Where Can I Get Mini LED Lights for My Model Airplane?

Here is a guide to doing so: I buy a lot of LED lights for my model railroad projects through this company: I'd imagine you could also get them from Radio Shack or any other electronics store.

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How likely is it because the capacitor is reversed in this situation?

Do not trust those so called " solar cellphone charger " is able to use its mini size solar panel to charge heavy current rate cellphone battery. This product just another way to cheap you paid more for an useless device. Nothing wrong with the capacitor, just the size of solar cell is too small that produce just a few mA.


Can I replace the lights in my incandescent

It is usually not a good idea to mix LED and incandescent bulbs. While incandescents can run on either AC or DC, LED require DC or the will flicker. My advice would be to get a new star and to never string different lights from different manufactures. The best solution is to get a cheap green extension cord


VW Passat Instument Cluster bulb?

The "light bulb" is a surface mount LED soldered/bonded to the printed circuit board. Sadly, people have been known to simply chisel it off the board. Repairing this takes soldering skills that are beyond many people - if the circuit board itself hasn't been irretrievably damaged. Worst case, you might have to replace the instrument cluster


Mom car, mini van or suv?

I would recomend that you get a Dodge Journey. They have the seating capacity of a minivan and the looks of a SUV. The 2012 Dodge Journey also has a lot of cool and unique features like, a giant touch screen, LED tail lights, seating for 7, powerful yet fuel efficient V6, and AWD. It is also the cheapest car in its class


What is the function of these diodes? !?

the diodes form logical OR circuits. Some sort of decoder, like a 7 segment decoder. For example, LEDs 1,2 go on when outputs Q0 or Q1 or Q3 go positive.

The transistors T1, T2 are an astable multivibrator, functioning as a clock, presumably. T3 buffers the multivibrator to the IC.

100 ohm resistors are to limit the current to the LED's.


Where can I buy mini LED lights and batteries in bulk for cheap?

In Radioshack!! Just ask for an employee discount because its customer appreciation week over there,they'll take 10% off and they also have the 40 pack of AA'S or AAA's for only 10.49 with the discount!!, Im a District Manager, so if anything tell me which RadioShack is the most nearby and ill get in contact with them!!


These are my specs for my $4000 pc, what games can this play and on what settings?

All you have to do is google benchmarks for your video card setup to find out what you would be able to play at what setting. Everything else isn't going to effect your framerate by more than 1 or 2 frames.

You also can only use 2 590s and gtx 690 would be a better buy right now (if its ever in stock...)


I need a thin light that lights up in a circle.?

Hey there, if you're looking for a LED light have you checked out LED Outfitters? They sell LED lights for cars, but I think they might have something similiar to what you are looking for. They sell what they call a Chrysler Mini. But it's powered through a Cigarette lighter adapter. So that may cause a problem.


What is a good gift for a first time mom?

for the mom i would put together some meals that can be frozen and then reheated whenever they want to use them! New parents don't really feel like cooking, it is such a big help!!! As for the baby, a little kit of bath stuff, a hooded towel, wash cloths, baby soap, shampoo, lotion and nail clippers are wonderful gifts!!


Which laptop will best fit my needs?

for your price range, youre not gonna get anything with great quality but i would suggest a netbook in the 14 inch or whatever they offer it. but if you really want reliability and a nice laptop, get a dell inspiron for 399, 499 or 599 depending on which model because you will <3 it and its sooo worth the extra money!!


Looking for mini dv camcorder.?

I bought a SONY DCR-HC36 for about $300. It records to MiniDV tapes AND SD Cards. The resolution on the SD Capture mode is limited however. It's affordable, lightweight, has NightShot Plus with infrared light (switchable on/off). With a firewire cable (4 pin) it transfers full res no problems. I love mine and use it to make short movies


hp mini 311 prconfigured ok or asus ul30a or (READ DETAILS)?

Out of these two, I would go for the Asus UL30A. It has better performances. But if you want something else, then get a Samsung or an Asus Eee PC laptop. They're really reliable. MacBooks are just a waste of money. You can get the same PC for half the price, so don't wait until you have more money.


are these laptops good for gaming?

It should run it nicely you may even be able to get away with running games like COD4 and Bioshock Your laptop is almost the same spec as mine only i have an 8600GT M and a slightly faster CPU and it can run Crysis on full with very little slowdown so you shoudl be able to max out Battlefield 2 easy


Are there any CFL or LED alternatives to a Halogen T4 mini candelabra (E11 base) lamp?

Probably not as halogen lamps usually are on a reduced voltage circuit (via an autotransformer)

which reduces the voltage to about 50 V which is the most common voltage for halogen lighting products. Try contacting manufacturers of the various types of fixtures (sylvania//GE//Lightolier)

as they are coming up with new ways of lighting constantly. master electrician 30 yrs. IBEW


mini fish tank and which fish help please!?

Shrimp are truly cool for tanks this small they are constantly doing something. i could recommend a betta yet in view which you pick for greater that one, in keeping with probability 3 fancy tail guppies (all male!!) Is there any kind of filtering equipment? i could recommend one, just to make your existence much less complicated interior the long-term


I am looking for higher quality DIY LED soffit lights, any suggestions?

Delphi is expensive even if you are a contractor!

Pegasus is an easier, more cost effective supplier of anything LED.

If you already have exterior recessed lighting, they also sell retrofit LED trims.

I've been trying to get one of my local lighting suppliers to order from Pegasus just for the LED lighting. ------

Where can I find the best netbook for school?

You can call or chat on line with some of the major sellers of netbooks, such as Dell. They have trained counselors to help you select one with the features you will find useful. They also can discuss specific features of each product in depth and they vary greatly so take notes before you sit down to decide.


What size bulb is compatible with a "Stick-up Bulb"?

Different units use different bulbs. Take it apart and see what it uses. Then the battery power has to be considered. Most of them are just a simple flash light circuit using the same parts in a different package. I have modified a couple to use rechargeable 2500 mah batteries and 3 volt leds or bulbs. More light and longer use cycle.


How would I add a 12V plug to an emergency light that is meant fro hardwiring?

Closest thing I could find for you model number is the "SVP 360 LED Mini-Bar, Magnetic Mount w/Cig Plug Adapter"

This already has a plug designed for 12 volt auto systems.

Can you explain exactly what you want? In any case, 12 volts DC requires only two wires, so you have an extra that you have to figure out.



what kind of fuse should i use?

are the lights for show? if so you really don't need a fuse to run them just run a power wire to your toggle switch and connect the lights power to the toggle and ground the neg. to the body of the car. try to use the same gauge wire as the lights or go one size up


Should I add mini lights?

