Where Did Rock Climbing Originate?

I am sure no one knows for sure... people have been climbing rocks like sense our species branched off of other primates so I guess it depends on your definition of "human" and rock "climbing."

1. climbing a high mountain of snow in my dream?

your ready to SOAR climbing higher is goal you want to achieve against all odds even snow; HOOKS are short cuts (This is not a good idea;Do thing the right way . Its slower but everything you want take time. You have already learn this lesson so, do not looking down or back. Unless.You are praise GOD 4 the pass because you've learn the hard way. Now! You are able to Always look up) 'The person help you probably was a God or the devil. The COLOR red MEANS hot even A stop sign. You need to listen to yourself AND to someone who care about your future. The Quality of experience you cant rush life. SOMEONE try to tell u this same thing AND other say do it this way

2. What are the pros and cons of rock climbing? especially?

Pro... people think it's fun . Con... people fall and die .

3. How do you get down after mountain climbing?

it really depends on where you are going to climb i have been all over that place some of the points have a jeep trail you can walk down or just repale down after your done call ahead see if the park rangers have a map of the area and ask queations about where you think you are going to climb

4. How many zombies will it take - climbing a pole [closed]

Tower method(1) - Each zombie stands on the zombie below its shoulders or head. Using heads this takes 1000/1.74 zombies which is roughly 575 zombies. Standing on shoulders brings it up to 700 zombies.Tower method(2) - They all lie down on top of each other until they reach the correct height. Working off a width of 20cm (8") this would take 1000/0.2 zombies or 5000 zombies.Ramp method - The zombies form a huge ramp leading up to the tower. The ramp would be increasing by one zombie each step and would be made from a series of the towers mentioned above. The second version would probably be used as the first would create a large gap at each step. This method uses loads of zombies. The final step is 5000 zombies with each step taking one zombie off. In fact, no we will take two off each step to give roughly the gradient of stairs. This means the second step is 4998 the third 4996 and so on. This is equal to 6252500 zombies whit 1 extra zombie to walk up the ramp and kill you

5. What are the physical benefits of rock climbing?

strength 2 weight ratio & U R not so tubby

6. Does resoling change a climbing shoe's fit?

Not unless they did a really bad job.Shoe size starts with the sole. It would be really hard to even sew in an upper to a wrong sized sole. If you told the cobbler you want less width they could stitch in a bit but not very much.It will take a bit of time to break the sole in but not nearly as long as the original break in period.

7. Is it OK to use a cycling helmet for rock climbing?

I would not , the purpose of a helmet in climbing is to protect your head from falling debris from climbers above you, not necessarily an impact, and climbing helmets have a system specifically designed to hold a headlight on, and if you've ever misjudged your time/daylight/etc., it sucks to have to rappel down in the dark!

8. Are vibram five finger shoes good for rock climbing?

If you are afraid that you are burning up the rubber, know that you can have your climbing shoes resoled for significantly less than buying new. The advantage of having them resoled is you can choose what rubber you want. You dont have to have your shoes resoled with the same rubber that the shoes came with. I've seen five finger shoes used, but the climbers appear to flounder a lot more. They dont appear to have as much control. The idea of climbing shoes, besides the sticky rubber, is to focus your body weight on a single spot. It is the reason we wear climbing shoes tight. Five fingers are not designed for climbing so they wont give you the advantages of climbng shoes. You will keep the "tight" factor, but you will lose control and stickiness. -Good luck

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