Who Can I Contact for Volunteers to Help Remodel a Home for a Needy Family with a Child with Autism

If circumstances allow, then by all means stay at home, if circumstances do not allow, then employment is a must. Hang in their Mother, it is not easy and each and every bit of assistance you will receive, you can bet you are going to have to do the ultimate leg work to get. I know how it looks from this end, it looks hard as hell, but just keep your head up, continue to be that great Mother, your son will continue to grow and learn, and your burden will lessen. My cousin now has a CP child who is 20, it was not easy for her, hell it was hard, but she made it thus far and I am sure she has quite a way to go as do you. Oh and do not quite looking for assistance and other options. God Bless you Mother

1. Do all people with autism (Asperger syndrome included) not understand sarcasm?

Oh yes - I am a poor, innocent naif, who goes through life having one hilarious misunderstanding after another, a la Amelia Bedelia.When someone proposes a silly legislative solution to a criminal problem, and someone else comments, "Right, because criminals are known for their obedience to laws," it confuses me, because I did not know that about criminals, and it seems rather unlikely to me.If I ask my wife if she needs help, and she says, "No, I want you to stand there and watch me struggle," I say, "OK, if you want," and then stand and stare. .........Yes, I understand and use sarcasm. Frequently.

2. How do I know if my newborn has autism?

According to the CDC in the US, there is not any blood work to detect autism. Here is a link:Screening and Diagnosis | Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) | NCBDDDIf you have a 3 month and you "suspect" he/she has autism, I would speak with the pediatrician. It's very early for a 3 month old to be even thought to have autism never mind being diagnosed. Definitely keep your eye on your baby and see what kinds of services there are in your area as he/she grows up. If you think, as your baby gets to be a year old, has autism or other delays, definitely push for services available as to help your child develop mentally. Speak to your child's pediatrician to help you get services in your area.

3. If Iu2019m an autistic female, what are the chances of my biological child having autism?

Autism is being shown to be very genetically linked. If you have one child with autism you have a 1 in 20 chance of your next child having autism as well. If you have a child with someone who is on the spectrum odds are high your children will be autistic. If the father is not on the spectrum that chance would go down, but not away, definitely higher than someone without autism. I have autism. My husband does not. Both my children are on the spectrum.If I'm an autistic female, what are the chances of my biological child having autism?

4. Can I self-diagnose PDA autism?

Of course you can. If you don't have thousands of dollars (here in the US), it may be your only option. You won't be able to get any accommodations with a self diagnosis, but researching the condition will go a long way toward understanding yourself, your limits, your strengths and where to seek help when you need it.Most of the autism community is very accepting of self-dx. Here's a quote from the ASAN position statements. [Position Statements]...we use the term Autistic Community to refer inclusively to people who have been identified by professionals as being on the autism spectrum and to those who are self-identified. We recognize that there are many reasons why a person may fall into one group or the other, and we respect the right of individuals in our community to make their own choices in this regard. Many Autistics were given a diagnostic label in childhood or sought a formal diagnosis in adulthood to obtain services and accommodations. Others have not done so for reasons that include financial barriers, lack of qualified professionals in a locality, obtaining sufficient accommodations on an informal basis, or the political view that our community should not have professionals as its gatekeepers. ASAN believes that all of us can and should work together in solidarity to accomplish our common goals. You just have to accept that not everyone will agree with you. Of course, that's true with an "official" diagnosis too. You'll always get "My son/daughter/cousin/.... is autistic and you're nothing like them. The naysayers will usually fall into one of three categories.Autistic people whose particular flavor of autism includes the pathological need to follow rules. Not going through the traditional gatekeepers breaks the rules.Autism warrior parents who will shout down any remotely functional person who self-identifies because they feel it somehow belittles their personal tragedy story of their burdensome child. We can't give them enough pity (and in some cases money) if we realize that autism isn't a universal tragedy. Look at some of the tweets that came out after Jerry Seinfeld self-identified.Professionals and would-be professionals: the "Don't worry your pretty little head and leave it to us" argument. Yep, you match enough criteria on this freely available checklist. That'll be $3600 please. The truth is you can get a "real" diagnosis for anything if you're willing to put in the time and money to find the right professional to rubber stamp your form. At the same time, many professionals were trained well before we understood as much as we do about autism and will overlook a lot of cases

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