Yes, definitely. How many trees do you have? If you have three trees, do each tree a different color. Red, green and blue are 3 of my favorite Christmas colors. Gold is also a nice color. I would keep with the c7s you have, but add color. Here is a link. ------

Can FHP control color of light bar?

Those light bars are VLB (visible light bars), police are not in control over what color options are chosen, as you said, it's randomly picked, based on weather conditions. Most big cities/communities have these light bars on the cars. They are meant to NOT attract drunk drivers, but also be visible to the non impaired driver. Safety 1st!.


How do I consciously control my actions?

Be yourself,Keep in mind every action has an equal and opposite reaction..

Actions taken at the time of tensed situation will always bring a negative reaction only...

So cool yourself..

You'll feel great that you didnt punished(ie.forgave)one whom harmed you....

Try it.....

After all we are also one of the creatures in earth created by god......


I need help on deciding with laptop to buy.?

Hi there,

What will you be using your laptop for? One good choice is the Dell Studio 15. It is very affordable at $649 and it has a fast processor, plenty of hard drive space, and 4 GB of RAM. The 15.6" is a nice, medium size and it is very portable at 5.5 lbs.

What do you think?



MSFT Windows Outreach Team


will installing the sims 3 slow my computer down, or just the game its self?

I have EVERY expansion and stuff pack of the game so I can give you an honest answer here. My computer did slow down with this many programs however the part that will cause major lag would be custom content. If you can keep her a way from downloading content for her game then you will be just fine.


Apple ipad 4th gen worth it? or should i get an ipad mini?

IPad 4th gen.? All there is also, is iPad, iPad 2 the brand new iPad (three) and the mini. The mini is precisely the same because the third gen. Besides it is smaller and expense less moreover it is extra portable and more contemporary, has Siri and so forth. I'd get the mini but I already got the iPad 2 so yeah


DIY Headphones Wiring and LED?

Headphones work with two hots (a left and a right) and one ground shared between the two.

Headphone outputs do not have enough power to light LEDs at all, so don't start.

What you can do is use the small audio signals there to trigger electronics which control the LEDs, all being powered by their own battery pack..

