Where Is a Good Place to Buy a Desk Lamp in Nyc?

Go to the Bed Bath and Beyond at Lincoln Center. (65th and Broadway) They have everything

1. I have a halogen desk lamp that occasionally hums. What can I do about it?

That is what a number of those lamps do. The cheaper ones have magnetic ballasts. The hum is something they do. The only way to eliminate it is to get an electronic ballast, but may not be worth the cost. Flicking it on and off 50 times wo not do much but possibly burning up the switch or ballast

2. Doing makeup with a desk lamp?

Yeah I use them just make sure it is not too close to your face because it can get pretty toasty. ha ha but lighting is just as important as having a really good mirror too.:)

3. Is it OK to put a lightbulb designated for ceiling fans into a medium-sized desk lamp?

Power is the watts rating, do not exceed the power limits of the lamp

4. Desk Lamp Fish Tank = Fire Hazard?

The only fire hazard is if water can somehow get on the lamp and drip down to the power outlet. Otherwise, there's not the slightest risk, unless the bulb for some reason explodes and lights the walls on fire. The drip loop you already made will take care of that problem, so there's really no risk at all. "IF" the lamp falls in the tank, at the very most the fish will get electrocuted; even if the tank bursts, the electricity wo not be conducted anymore (not surrounded by water anymore), so it will be about as deadly as a plugged in lamp without a bulb. There are no safety standards issued by the fire department concerning fish tanks (so no resources), so just use the "drip loop" defense and point out that there's no risk at all. That loop takes into consideration the only risk of having an electrical appliance by water.

5. Can you use a fluorescent light bulb in a desk lamp?

yes sir/madam their is now a flourescent light bulb around the electrical shops

6. Can a desk lamp be used as an aquarium heater?

No. Sure it can heat the water, but it is not controllable and provides a very unstable and fluctuating temperature which can be more stressful and harmful to a fish than just a constant but lower temperature! Get a proper heater! Or turn the heat up in the entire room. Those are the only two options to provide a constant and stable temperature.

7. want annoys you about ur desk lamp!!!?

It never shuts up!!! O.o.ooO.o!

8. Can i use a normal desk lamp for a heat light for my tortoise ? 10 points?

Yes, you can! But make sure to buy a reptile heat light, because you can not use regular lights. And sorry I do not know how many watts, depends on the tortoise. And make sure the bulb fits in the lamp! Good luck.

9. is it ok to use a desk lamp as substitute for my tropical freshwater tank?

hat happened light broken? you can buy a new light kit they are not expensive and tropicals need the light

10. Can I use an 11 watt bulb in a desk lamp that says "CFL max 9 watts”?

The power consumption permitted by the fixture is 9 watts; the bulb that you've selected is 11 watts. You've exceeded the permitted wattage, even if it is by a very small margin.Is it safe? Most of the max wattage specifications by manufacturers are conservative, so you would probably be fine. But why exceed a stated limit? I would suggest considering a smaller wattage bulb for that fixture, or a fixture that supports the bulb wattage that you've selected

11. unique ideas to decorate a white desk lamp?

Put some trim or fabric on the arm-careful that it does not affect the mobility. Stickers in the shade and-markers just draw happy faces, hearts or whatever you want wherever you like just not on the bulb. Maybe some trim or metal bells or beads-tiny-on the wire so you can hear them tinkling when you turn it on/off!.

12. Will a full spectrum desk lamp work as a plant light?

nope. it will never work, especially for basil. hang your basil right outside the window somehow. it will love you for that!

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