Where Are Some U201cashramsu201d I Can Spend My One Month Holiday in, Doing Yoga and Other Activitie

Please join VIPASHYANA ,a 10 days / 20days /40 days free food , free lodging and free training in meditation where u can do only yoga nearest to ur residence .Thanx. Anando

1. What are some good arts and crafts projects/ other activities to do with a 1 yr. old?

tadoodles crayons and markers, aquadoodle, musical instruments, songs that have gestures like head and shoulders knees and toes, putting stickers on a piece of paper

2. Where are some u201cashramsu201d I can spend my one month holiday in, doing yoga and other activities, and how much will be the fee?

I love Rishikesh, it has many ashrams and hatha-yoga-shala's - schools. It's also a nice environment - a beautiful part of India.It's probably a good-idea to get online and find out about accommodation fees, guidelines, programs and, waiting lists, for Ashram stays.

3. Can I use bike shoes for other activities, or are they strictly for biking?

The stiff carbon fiber sole is critical in energy transfer to the pedals for comfort and consistent speed. However, it is sometimes too stiff to use road shoes for other activities apart from biking, such as running or walking. But you will still find some people using shoes with indoor cycling and exercise bikes.

4. What are some other activities/ sports for a pit bull besides the basics?

Sounds like you are doing a good job. Kongs are great, you can keep him occupied with those. You can make it into a game by scattering them and letting him find them filled with treats. I would say it's decent mental stimulation. Do an obedience class, it will be good for socializing and he will be exercised mentally and physically. If he does well, you can go to the next step when he's older and try agility. If he is social, take him to a dog park when there are not too many people there. Too many play buddies is overwhelming and fights will break out, but if it's 3 or 4 other dogs, he will have a blast.

5. I work in an all male workplace and they get time off to golf and other activities in the company...?

That's not really fair, maybe you could join in with some of the activities even if they are not really your sort of thing. Failing that make a note of all the times you have been left out and complain.

6. Any ideas for music on a Sunday daytime wedding? Any other activities aside from dancing?

try hirring college students, they may not be professional, but they are cheaper, and unless you are a muscian yourself i doubt you will be able to hear the difference. if you hire a good band chances are they will have some activities planned of their own. a dj is probaly the best bet. its music and entertainment in one. as far as extra activities i think you have enough. yes cake cutting, throwing the boquet, and dancing does not seem like a lot but it is. the newlyweds will most likley spend most of their time talking to guests and thanking them for comming. every one will be socializing. the teeangers will go off in their own group and the younger kids will start a game of hide and seek. if anything, pay a resposible teeanger $20-40 to plan a few small activities for the little ones and play with them for a couple hours. the night will go by so fast i doubt you will remeber to do everything that you wanted to. overall expect the unexpected because anything that cabn go wrong does go worng :)

7. I work in an all male workplace and they get time off to golf and other activities in the company...?

You can join them to play golf with them. They need "mother"/"woman" in the golf league to keep them sane, as long as you are willing to tolerate their male chauvinism behavior. Guys like us need to get out of office and enjoy themselves due to the sterile, non-hostile working environment.

8. Do colleges want Jack ofAll Trades,or a Student highly-focused in 1 area (although also does other activities)?

Either or really... what you lack in one field, you gain in another. I would say if either of these are you, many schools will accept you and you really have nothing to worry about..... I would consider #2 more favorable, but only by a little. Also, a decent exam score is good to have as well as recommendations with your application. They LOVE ADDITIONAL MATERIAL!

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