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How Are the Planets Outside of Our Solar System Discovered?
They are discovered by measuring the wobble of their parent star. Basically they observer a star and try and detect gravitational effects on it by and unseen companion.1. Where there more planets in our solar system?Life has existed on Earth for at least 3 billion years, but probably closer to 4. How would that be possible if all planets are spiraling into the sun over time? There is no indication that is happening, and without some kind of friction there is no way it could according to our current understanding of gravity2. When did we know the color/appearance of all the planets in our solar system?Vector site provides a nice summary of what we know about the planets. That will be the source for my answer.Some planets were fairly well known to the ancients, but they could only use their eyes until the birth and proliferation of the telescope (starting in the 1600s) and then modern telescopes and space probes (1900s).The planets known to the ancients were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Of these, Venus and Mars could be more closely observed by the eyes (with Mars appearing red), but Jupiter and Saturn appear as brighter distant stars. However, they had a clear orbit and so they fell into the "planet" category. Even the closer planets are confusing to the eye - Mercury and Venus are low in the atmosphere and/or coincide with the sun, making it hard to see any detail with the eye.Telescopes from the 1600s into the early 1900s could only tell so much. Using math and orbital mechanics, combined with telescope observations, astronomers could determine relative density, mass, orbital parameters and so on. Prominent moons could be seen too: Galileo spotted four moons with his first observation of Jupiter in 1610.The more distant planets required stronger telescopes. Uranus was not spotted until the 1780s and its rings were not spotted until 1977. Understanding of Uranus' orbital mechanics developed in the 1800s to suggest the presence of another planet, and so astronomers started looking. With the latest understanding of Uranus' strange orbit and some math, Le Verrier plotted the position of what had to be the source of the issue - and thus Neptune was found in 1846. Galileo had actually spotted Neptune in 1613 but chalked it up to a star. Neptune's first moon Triton was spotted shortly afterward, but appeared so small and faint as to be hard to calculate its properties.Pluto was not spotted until 1930. I will avoid the planet debate here, but information about Pluto was slow to come and difficult to interpret. Charon, which defines some of Pluto's behavior and being unusual as a binary system, was not found until 1978.Telescopes could also be misleading. The most famous case is Mars' canals. The presence of canals, which appeared to link oceans or oases, appeared in observations in the 1800s. Giovanni Schiaparelli produced a map of Mars in 1877 that showed them prominently. The canals and their possible origins captured the imagination of astronomers and the sci-fi community for years, although other astronomers claimed they could not see them. This craze included a book, MARS AND ITS CANALS, by Percival Lowell in 1906. When Mariner 4 observed Mars in 1965, there were no canals or oases - just a barren planet.The limits of classic telescopes started to be reached in the late 1800s. For example, the fifth known moon of Jupiter would be observed in 1892 and would be the last until photography and imaging technology (i.e., modern telescopes) became useful. Radar astronomy would provide additional data and would correct some previous observations, such as showing Venus to be very hot in the 1950s (previously Venus was thought to be swampy).Most of these earth-based observations were still relatively basic by the 1960s. Space probes had to clarify and confirm many of these observations, starting in the early 1960s with simple probes. For the gas giants, Pioneers 10 and 11 were the first visitors but were fairly basic, but the soon-to-follow Voyagers provided fantastic data that added much to what is now known - although there are still plenty of mysteries out there. Earth-based observatories still play a prominent role as well.To summarize the answer, only a few planets had color and appearance that could be estimated and guessed until relatively recently. The telescope certainly helped starting in the early 1600s, but there were still errors and limitations (the Mars canal controversy being an example). Earth-based observations have expanded our knowledge but are concerned more with physical properties (mass, density, spin rates, atmospheric parameters, etc). Space probes have been the best at determining color and appearance.3. How true to reality are some pictures of our solar system and neighboring galaxies?Several pictures of space objects are enhanced...true. The reason is basically because they are designed to "bring out"..certain details in different spectrums for different purposes. Whatever you look at through your camera to bring out realistic detail will depend on several things. Type of camera....magnification....light input....length of exposure.....etc. Astro photography has many levels to bring out any types of details you wish to....it all depends on how you go about it.
Why Might Some Kinds of Animals Allow You to Get Closer to Them Than Others?
Some animals are more used to people than others1. Ladies, will your father, husband, or boyfriend allow you to wear your hair down in public?Wow. i can not think of telling my spouse what she would have the ability to positioned on. i can think of telling her i am uncomfortable with something. She is a man or woman and subsequently is permitted to positioned on in spite of she needs. You sound a sprint controlling irritating approximately her wrapping a towel round her legs, overlaying her decrease back....gee wiz. people who enable themselves to be advised what to do only act out the flexibility from that someplace else or go through melancholy. the two certainly one of those comprise dropping propositions for you in the tip.2. If your boyfriend doesn't allow you to do anything of your choice and always manipulates your thoughts by saying harsh words, what should you do?It simply means that he is over pampered and dominating in all d growing years of life.he used to b the one who was followed by his parents blindly.then he founds you and start repeating the same behaviour being manipulating and abusive to u. .so u can do two things. FirstYou can tell him I am not your property and not at all bound to bear your harsh behaviour anymore.its a relation based on affection care and love.if you will repeat it I can not adjust with u. and if he repeats thn let him go . SecondYou can see the reason behind his harsh behaviour and deal sensitively. Sometimes being kind and caring changes even most evil person3. would u allow you daughters to take a vacation on there own?yeah just let them go them selfs they probaly need the free time and if you keep them isolated from the world then in the future they will act kidish and stuff so in my opinion i belive they should go alone4. who do women's shelters accept? Do they allow you to bring anything with you? Can you....?Women's shelters accept about anyone in an abusive/harmful relationship. Do not try to specifically define "abuse". As long as you feel threatened/scared/hurt etc you can be considered to be in an abusive relationship. You can bring the essentials with you, clothes, toiletries, etc. Yes you can look for a job, and yes they can help with counseling5. Whenever I run Taskrabbit tasks, I notice most of the SF rabbits are cute girls. What are some tasks you can set up that would allow you to date one of these rabbits?That's creepy. If you are looking for someone to date, go to OkCupid or somewhere where that's the mutual understanding of the situation.Also, I realize this was probably unintentional, but it's hard for me to not randomly associate looking for a "rabbit" with looking for a "bunny" and jump from there to Hugh Hefner's empire6. Will the Royal Caribbean Cruise ships not allow you to board the ship if you are caught "smuggling" alcohol?Scare tactic. I've never bothered to switch bottles or anything. They've never checked my luggage and it's never been removed. My last cruise I brought about 10 bottles of champagne onboard and was wanting them to confiscate it--it was heavy. I wanted it brought to the dining room so I kept asking everyone who do I turn in my champagne to? and how do I get it served one night at dinner? They just kept telling me to hold on to it. I took it to my state room and brought it with me that night to dinner. When we sat down I told the waiter I would like them iced and served with dessert. It really does not matter to the ships at all. I mean it's pretty hard to do anything with it unless you like a simple Scotch on the rocks as a night cap. Then it works. But otherwise, you would have to carry the bottle around with you all the time. You have to pay for the soda $3 if you want Jack and Coke. There is not much to mix. Lemonade and fruit punch. It's not like there are a ton of mixers out b/c they want to discourage it. All mixers are behind the bar. The juices go up before lunch time so you would also have to take a lot of oj with you from breakfast. But the drink specials are such good deals it does not make it worthwhile if you are over 21. I've done it several times (both when I was under 21 and since then) and to be honest, I do not think we even opened the bottles except perhaps once. Cruise ships are so nice you do not want to sit in your room and drink.
