Where to Paste Stamp on a Self Addressed Express Mail Envelope?

You address the envelope like you are sending something to yourself. They are going to put the passport into the envelope to send it to you. How would it get to you with your address on the back? Be sure to put enough postage on it. It has to hold a passport. You might want to first stop at the post office and see what the actual cost is using your old passport to check the weight. If you are renewing it then they may be returning 2 passports, old and new.

1. Can You Answer These Riddles?

1. Towel 2. Corn on Cob 3. Cold 4. Nose 5. Stamp 6. Sponge 7. Fire 8. Shoes 9. bubble 10. River

2. Y&R Fans: Why are Nikki and Victoria treating Phyllis like a wet food stamp?

I agree phyllis did bring all this on herself! Acting so high and mighty, i am glad she's getting a dose of her own medicine finally. But I do hate that nikki and victoria are being overly rude neither one of them are in a position to down phyllis too much. I just love the fact that sharon can smile in her face just like phillyis did when she stole nick. Pay back is a bi***!!!!.

3. How to appease the colonists w/o repealing Stamp Act?

-The Stamp-Act Riot of 1765 Thorough Understanding of the Principles of Liberty by the People. The Stamp Act. How viewed by the Colonists. Colden strengthens Fort George in Alarm. Arrival of the Stamps. How the News was received by the Sons of Liberty. A Bold Placard. Stamp Distributor frightened. Patriotic Action of the Merchants. Public Demonstration against the Stamp Act. Colden takes Refuge in the Fort. Dare not fire on the People. The People at the Gate demand the Stamps. Colden and Lord Bute hung in Effigy. Colden's Coach house broken open. The Images placed in the Coach, and dragged with Shouts through the Streets. Hung again in Sight of the Fort. A Bonfire made of the Fence around Bowling Green, and the Governor's Carriages, while the Garrison look silently on. Prejudice against Coaches. Major James' House sacked. Great Joy and Demonstration at the Repeal of the Stamp Act. Celebration of the King's Birthday. Loyalty of the People. Mutiny Act. A Riot becomes a Great Rebellion. At the present day, when personal ambition takes the place of patriotism, and love of principle gives way to love of party; when the success of the latter is placed above constitutional obligations and popular rights, one seems, as he turns back to our early history, to be transported to another age of the world, and another race of beings. Nothing shows how thoroughly understood by the common people were the principles of liberty, and with what keen penetration they saw through all shams and specious reasoning, than the decided, nay, fierce, stand they took against the stamp act. This was nothing more than our present law requiring a governmental stamp on all public and business paper to make it valid. The only difference is, the former was levying a tax without representation in other words, without the consent of the governed. The colonies assembled in Congress condemned it; hence the open, violent opposition to it by the people rises above the level of a common riot, and partakes more of the nature of a righteous revolution. Still, it was a riot, and exhibited the lawless features of one. The news of the determination of the English Government to pass a stamp act, raised a storm of indignation throughout the colonies, from Massachusetts to South Carolina, and it was denounced as an oppressive, unrighteous, tyrannical measure. From the wayside tavern and the pulpit alike, it was attacked with unsparing severity. The Government, however, thought it a mere ebullition of feeling, that would not dare exhibit itself in open opposition. Nor does this confidence seem strong, when we remember the weakness of the colonies on the one side, and the strength of an organized government, with the law and force both, on the other. Cadwallader Colden, a Scotchman by birth, and a clergyman by profession, was at that time acting Governor of New York; and to guard against any resort to force on the part of the people when the stamps should arrive, had Fort George, on the Battery, reinforced by a regiment from Crown Point, its magazines replenished, the ramparts strengthened, and its guns trained on the town. The people saw all this, and understood its import; but it had the opposite effect from that which was intended, for, instead of overawing the people, it exasperated them. At length, in October, 1765, a ship with the British colors flying came sailing up the bay, and anchored off Fort George. In a short time the startling tidings was circulated, that she brought a quantity of stamps. It was like sounding an alarm bell, and the streets became thronged with excited men, while all the provincial vessels in the harbor lowered their colors to half mast, in token of mourning. In anticipation of this event, an organization of men had been formed, called "Sons of Liberty." They at once assembled, and resolved at all hazards to get hold of those stamps. They had caused the act itself to be hawked about the streets as "the folly of England and the ruin of America," and now they determined to measure their strength with the Governor of the colony. That night, when the town was wrapped in slumber, they quietly affixed on the doors of every public office and on corners of the streets, the following placard:

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