Why Are Women so Crazy About Diamond Rings When It Comes to the Wedding?

You are generalizing about women. I do not like to wear rings, nor did I want the responsibility of not losing a diamond ring

1. Does the Bible say that women are the crown of creation?

In short, no. Men and women together (and equal) are the high point of God's creation.However, there is this verse in Proverbs, which may be somewhere in mind:A wife of noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. Proverbs 12:4Does the Bible say that women are the crown of creation?.

2. do women like men who wear...?

No. Stop doing that, because women like me will only laugh when they see you. And just because you pop your collar does not mean you have money. Where would you get that idea?

3. Why don't women get mastectomies and hysterectomies BEFORE they get cancer?

Some of them do; prophylactic mastectomies are done on women with a strong family history of breast cancer but it is totally their choice

4. Why are women so strong?

It's often a question of necessity. It's in our genes to nuture. Financial independence is key. Sometimes I think women have an easier life than men- being at home looking after the house and kids is a breeze compared to staying on top & being the provider. I mean lots of men go home to endless wingeing every night-when all the wife has done is go to coffee mornings, played tennis and put on the washing machine. Just another viewpoint-the points you raise are valid too!

5. Why uniformed women are turn ons?

well its because these type of women are made for perverted men

6. What should I wear to a water park where all (only) Muslim women will be?

they r all gonna be women there!!!??? why cover up so much???

7. Why do you think do women not vote as a block for female candidates for public office.?

Women vote based upon issues not sex. That is why McCain was dumb for picking Palin as a running mate

8. Why does rap music degrade women?

because you are generalizing.. it's just the first song that popped into my head. you are forgetting that there's millions of songs out there that you have not heard.. apart from MTV on your television set and radio. plus i never said that some of it does not but it's just silly to say that all rap music does. your opinion, i am going to disregard it considering all you are basing it off of is "mainstream music channels." what about the underground? not to mention that there are probably even rappers that do not degrade women in the mainstream that you are unaware of. what about other genres? from michael jackson to miley cyrus.. anytime business associates itself with an art form it sucks the life out of it. rap/hip hop is no exception. but that's not to say that the majority of it is not good.. how can you say the majority of it is degrading if you have not heard enough of it?. i guess you did not imply "2% of all rappers" when you said "the culture" and "the rap industry" as a whole.. ? o.. not to mention that the original question said "why does rap music degrade women" as opposed to "why do certain rap artists degrade women" and that would be a pointless question now would not it because they are not the only ones guilty of doing so. the original question was "why does RAP MUSIC degrade women"... do not act like it's so hard to believe that there are ignorant people out there that judge the genre as a whole... cute example and all but that's irrelevant considering the question asked about the rain, not the other aspects, and did NOT imply that all the clouds do is rain

9. How Women Entrepreneurs Can Pitch Their Ideas With Great Success

Whether it's due to unconscious bias, generations of structural inequality, or good old-fashioned social conditioning, the fact is that in 2017, women-led companies were on the receiving end of just 2.2 percent of venture capital in the U.S. And that's not because they do not have great ideas. On the contrary, companies founded by women are actually twice as likely to produce a higher return on an investment as male-founded startups -- an average of 78 cents on the dollar, compared with just 31 cents. That's a much better bet for financial backers, and good reason for women entrepreneurs to keep putting the ideas forward. If women can get past the pitch, they are on track for success. So, why are investors missing such a great opportunity in failing to back women's projects? Well, it seems that both investors and pitchers tend to enter the meeting room prepared for the pitch to fail. Women often encounter far more challenges and pushback than men when they pitch their ideas to prospective backers. They are asked to prove basic knowledge, while more confidence is shown that men have answers to technical questions. When women are questioned and faced with negative critiques, they are more likely to accept unhelpful and demotivating feedback without comment. Meanwhile, men can actually be overly confident in their pitch, making bold promises that sound attractive but are not as viable as women's more conservative projections. There's also the challenge of differing values and interests when it comes to products and services marketed by and for women. Many women-led ventures are informed by personal experiences, and it can be a struggle to convince men of their need and value. Listen only to constructive feedback. Do not let irrelevant and negative feedback drag you down, and make a point of asking questions -- the more specific the better, to identify areas for improvement. Be selective in whom you pitch to. Take your time during your research stage to find investors whose business values and goals are a good fit with your venture. Schedule top-tier meetings last. Practice makes perfect, but there's nothing like actual pitching experience to really find out what works. Save your highest-priority investors until later on, when you've honed your skills. Own your value. Do not be shy to take the time and space allotted to you, and be unapologetic and proud of your pitch. If you know that you will be fine whether or not the pitch lands this time, your confidence will shine. And a tip for investors: Check your bias. Bias is natural, but it's an issue, and can be overcome only if you acknowledge and address it. Look for realistic projections over bold and fancy claims, and make sure women are involved in investment decisions. To offer encouragement for women founders, the startup finance experts at BusinessFinancing.co.uk did a study to support the idea that it can be very profitable to invest in women entrepreneurs. They created accompanying maps to show the top female founder in every country, as well as every U.S. state. Here are three from their list who know a thing or two about pitching a winning idea. Attaining a huge $2.1 billion investment in her car-leasing service startup, Fair, Jennifer Parke likes to reach for, and achieve ambitious goals. With a background in art direction and design, and years of experience creating advertising platforms for global brands such as Apple and Cisco, she certainly knows something about selling ideas. Amy Tseng heads up the biotech company TissueTech, which received $110 million in funding. Her background is in business and finance, and she has a keen eye for a profitable opportunity. She likes to keep R&D pipelines fully loaded to identify new markets for "leveraging our core technology." Marian Joh leads Spaceflight Industries, whose mission is to open spaceflight for "everyone." Joh received $203 million in support from investors. A whiz at strategic planning, she has extensive experience working in various major companies, including Kistler Aerospace, where she successfully negotiated contracts worth more than $500 million and raised $300 million in private investment -- an astronomical sum to pitch for and win.

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