Will This Power Supply Work with an HD 7850?
I would recommend a 600 watt psu that will cover most gpu on the market except the high end ones corsair builder series 600 watt.1. Which electricity power supply is used in the USA?The distribution lines in USA is 3-phase, 4-wire, 208 V , 60 Hz, AC supply emanating from the secondary of a distribution transformer[ (480 t0 2300 V primary) / Star-4wire (208 V secondary)]. For the domestic consumers single phase 120 V / 110 V , 60 Hz, AC supply is obtained from one of the phase wires and the neutral wire of the distribution lines. These 2-wires go into the consumers' premises. For 3-phase motor loads the 208 V, 60 Hz 3- phase (4-wire) AC supply is used with all the 4-wires taken into the consumers' premises..2. Power Supply Unit PSU for technitions, one with ALL connections.?pc tech right here......All skill contraptions continuously comes well-known of one hundred fifteen volts and 230 volts swap settings. The default swap placing is one hundred fifteen volts. placing it to 230 volts will impression the pc and can injury the indoors areas whilst too lots voltage is utilized. it quite is maximum suitable to maintain it at that's default settings. the only hardware that includes the handbook is the motherboards. For desktops such by fact the Dells, Hewlett Packards, Gateways, and and so on. has that suggestion interior the handbook books that includes them or from the business employer's web site which in uncomplicated terms summarizes the unique areas and skill contraptions put in. once you study the handbook that includes the motherboard and if it states that a minimum of a 4 hundred watt skill unit is needed for that particuliar motherboard, then it quite is alright to apply a 450 watt skill unit for it. If the handbook states a 300 watt skill unit and in case you attempt using the 450 watt skill unit for it, possibility is that the motherboard could not skill up by fact of too lots wattage and ought to deliver approximately frying the motherboard out. it quite is extra appropriate to be on the secure side to stay interior the clever wattage volume rather of risking to place lots extra wattage into the motherboard and having to sniff the burning from it. wish this helps3. Can my power supply run this Processor?It can, depending on your other components. I would opt for a 400W PSU Though.4. what power supply is needed for my gaming rig?When the box says 450W, that's for the complete procedure, assuming a quite commonplace construct. Thus, to be on the risk-free side, a 500-550W at the least would be a starting factor if you happen to plan no fundamental growth. No point shopping a 750-800W PSU in case you do not plan to SLI or upgrade the video later. ... If you are planning additional video card improvements, then sure, a 750W PSU may be a good choice5. Can I Filter This Split Power Supply?Not really an answer but an alternative.For low current circuits you can use an AC adaptor without the rectifying bridge (the one that gives a low-voltage sine wave on it's output) or just a 220/110V->12V transformer and add two half-wave rectifiers (one diode for 12 and one for -12V). This way wo not need two separate secondary windings on the transformer. Then you can regulate the voltage using one 7809 and one 7909 (but do not forget the capacitors on these). PS. You could probably just remove some components from your adaptor but be extra careful when dealing with 220/110V circuits6. Case and power Supply for my Computer?I would get an antec 300. Its small but big at the same time7. Power supply bad with good voltage?If you want a proper answer Electrical Engineering may be a better place to ask but a very simple version is that it is very possible that a voltage tested 'open circuit' (not under load) will be at the correct level but under the correct level when under load (with some drop to be expected). You could bridge the outputs with a resistor of suitable value (and wattage rating!) to simulate your system's peak demand before doing a load test but I doubt that would be worth it. If you are getting more than nothing it is probably OK.
How Can I Make a Floor Lamp Taller?
I am not sure how heavy it is but you could try a wooden cigar box they only cost a few bucks or you could see if Ikea has a really short coffee or end table1. How should I recycle a floor lamp?Drop it off at the thrift store they have people that fix things like that it gives them work to do. Try Salvation Army2. How do I fix a floor lamp with no on/off switch?it's a fire hazard, leave it in the trash3. What is wrong with my favorite floor lamp and can it be fixed?That definitely is an unsafe condition and it would be very wise to unplug it and not use it till it is repaired. Unplg it, remove the bulb and look into the socket. If what I descrbed is happening you will notice where the bulb is creating an arc. If that is not it there may be a wiring issue somewhere, but I am betting it is what I first described. Sockets are obtainable at Lighting centers, Big Box stores, and Hardware staore. Replacement is not overly complicated.4. Is it safe to have a floor lamp plugged into an outlet that is behind a bookcase?If you do this I would recommend TWO things: 1) Measure carefully, and cut a whole in the cardboard backing. Place the outlet plate in place after you've positioned the bookcase. 2) Replace the "standard" plug to the floor-lamp with a "flush-mount" plug so that books pushed against the cord-plug are less likely to bend or break the cord and cause a short. Before you add that flush-plug, drill a hole at the appropriate end of the book case... so you can run the wire IN. I had to do this with both an outlet and light-switch on a floor-to-ceiling bookcase when I moved into an apartment where it was the ONLY logical place to put the book-case. ALSO... I would strongly recommend strapping the bookcase to the wall in some fashion as protection during an earthquake.5. My floor lamp had two settings, and suddenly only goes bright?I feel so...I simply suppose it used to be in a life before this, when you consider that my suggestions concerning the nature of truth have been with me so long as i will be able to remember. I do not forget pondering, "if it is feasible for me to exist like this, then there have got to be each possible likelihood in existence, otherwise it would not make so much feel". I was like 5 or 6 then, and quantum mechanics appears to be verifying my instinct. The query is. ... Now what do I do?.6. How do I repair the base of an antique brass floor lamp that's cracked?You can try to solder it, but do not use any more heat than necessary, just in case it's brass plated and not solid brass. Also you may epoxy it from the back side to hide the repair. Then use some steel wool, rub it in the same direction as the crack to blend it in.7. How can I make a steel floor lamp look less modern and more "country"?I would probably sponge paint it and wrap Ivy up it8. How do I wire a replacement light socket on a floor lamp?Household electricity is almost certainly AC and does not have and - (DC), it has live and neutral. Here (BC) they used to have 2-prong plugs with no polarity up till about 30 years ago for lamps, but then switched to polarized ones as Jim says. It will work either way but is slightly safer done the "correct" way e.g. if the plastic surround cracks off. If there's a switch inline, it should be in the live wire.9. I have bought a Bellini Floor Lamp and wish to decorate it?TINSEL10. Should I get bedside lamp or floor lamp for my bedroom?Bedside lamp11. College dorm, Floor lamp or desk lamp?I would say both :)12. I have two metal support poles I need to cover up in the basement before I can put up a new ceiling.?I saw a home improvement show that used a resin squared cylinder to enclose a similar pole in a basement renovation. It was painted to match the walls. Much less intrusive than paneling that matches nothing else. If you can not find such a thing, though, you could always use paneling or even sheetrock/wallboard which you then paint or paper to match the room. Depending on your plans for furnishings, you might be able to position something near it so that dogs and humans are dodging a chair or floor lamp rather than the pole.
Interiors: Home Sweet Homespun
