particles and radiation that we now see as atoms and light. So it was inflation that created all or most of the positive energy in the universe


What are a few reasons that led Russia to reject Western European culture, politics, and science?

Russia didnt reject Western culture at all. It has always expressed that it is part of Western culture. And if you travel there, youll see it feels very much like home.

However, the West has rejected Russia on countless occasions and has never expressed any interest of closer ties, except when they tricked Gorbachev to undermine the USSR and Yeltsin to destroy what was left. So, after Putins request of being treated like an equal too was laughed at by the West he chose not to waste any more time but decided to focus on building strong Russian borders and modernise its military instead.That has since been used by Western propagandists to widen the gap between East and West resulting in questions like this for instance. :).


Will the GOP led Senate's abandonment of the filibuster for judicial nominations haunt them in 2020 or 2022?

Not really. You see, with this change, by 2020 President Trump will have installed a very large number of federal judges. When he took office, 14.3 percent of the positions on these life-tenured courts were vacant. Should he fill all these, the courts will have a conservative slant for many, many years. Should another Supreme Court position/positions come up, there will be a significant change in the entire judicial system in the country.These positions are significant for the conservative movement. As we are currently seeing, federal judges have the ability to significantly impact the ability of the President and the Congress to make changes in the country.


Have the Romans ever tried to take revenge on the Parthians for Crassus' death after the battle of Carrhae?

Yes and no. After the defeat of Crassus and with him the end of the triumvirate, the roman republic and later the empire would face years of war and rebellion in Parthia.There were militairy expeditions against the Parthians, for example in 113 A.D. Under Emperor Trajan.However, the region wasnt stable. So unrest was common.In 198 A.D. and later, in 216, the emperor Septimus Severus and the later emperor Caracalla had battles against the Parthians. Some were succesfull and added Parthian territory to the Roman Empire. But the Parthians never were actually totally defeated.Eventually the Sassanid Empire rose to power in Mesopotamia and took over the Parthian throne in 226 A.

D. The Roman Empire now had to fight against the Sassanids at their borders in the east


Why is "#Azaan" trending on Twitter?

Just because of below tweet and issue created by this girl.But as per my view this issue is created purposely.As I checked her Tweeter account, she open her account in June 2020 and this is her first tweet.

So it's clearly showing that she is doing just for hindu-muslim fight and for popularity.Don't know what problem such people having with Muslim community and and their religion.I don't know anyone Muslims who opposed for loud Aarti or bell in temple.

We want peace not riots.

Please don't spread hate.

Don't be a Hindu- Muslim, be a human and indian first.Thanks


Are liberals and democrats attacking Donald Trump just for him not being politically correct?

No, it is utterly false to say that all the criticisms of Trump are based on political correctness. It simply not true.Telling lies has nothing to do with political correctness.Refusing to pay your workers unless they take less than what you originally promised to pay them has nothing to do with political correctness.

Groping women without their consent may be considered to be politically incorrect, but it is also a crime.Repeatedly driving your companies into bankruptcy has nothing to do with political correctness, and it may be a sign you are not the business genius you claim to be.Thinking we need to have more nuclear proliferation may be politically incorrect, but more importantly, it is completely asinine and could kill us all.


What does quantum mechanics teach?

Originally written in response to n nThat the physics that you know intuitively is the physics of systems with many degrees of freedom. And the physics of systems with only a few degrees of freedom (e.g., an elementary particle, a quantum condensate) is very different from the physics of your intuition. And that the physics of systems with only a few degrees of freedom may be more fundamental than the physics of systems with many degrees of freedom; so perhaps the real question is not so much, "why is the quantum world so weird?" but "why is the classical world so normal?"


What makes quantum mechanics so interesting?

Whats wrong with QM? We are interested in so many things, why pick on QM? Because it doesnt make sense to you? Whats not to make sense? Everything is composed of energy in one form or another, energy oscillates, oscillations are waves, waves come in integers. We cant have half a wave, thats not a wave. A wave is a complete cycle, a peak and a trough, so when we slice and dice reality to that fine a degree of granularity, we find waves that act like integers. Its normal, how could it be otherwise.


What some of the simplest inventions that have generated a lot of money?

I am not sure there is a single sales report that shows annuals sales of garden hoses or spatulas.One of my favorite sales stories is the George Foreman grill. George Foreman is crazy smart.A housewares company has developed a home grill a n d it is missing any style or hook. Nice functional grill otherwise boring.

