When It Comes to Fashion/clothing, What Is Modest and What Is Not?

Overly modest is not good. But here's what is modest enough: Skirts should be at least mid-thigh length. Shorts should have an inseam of 2-4 inches. Any shorter is too immodest, any longer looks silly. A little cleavage is fine, but your boobs should not be hanging out. Shoulders are fine. Tank tops are fine. The stomach should be covered. The exception is for swimming and exercise. For those purposes, exposing your entire stomach is perfectly acceptable. A bikini for swimming is fine. Some people consider it immodest, but I do not think it is in the least. As far as comfort is concerned, the less wet fabric clinging to your body the better. Bikinis are just practical.

1. where can I buy korean japanese taiwan and chinese fashion clothing's?

Soy fashions a good site

2. What do you think about people who wear "out of fashion" clothing?

Do what you like and do not think about what people others will think about your apperance. People should judge by actions and not looks. I were clothing that was never in style just because i like it and it fits me and my personality. Do your own thing. Its wrong for others to judge. Hope this helps -Katie

3. I'm building a fashion/clothing shopping app and I want it populated with products from dozens of different brands and retailers, any API for that?

Being an outsourcing company our team has an orders from various kinds of fields. One of the latest was mCommerce app Modasti for fashion retailing. Moreover, Riseapps added networking and search system, so clients can make their looks and share them with other app members. The integrated pay system speeds up the purchase process.The API of the app looks like an online store, with the wide range of items:By tapping on one of them users can get a full-size photo of the item and can see the price and item's description:Moreover, it is possible for customers to download their personal photos with fashion looks:Such way makes an app interactive and engaging for women who wants to give their feedback and share their opinion, make a repost or share the publication of the fashion look to personal site. Such networking system is client-friendly and is essential if you want to make a good app reputation.

4. the ins and out of fashion(clothing)?

IN Straight hair Wavy Hair Fo-hawks on the front of a girls head Wedges Gladiator Sandals Cute airy spring dresses bright nail colors Lighter colored hair Natural breasts (big or small... I mean look at Gwen Stefani) OUT Wearing Uggs in the spring (it amkes no sense!) Wearing Uggs in the rain (your feet must stink!) Getting VERY TAN using a tanning bed (you look like a fried prune AND its bad for your skin) Jet black hair (unless you are Emo or Goth) Bell bottoms White sunglasses Mesh ( I mean, when was it ever in) HUGE implants Skinny pencil thin eyebrows (Skanky) DUI's (Just had to put that in there) Going pantyless when wearing a dress The Victoria Becham hair-do (Im sooo over it)

5. A good online fashion/clothing boutique or website?

affordable.... forever21.com, urbanoutfitters.com

6. What is your fashion clothing line?

abercrombie, hollister, juicy couture, channel,

7. What fashion clothing/accessories are currently in?

summer dresses with floral printing is very in. flip/flops and sandals with beach printing are also in. I am guessing da trend for wen we get back to school is the regular , tight jeans and name brand hoodies :)

8. What is the best gift you recieved at your baby shower?

Diapers! You can never get enough! But the best gift I received were some Roxy clothes for my daughter. After 3 kids you realize your babys grow out of their clothes so fast you dont really want to waste your money on fashion clothing. But I thought it was so cute to have some little Roxy clothes for my daughter. Best gifts ever!.

9. Are there any guys out there who likes fashion, clothing, and cosmetics?

im watching top model, leave me alone

10. Where can vendors find high fashion clothing and accessories, in bulk, in the Los Angeles Market District?

definite! I stay in Elysian Park it particularly is approximately 5-10 minutes faraway from downtown la. there is distinctive site visitors early interior the morning around 6 am and 5-6pm. in case you go as much as elysian park you will discover Downtown particularly sparkling and likewise the Dodger Stadium! it particularly is an exceedingly superb view =) in basic terms a sprint information i needed to furnish =).

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