Muted tones and vintage-inspired decorations make Christmas a rustic affair at the Norfolk cottage of florist Jo Rodwell 'By the time Christmas arrives, I feel I've already done it ten times over!' laughs Jo. 'I suppose that's one downside of being a florist. This year I'm being strict with myself and I'm stopping work a few days before Christmas Eve. I want to be able to enjoy the run-up properly.' Becoming a florist wasn't something Jo ever planned: 'I kind of fell into it. I used to sell vintage garden furniture at antique fairs and one day I brought along a few bouquets I'd made with flowers from my garden. They sold out and the response I had from everyone was amazing.' Five years on, Jo still favours a naturalistic floral style, with many of her hero flowers coming from the cutting patch in her garden. In her arrangements, she uses foraged foliage, perennials with a gentle curve in the stem and garden roses prized for scent rather than longevity alongside carefully sourced bought-in seasonal flowers.'I like my flowers to have a wild, romantic feel. I couldn't do what I do without my garden - it allows me to add that extra special something.' When it comes to her home, Jo's style is also a perfect balance of relaxed and considered, which results in a space that feels surprisingly quiet, despite her being 'a bit of a hoarder. I'm always at car-boot sales, junk shops and antique fairs looking for pieces. I like to rescue things and give them a new lease of life.' At Christmas, Jo decorates the house in her signature style, with garlands made from foraged evergreen stems and vases of hellebores, ranunculus, anemones and amaryllis. 'I use masses of candles and put cushions and throws everywhere to make it feel really cosy,' she says. Jo waits until Christmas Eve to decorate with fresh foliage and flowers to ensure the displays will last. 'That's when it really starts to feel like Christmas,' she says.'My daughter Molly is the baker of the family, so she'll be on mince pie duty. I'll be making the chestnut stuffing and there will be mulled wine on the go. I love these small rituals we have as a family; the little traditions that are personal to us. On Christmas Day, I'm up first and I'll light the wood burner before anyone else wakes. Then we'll have panettone and prosecco for breakfast while we open our presents.'For me, Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy my family. I love the abundance: the cooking and entertaining for a house full of family and friends. On New Year's Eve, I prefer to stay at home with the children rather than go out. We'll just do Christmas all over again, with, perhaps, not quite so many mince pies!' For more information about Jo's work and her floral workshops (including one-on-ones), visit joflowers.co.uk
What Type of Loader Do I Actually Need?
A loader is a heavy equipment machine used in construction to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc. into or onto another type of machinery (such as a dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, or railroad car). There are many types of loader, which, depending on design and application, are called by various names. The major components of loaders used in construction The major components included in a loader are the engine (diesel in almost all cases), the hydraulic components (such as pumps, motors and valves) and the transmission components (gearbox, axles, wheels/tracks, pumps, motors, etc.). The engine runs both the hydraulics and the transmission, and these in turn move the front attachment (a bucket, forks, sweeper, etc.) to manipulate the material which we are handling (sand, gravel, cereal, manure or anything else) and the wheels or tracks to move the machine around the job site. Different types of loaders used in construction When it comes to working on busy, confined job sites, many equipment owners need a smaller wheel loader with good lifting capacities, fast cycle times and a short turning radius. Mini Loader is the 140- to 170-horsepower size class is ideal for construction markets year-round. An important consideration is choosing a bucket. When selecting a bucket, loaders should be paired with the right size to move material. Time is always a premium, so the faster operators can load and dump material, the better their productivity. Besides the faster the machine can travel, the quicker its cycle times can be. Wheel loaders are four-wheel-drive earthmoving machines used primarily to load loose materials with a front-mounted bucket. A lift-arm assembly raises and lowers the bucket. While mobility and enlarged bucket provide wheel loader high production output and add on high cycle times. The structural built up of wheel loaders is an added advantage. The articulated structure of the machine provides it with higher maneuverability in turning as compared to other wheeled and crawler excavation equipment with rigid chassis compelling it to work in confined areas. These machines are divided into two types track mounted and tyre mounted. The front-end loader is handy for digging, dirt moving, loading and carrying material with your tractor. A front-end loader is easy to attach and remove, plus delivers leading lift capacity and height to help you get more done around your farm or acreage. The quick attach mounting system enables you to use a variety of attachments, including a grapple, pallet fork, combination bucket and more. It's equipped with float functionality to follow ground contours as you work. A skid loader, skid-steer loader or skid steer is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. Skid-steer loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and where the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. The wheels typically have no separate steering mechanism and hold a fixed straight alignment on the body of the machine. Turning is accomplished by differential steering, in which the left and right wheel pairs are operated at different speeds, and the machine turns by skidding or dragging its fixed-orientation wheels across the ground. Skid-steer loaders are sometimes equipped with tracks instead of the wheels, and such a vehicle is known as a multi-terrain loader or more simply as a track loader. A skid-steer loader is used in place of a large excavator by digging a hole from the inside. A backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe, digger in layman's terms, or colloquially shortened to backhoe within the industry, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor-like unit fitted with a loader-style shovel/bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. Due to its (relatively) small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are very common in urban engineering and small construction projects (such as building a small house, fixing urban roads, etc.) as well as developing countries. This type of machine is similar to and derived from what is now known as a TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe), which is to say, an agricultural tractor fitted with a front loader and rear backhoe attachment. Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a wide variety of tasks: construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads. Often, the backhoe bucket can also be replaced with powered attachments such as a breaker, grapple, auger, or a stump grinder. Multi terrain loaders move along the ground with tracks instead of wheels. The track allows it to have less impact on softer terrain, which is crucial in landscaping, farming and construction layouts. They are designed to dig and transport dirt and other building materials and can be used for a variety of other tasks including grading cement. Buying a multi terrain loader is a cost efficient. A tracked loader is an engineering vehicle consisting of a tracked chassis with a loader for digging and loading material. The history of tracked loaders can be defined by three evolutions of their design. Each of these evolutions made the tracked loader a more viable and versatile tool in the excavation industry. These machines are capable in nearly every task, the ability of a tracked loader to perform almost every task on a job site is why it remains a part of many companies' fleets. A swing loader is a rigid frame loader with a swinging boom. The boom can swing 180 degrees or more. Swing Loaders are primarily used by the railroad industry to lay rail. Like other loaders many attachments can be attached to the boom such as magnets, forks, and buckets. Smaller swing loaders are used in farming applications for loading out. A swinging boom is advantageous where space is limited. The loader is able to lift on all sides and dump off on all sides. It's a wide square bucket that tilts to capture the dirt or to dig out an area. The bucker is a removable attachment so you can also use it as a forklift. You can also use a clamshell-type of bucket that opens to grab whatever you are working on in its jaws. Loaders are used for snow removal, dirt removal, farming, & construction