The marketing team at Salton decided they needed a celebrity endorsement. They looked around and settled on George Foreman. The contract was written and the deal was inked for a lifetime use of George Foreman's name for a cool $137.

5 million dollars.

There have been over 100,000,000 George Foreman grills sold.Today George Foreman is worth about $300m dollars.Best of luck


What crusade was led by three kings?

I think the third one. Louis of France, Richard 'the Lionheart' of England & Friderick Barbarossa - King of Germany & Un-Holy Not-Roman Like-Emperor. There was also Sigurd the Crusader of Denmark but idk in which crusade did he take part in.And...Bohemian King Louis the Luxemburg & Louis the Anjou/ The Hungarian/The Great (depends where) - the Hungarian, later Polish King, and depending on how you look at it, fought against Lithuanians. Grand Master of the Teutonic Order was like a King so...here you go...In my fantasy book there will be something like a crusade btw. There will be about a dozen Kings taking part in it,so yeah, it'll be mighty


How long were the Hebrews in Egypt?

The biblical answer is that the Hebrews were in Egypt for 400 years. However, to solve a chronological problem with that duration*, a midrash of the Common Era shortened the duration to just 210 years.The historical answer, based on extensive research and the conclusions of most modern historians, is that the Hebrew people were never in Egypt. The stories of the sojourn in Egypt and the subsequent Exodus from Egypt are now acknowledged to form part of a national foundation myth.Jewish scholars became aware that a literal reading of the Bible would mean that Moses was already dead before the Exodus began


Who led Prussia in the unification of Germany?

Nobody. Germany was unified in 1919 after the German monarchies were abolished, and after which Prussia was smashed up.Bismarck changed a confederation into a federation, but he did not unify Germany - before Bismarck, Germany existed for nearly a thousand years as a bunch of independent states that joined together for some purposes but remained entirely independent for others, and after Bismarck it was still a bunch of independent states that joined together for a few additional purposes, but remained entirely independent for others.No amount of revisionist interpretations of history changes the facts, even if some (for whatever reason) want to see Prussia as a sort of magic saviour of Germany.


If 3 LEDs are in series, each with a forward voltage of 2V connected to a 5V power supply, is it not enough to drive them? Will the voltage after them be 0?

You need to make the current flow to make the LED glow If the current is not flowing no work is done!To make the current flowing you need enough potential difference (voltage) that can initiate the flow!You only have 5 volts which is not even enough to go over the forward voltages of the 3 diodesSo what else can you expect???You may try just putting two LEDs in series to test your circuit you said your diodes only need 2 volts. current may flow but may not be enough that glow may just very dim??Continue your learning experimentsGood luck!


Which Star Trek film is most like an extended TV episode?

Wrath of Kahn was like what a TV episode would be if it were suddenly given a much bigger budget.Star Trek V: The Final Frontier also felt like an extended TV episode. In a lot of ways it was one of the most humorous Star Trek movies.

But the movie that felt most like an extended TV episode to me was Generations. We were all used to seeing the Next Gen crew on TV, and to suddenly see them on the big screen just felt wrong. They also had the original Enterprise-D to deal with, whose bridge set was built for pre-HD resolution TV screens.


Why do negative numbers exist and/or how were they first conceived?

Negative numbers came into existence mostly to denote opposite to a general convention of numbersin a given entity or domainIn early world, the domains were simple like temperature, distance, speed, etc.And in all cases the mention of negative number had an actual semantic meaning only after invention of '0'. I couldn't think otherwise.In temperature domain negative number differentiates hot vs cold. In distance domain, it is forward vs reverse, In speed domain fast vs slow. In financing which was realised both as barter as well as currency based , it was credit vs debit.In all cases all you need is a reference point to differentiate the opposite. But only with invention of zero, it made the mathematics simpler. And this you have a range from -inf to inf


How do I believe in God and the Bible?

How do I believe in God and the Bible?If you want to believe, the best way to do it is to hang out with other people who believe and, whatever you do, avoid reading the Bible.Reading the Bible with an open mind is a good path to non-belief. It features a God who endorses slavery (Bible Gateway passage: Leviticus 25:39-46 - New International Version) and rules that include killing everybody in town if people there worship other gods (Bible Gateway passage: Deuteronomy 13 - New International Version) and killing someone for picking up sticks on Saturday (Bible Gateway passage: Numbers 15:32-36 - New International Version).

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