Which Is the Best Samsung LED TV to Get?

buy sony

1. Is the Funai 32" LED TV worth the $98 that i just spent on it for Blacl Friday?

It is not a high quality tv like say a plasma from Panasonic or Samsung, but it is adequate

2. Which led tv is better, Sony or Samsung?

Both are outstanding brands and your models are well respected. Neither one is 'worse' than the other. Here are some other things to look at: * Which TV has separate Brightness/Color/Contrast stettings per input? * Which TV has more HDMI inputs? * Which TV has a remote that lets you jump straight to an input? * When you mount the TV on a wall - which television gives you better access to the connections on the back? Hope this helps.

3. What's the price I will pay to customs if I bring a 32'' LED TV to India, bought in Bangkok after the new customs rules in India?

As per Customs law, if we carry something with ourselves while arriving from a foreign country, then it is covered under Baggage Rules.Baggage Rules specifies -the rate of tax which shall be applied on the goods carried.the total value of goods which will be exempted from any tax. Value of jewellery that can be bought in from a foreign country.Any other details relating to such goods are also specified there in.As per these rules, General Free Allowance (GFA) of 45000 rupees is allowed when the duration of stay abroad is more than 3 days and 17500 rupees when stay is 3 days or less. GFA includes used personal effects excluding jewellery.A laptop is also allowed to be carried from abroad without any custom duty.Goods outside of GFA and a laptop are charged to customs duty at 36. 05%. So, as per Question, if the value of all goods including TV can be accomodated in 45000 rupees, then nothing is chargeable to customs duty.In other case, Total value of goods including TV less 45000 rupees is chargeable to customs duty at 36.05%.So, there is no fix amount to be paid to custom authorities for bringing a TV from Bangkok, it is charged as per above mentioned rules.

4. My LED TV has fingerprints, how do I clean it?

Tell the keep thier dickbeaters off my flat screen, I would bet they would stop at once!!

5. can any one suggest which car will fit 46" samsung led tv with box?

We put a 60" tv in a Rav 4 toyota. Seats way forward. You should have no problem. Enjoy the tv

6. Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV?

Hi To get High Definition images, youll need to check your Comcast decoder (box) and what kind of cable connections are actually in use and which are available. You have two options to get HD: 1) Comcast decoder with HDMI out, connected with an HDMI cable to your Toshiba. This is a DIGITAL audio and video connection and its the best available on the consumer market today. The other way is: 2) Comcast decoder with Component Video out hooked up to your TV with RCA type cables: Red, green and blue for VIDEO and red/white for stereo AUDIO This is an ANALOG connection, but it supports high definition. If your decoder and your TV are connected by Composite video (RCA cables: yellow for video and red/white for audio) or Coaxial cable, they wont support high definition. Check the back of your devices and figure out! Good Luck

7. I want the biggest and best 3D LED TV, however..?

I say compare specs and read reviews. Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and Cnet are all good places to read reviews for television sets. Find TV sets you like, then compare the reviews from each of those sites

8. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?

I've had a couple of flat screen monitors fail, both were easily and economically repaired. My TV is going on it's 6th year without a sign of aging

9. I have Sony KDL-40EX650 LED tv and Creative T6100 5.1 which has a 3x3.5mm stero jack input. Now my tv has a op?

You would need a "DAC" (Digital to Analog Converter, with Dolby Digital preferably). The 3 stereo phone plugs will pin out for you like this: #1-green-front left and right, #2-black-surround left and right, #3-yellow-center and subwoofer. The DAC would have to take the S/pdif "Toslink" optical from your tv, the single stereo phone jack is down-mixed to just that, stereo. A decade and a half ago, the Dolby Digital decoders were commonly found in the DVD players and not the av receivers, so for that unmatchable sound of six separate channels of audio, you had to run 6 RCA cables from the DVD player to the av receiver. Now that the receivers come with decoders, one RCA cable (S/pdif coax) or optical cable is all that is needed. Computer sound cards are formatted in this way, also. Good luck!

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