sites. There are many loader options to help you get the job done. It's important to choose the right piece of equipment for the job to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness.1. Marking Tools for Common Building MaterialsSynopsis: Carpenter's pencils and Sharpies are the trade go-tos, but there are many more options when it comes to marking tools. Builder-at-large Justin Fink runs through the options and their best applications, from railroad chalk for marking concrete, to wax pencils for making clear marks on glass, to marking knives for scribing lines on wood. There's an old saying that a good carpenter never blames his tools. Well, whoever said that clearly never tried to mark accurate joinery work with a soft pencil, or lay out plates with a brittle lead, or write on wet lumber with either. Some carpenters may take pride in the fact that they use the same carpenter's pencil for every task, but I am a little different. I take comfort in knowing that whatever I might encounter on the job site, I have the right marking tool in my arsenal. There's a whole wide world of options beyond the carpenter's pencils and Sharpies many tradespeople limit themselves to, and it's a world worth looking into. Carpenter's pencils are a perfect example of form following function. Their wide, flat cross sections make them equally easy to grab in a normal writing grip or grasp in the palm in line with the pointer finger, which is common when marking framing layouts. The large lead-available in soft, medium, and hard-is also rectangular in cross section, making it ideal for both thin and wide lines. And of course, a flat pencil can not roll away, or off the edge of a scaffold or roof deck. The flat faces of the pencil also make it an ideal shim or scribing block in a pinch. European-style carpenter's pencils are also available, and come in extra-long lengths. Always in need of a sharp point, many finish carpenters have relied on the refillable lead of mechanical pencils to avoid the need to stop and sharpen during work. The catch, of course, is that the thinner the lead, the more likely it is to break in use. Lead sizes are measured in millimeters, and can be found down to 0.20 mm in art supply stores, but 0.7 mm is about as thin as is feasible for a tradesperson-even that will likely break often during use. Leads sized 0.9 mm and larger are favored for their balance of accuracy and durability. Much larger leads are also available. Heavier-duty 2.8-mm pencils (around $15 to $20 apiece), often called "dry markers," feature a deep-reach design- ideal for reaching into recesses to make marks-and some come with plastic holsters. Wider leads, like those found in the Fastcap FatBoy pencil shown below ($18), can be used with a regular sharpener. For most carpenters, the permanent marker comes into action when a carpenter's pencil can not do the job. Although the felt tip can wear out quickly and does not appreciate any sawdust, permanent markers are versatile and cost effective, and I can not imagine not having one in my tool belt. They excel at marking everything from the insulation on electrical cables to the waxy surface of an LVL, and are available in a variety of different-sized points so you can match the precision of the task to the right-size marker. Although black ink is by far the most common, do not overlook the utility of other colors. Silver and gold Sharpies, for example, are ideal for marking dark surfaces like asphalt shingles, self-adhered flashing membrane, and felt paper. To view the entire article, please click the View PDF button below.2. How to pick the door handle material? See how the DIY door handle material is matched_Guangzhou ZHONGDAI Decorative Building Materials Co., Ltd.We are the supplier of building materials, decorative and functional hardware and tools, kitchen and closet storage solutions, sliding door systems and furniture parts. Established in 2004, Zhongdai is one of the leading suppliers in the Middle-East. We have over 30,000 products(SKUs) that are suited to the need of our customers in industry and trade.3. Standardized building materials across a Roman style empireRome had such a material it was called concrete basically every important building built in the empire after a certain period was made of concrete, not all that dissimilar to today concrete just offers too many advantages. Local sand and stone was used for the filler but you still always end up with concrete. An empire that refuses to use local materials goes broke and stops being an empire very quickly. Brick or veneer facing might be used to give it different looks but you could easily say that does not happen or at least they use identical brick patterns (Rome basically had three brick patterns each with its own functional purpose) Shipping just the cement was much easier and cheaper than shipping everything you would use, shipping stone any distance is prohibitively expensive. Cement making was a well guarded secret, since it was the reason romans could build fortresses MUCH faster than anyone else, and it requires things like limestone, so cement was only made in few locations and then shipped everywhere else. since the army often used concrete it made its way to the far reaches of the empire. Like everything in the empire and basically the whole world, it was shipped by boat or cart. I am not exactly sure what you want to know here
Buying Cheap Chipboard Boxes -
Chipboard boxes are a cheap alternative to standard boxes and because it is made from recycled materials, these boxes are also environmentally friendly. If you have a large company or business, then you might be choosing to use one of these recycled boxes for shipping individual items such as toothpaste or food products. If you don't have a business and you want to use these boxes for domestic shipping then they are perfect for sending gifts or other personal items. Chipboard boxes are a cheap alternative to standard boxes and because it is made from recycled materials, these boxes are also environmentally friendly. If you have a large company or business, then you might be choosing to use one of these recycled boxes for shipping individual items such as toothpaste or food products. If you don't have a business and you want to use these boxes for domestic shipping then they are perfect for sending gifts or other personal items. Chipboard is made from recycled cardboard and varies paper products that are then broken down and compress in order to create a sheet. These sheets are then folded to form the box like shape. Some chipboard boxes have a white coating, and this is achieved by applying a layer of a clay based mixture to one side of the box. The standard shape of recycled boxes is a cube, oblong shape. Some of these boxes have separate lids, whilst other will just have foldable flaps that can be secured into place. With any box, these boxes can be purchased in small, medium and large sizes. Most boxes that are made from chipboard will be in standard brown color, although some boxes will be white. You can add character to your box by having your company logo printed onto it or by painting it or covering with gift wrap. Whatever you choose to do, it doesn't have to remain as the standard boring box that was originally supplied to you. If you are looking to buy a box that has been made from chipboard, then you could try your nearest office supplies store, but for a wider choice turn on the internet and shop online. If you are new to online shopping you will be amazed at just how easy the whole process is and how quick the results are. For all you seasoned shoppers you will definitely be impressed with the wide selection of boxes that are on offer, as well as just how convenient online shopping is. As many suppliers won't have a land based shop you can actually save some money. Chipboard boxes are the overlooked storage and shipping boxes, but they are seeking a top spot in the box charts. You will find that not only are these boxes fairly inexpensive, but they are also kinder to the environment , which will help to make your business greener.
What Are the Opportunities for Leather on the European Footwear Market? | CBI
Through Not Around: Transhuman Systems and Change, Part I[This piece was originally a talk I gave at Nearform's Microservices Day conference, to the confusion of all ;). I am posting it here in 3 parts, and in full disheveled glory…]Composition/DecompositionI am going to discuss a topic that is has been thoroughly, exhaustively explored. The topic is organizational change. So that we all do not die of boredom, we are going to take a different approach — we will try to think about this idea — how organizations change, as importantly, why we want to change them — a bit differently. I can not promise it will be original, or even intelligible, but I can promise that we will keep it a little bit weird.The overall topic of this day is microservices. Microservices are a framework for decomposition, a way to break a big thing into smaller things. We practice decomposition, paradoxically, in order to make big things — really it's composition that we are interested in, but we tend to approach it through decomposition. That is, we think of a whole thing, break it into pieces, and use the pieces to build a bigger whole thing. In theory, we could just build pieces, and assemble them, but that does not seem to be the way our minds work.If you are actually building software, the distinctions between microservices and other modes of decomposition, we could say the side effects, are very important. Whether we decompose and compose with microservices, or objects, or methods, or shared libraries, or functions, makes a big difference on the real-world characteristics of the system, on the implementations themselves, and especially the manner in which we change the system. If we are just talking, like we are now, more or less theoretically, it matters less.The strategy of decomposition/composition is common to how we construct any kind of complex system — software, hardware, buildings, companies, armies, societies, maybe even families. It's part of how our own minds literally work. Our brains themselves seem to be a bunch of discreet services wired together with neurons, and we ourselves an emergent phenomena of the system. So we can be forgiven for a sense of deja vu. Because we've definitely been here before. We've been over this ground, of decomposing, and composing, of trading the inflexible and simple for the modular and complex, and back again. It's basically the history of systems design.In fact, what field could possibly be more exhausted, more picked over, more thoroughly explored, than systems architecture? The answer, of course, is organizational design. The EnterpriseWe all experience frustration in our lives. Those of us who work in "enterprises" experience a particular kind of frustration.What is an "enterprise"? A useful definition could be, an enterprise is an organization that you have had no impact on, and may never have any impact on. At a startup, or a smaller company, or for an engineer, an engineering-led, technology focused company, we may feel that we can alter or impact the structure, the nature of the company. At an established company, we are not sure. This seems to be the actual sense of "enterprise" in tech parlance — companies that do not change, or struggle to change. And this makes sense. What else would an enterprise be, but an institution, a system, that transcends the humans who constitute it. Those humans come and go, but the enterprise is precisely that which remains, which resists change. Structure, culture, processes, brand, habits, patterns, etc. This is by design, but it makes the enterprise a transhuman entity, and that can be challenging for the humans wrapped up inside it.So the frustration that we feel is the feeling of not being able to control our environment. Interestingly, this frustration is felt by all, at every level — the CEO, the development manager, the strategy SVP, the consultant, even the legal team. It's a defining characteristic of being human to want to influence your environment. And as a species, we have been very successful at that. However, if you work in an "enterprise", you probably feel powerless over your environment. Your environment seems to be immutable. ImmutabilityThis is also a characteristic, or more accurately a design goal, of information systems. The trend is against processes being able to manipulate or alter their environments, and towards immutability as a characteristic of the runtime environment.In the first age of systems, processes were the masters of their environment. One process ruled, while it ran, writing files, creating whole directory structures, starting or destroying other processes, opening sockets or device files and broadcasting to the world, "I am alive". "Hello World." They could even terminate and stay resident. Processes were like gods, or at least heroes. This was the heroic age of information systems.Today, mutable environmental variables, local storage, direct access to system resources, do not have a place in modern systems. These old forms are the clumsiest modes of interprocess communication, suitably deprecated, akin to leaving a broken stick in the path, or a pile of bones at the bend in the river. Processes are more like foot-soldiers, or information workers, passing messages, inbox to outbox, and otherwise generally told not to touch anything.So for those of us living in an enterprise, what do we make of the challenge? We have a drive to change our environment — it is our nature. No one told us the heroic age was over — in fact we still hear the myths told and retold. But clearly things have changed. So is our impulse to change our world misguided? Is it indulgent?
Replacement Power Supply for Xmas Lights! [closed]
Something does not add up here, 50*0.06 W = 3 W, 50*0.02 A = 1A * 31 V = 31 W. So there must be some serial / parallel wiring going on. First guess:Probably 10 lights in series and that 5 times parallel. That would result in a total current from the 31 V supply of 0. 1 A. That would be 3. 1 W which is close enough to the 3 W. It sounds like it could be a white/blue LED (3.1 V forward voltage) with 20 mA forward current.So if you just cut 33 from a different strip, the last three will probably not light up as you cut the connection. For your power supply, if the connection is like I imagine, they wo not light up when you apply 12 V to them.I found a replacement supply for some HP printer with 31 V and 1.4 A output capability, I guess you could use that to power your lights. (HP 0950-4340 31V 1450mA)Second guess:If they are bulbs (totally forgotten that those are still around in 2015), I can think of another configuration how they are connected:Basically it's a series connection of 5 parallel bulbs 10 times. (10s5p)simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabI have drawn only part of the schematic. It's basically a large resistor net. The sum current will be 0.1 A and at every 5 parallel connection point the current splits up fairly evenly across the 5 bulbs so each of them gets 20 mA. The resistance of a complete chain is:10 times (5 times 150 Ohms in parallel) in series = 300 Ohms.As you cut off and rewired your second chain you have changed the configuration to:6 times (5 times 150 Ohms in parallel) in series to (3 times 150 Ohms in parallel) = 230 Ohms.Then you put those 2 chains in parallel (which is okay). But bad things are happening in your modified chain: the current flowing though that part is increased. There is a total current of 134 mA flowing, so 34% more than what is supposed to flow. The bulbs will burn out rather quickly.Even worse for the last 3, as they have to share the 134 mA as well, so 45 mA, more than 2 times of what they are supposed to handle. In the current configuration, your modified chain will die as soon as you put them onto a power supply which is able to handle the current (which would be 0.25 A, so roughly 7.75 W).To get the result you want:You have to add a 75 Ohm resistor in parallel of the last 3 bulbs and 90 Ohms in series to the whole chain. Both resistor must be able to handle the power. The 75 Ohm resistor would need a rating of at least 250 mW and the 90 Ohms one needs a rating of 1 W, preferably higher, so that it stays cooler.simulate this circuit1. Christmas Cryptarithm: "HERESMERRYXMAS=READER”Using Bram28's work, we have $R = 1$.Now consider,where the representation base is $b = 10$ and we have the $b^k$ columns.Since you do not want to solve this by brute force, you can probe the puzzle problem and eventually gravitate to a hypothesis about it:(*) The carry on each column $b^k$ ( $;k in 0,1,2,3,4;$ ) sum is equal to $1$.It is a leap of faith that column $b^2$ will have a carry of $1$, but 'everything goes right and nothing breaks' as you 'play' with that puzzle scenario.Taking (*) as true we modify the puzzle towhere $Z = X 1$ and all column additions are now modulo $10$ and the carries are accounted for.We proceed with the prayer that we do not have to abandon our hypothesis, listing things that can be claimed as true (under the hypothesis) and sketching some arguments.1). Examining COL $b^4$ we see that neither $H$ nor $M$ can be equal to $9$. $quad >$ If say, $H = 9$, then $M = E$.2). Examining COL $b^2$ we see $M = 7$ or $M = 9$. $quad >$ With $M ge 7$ we exclude $M = 8$ since $D e R$.3). We conclude that $M = 7$ and $D = 0$.4). Examining COL $b^1$ we see that $A = 8$.5). Examining COL $b^3$ we see that $E e 2$ and $E e 3$. $quad >$ By (*), $E E X 1 = 18$, but $X lt 10$.6). Examining COL $b^3$ we see that $E e 5$. $quad >$ $X e M = 7$.7). Examining COL $b^3$ we see that $E e 6$. $quad >$ Not possible for $E = X = 6$.8). Examining COL $b^4$ we see that $E e 9$. $quad >$ By (*) $H 7 1 = 19$ implying that $H = 11$.9). We conclude that $E = 4$.We can now update the puzzle picture.The only digits that still remain open to assignment are $2$, $3$ and $5$.10). Examining COL $b^0$ we see that $S = 3$ and $Y = 5$.CHECK2. how can i get my parents to give me $100?giiiirl i am 16 n PROUD OF BEING A SPOILED BRAT TOO! thumbs down, i do not give a fucl3. XmasThis is where new traditions really do start. What matters more is that your baby loves YOU. We did the same in keeping our Christmas very small and between ourselves. We would go to Christmas dinner to my husband's family in the afternoon but that was it. We made New Year's Eve the "thing" instead, traveling to visit MY family to party and dance and join "the polar bear club" and jump in the pool at midnight with the cousins. If this sister-in-law is the one holding the family pow-wow and snubs you, let it be all on her side. Meanwhile, YOU pull out the calendar and start looking up annual December events around town and take child to all of them. In our rural area we live about 30 miles in any direction from several small towns in Northern California and each one has some sort of weekend event or festival going on. All through the year we go to the Butterfly Festival and the Gem and Mineral Show in May, we visit the historic Gold Rush towns in June, we go camping in the high country around Yosemite and go to the history events there. In December there's the All-Equestrian Parade in the historic town of Columbia State Park, there's the classic car and light show parade down in Modesto, California, there's the local parade, visit with Santa, and community turkey dinner in the tiny Gold Rush town of Coulterville, and there's an Christmas Faire and Dickens Festival at the Sonora Fairgrounds. There is so much to do around the holidays, from going to the church to hear the holiday choral music performances to seeing a local production of "The Nutcracker" to the local community theater performances of "White Christmas" and "A Christmas Story". We made life like a "Zelda" game for our daughter, putting on her little backpack of her snacks and packing a lunch and going to all the events through the year and at the holidays, and we took pictures and posted on facebook our "adventures". And we went everywhere! We went to as many California Missions as we could, we went to the train museum and the art museum and the cheese factory visitor center and gift shop to eat the cheese samples, and people followed along our adventures. The family still snub us - that has not changed - but our adventures make up for it. We now bring to the dinner table plenty of interesting stories to tell when we do go to the family functions, like stories of a 2-story tall tractor at the tractor show (it is used in Kansas and Iowa for harvesting corn in those giant acres of corn) or how we randomly brought a butterfly net to the grocery store and started catching some flies inside the store that would hang out by the bakery, and the people working behind the bakery and deli displays gave us free food in thanks. Now, if the family does not miss us, we do not miss them. Meanwhile there is the dinner cruise in the San Francisco Bay, the overnight "Behind the Scenes" party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, "The Polar Express" holiday train ride, oh, get involved in doing all of these events with your child and post pictures on facebook and you will become the envy of the party next time around. Go and DO a new life, a busy, active, and interesting life, and when they plan a party the night of the Christmas caroling and Las Posadas with the awesome tamales or the night of the Boat Christmas Parade at the lake, you have a beautiful excuse to go to a better party. And then, you invite friends to go along with you and make it an even better party, to a point where your friends and you have more fun instead of "putting up with the family". We do! Go and DO and live a different life and let them stew in their own pot. But do ONE thing - STOP giving this sister-in-law all the power to dictate your own fun. If she wants to herd in the family over there, let her. But from now on, she is NOT in charge of your fun. And that is why I say go and DO and have an adventure about it, and make your own fun your own. When you are around sister-in-law, be polite but offer zero advances or information for her to gossip about. Keep your communication to "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am", and stop seeking her approval for your own family fun! Stop giving her this power and start calling up the cousins who are also left out and start new traditions with the other "out-laws" of the extended family circle! Start calling up the cousins and your own friends and introduce them to the world of holiday events and adventures and leave the snobs behind. Camp overnight for your spots at the Rose Parade, dance at the downtown Los Angeles Mariachi and Salsa dance party, go fishing at the 100 lakes or at the pier, but stop letting this one person spoil your own family memories. Go and DO and good luck to you!.
Can You Use Cornmeal to Clean a Corduroy Sofa?
I would not . You might never get it all out, and that's an invitation to insects. And the phrase is "old wives' tale"1. fixing sofa cover to sofa?i think you should try sewing it2. Poll Do you say , sofa, or couch?Sectional and i say couch3. Your thoughts on this sofa and loveseat?I like it. Neutral and long lasting. Add some cool throw pillows to add character. That's an inexpensive way to change your style, whenever you want. Good choice.4. Whats the best way to clean a sofa?There is upholstery cleaner in the can that comes out in a foam. You brush it in and around in circles then vacuum it off when dry. Then pout 3 good coats of Scotch Guard on it and all sides of cushions. It works really well. It will take several cans. KMart used to have its own brand (same kind of can, different label) that's cheaper. I forgot: vacuum it first!5. Cleaning a cream leather sofa.?Vinegar destroys cigarette smell on a molecular level. It does not just cover it up, like air fresheners do. It destroys it. Pour undiluted White Vinegar into a spritzer bottle and spray the couch with this. If you do not have a spritzer bottle, you can apply the vinegar with a rag. Yes, vinegar stinks, too, but unlike cigarette smell, it dissipates within hours. And once it does, the cigarette smell will be gone, too. It works every time. -6. BEFORE & AFTER: How To Style Your SofaA great blanket and pillows give an instant update to any sofa. Here, larger pillows transform the seating space and add comfort, while a draped, patterned throw softens the design. Pillows by Amber Interiors and Anthropologie; Throw by Jonathan Adler.7. sofa vs divan in the UK and USAis more of an archaic word, not normally used these days or may be used in a more "affected" wayis widely used in the States and also in the UKHowever gets used more in the States than in the UK8. Are you sofa king awesome?No...but I am QUEEN of my sofa9. How to Cover a Hole in a Microfiber Sofa | HomesteadyCarefully cut away any loose threads around the hole with sharp scissors. Measure the size of the hole. Cut a piece of microfiber cloth a quarter-inch larger than the hole from an inconspicuous area of the couch, such as the back if the couch faces a wall. Cut a piece of fusible web an inch larger than the microfiber patch. Fusible web can be purchased at fabric and craft stores. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web. Center the microfiber patch on the sticky side of the fusible web. Insert the patch and fusible web inside the hole on the sofa, with the fabric patch side up. Place a clean cloth over the repair. Set the iron on a low setting for acrylic fabrics, and slowly press down on the cloth, running the iron smoothly back and forth over the repair to activate the glue on the fusible web. Lift the iron after several passes to check the repair. You might need to press a little harder or raise the heat slightly to achieve a tighter bond.10. Can someone buy generic sofa legs ?at publix11. What are sofa doilies for?They were favourites of ladies years ago in their little homes. Helps keep the furniture clean but mostly I think they were proud of them because the usually made them themselves12. Do you dig in your sofa for change?i wouldntdig 4 change cuz the u be scufin 4 money and that would make you a scumbag13. Slip Covers for Tight Back/Seat Sofa?You could try Sure Fit they have all types of covers14. How to Make a Sofa Sleeper More ComfortableSofa sleepers or hide-a-beds may be handy for visitors -- or fine for an occasional night in the proverbial doghouse -- but they are not known for topnotch comfort. If you are OK with overnight guests overstaying because of your lush sleeping arrangements, you can make your sleeper cushier and improve its support with one of several solutions:15. baby climbing to the sofa constantly????ahh i hate that stage! all my kids did that too. we just took the cushions off for a while .. the kids could still get up there, but they werent high up enough to hurt themselves getting off!.
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