What Type of Fluid Is Needed in a 1984 Chevy S10 Transmission 4 Speed

If it is an automatic transmission it should use Dextron 2 type of. Transmission Fluid.. If it is a standard it will use a heavy gear oil. Auto parts stores should have the volume needed if you are doing a fluid change.

Are Chevy Silverado S10 Good Trucks since they are lower to the ground I HAVE A BAD BACK PLEASE READ / HELP?

On the grounds that I own a Blazer (wich basicly is a s10) i admire to offer some enter. The S10 / Blazer are relatively dangerous trucks imo. Their building can be one of the vital worst Ive ever visible. Their compact design makes them very rough to work on. Its like taking a Silverado and taking away all of the extra space and compress the entire vehicle into the dimensions of a 80s Volvo. Some disorders Ive had... Put together to change the rear brakes as soon as every year. I dont comprehend why but the rear brakepads will get worn down in no time. Handbrake. In the rear discs there is two small "joints" wich will freeze up once they corrode. Wich the need do on an ancient vehicle. The one safety they have is a small rubber seal wich disintegrate over time. Handbrake the adjustment will freeze up as it is positioned a number of ft in the back of the entrance Wheel. Straight within the spray from the Wheel. The oil cooler for the automatic transmission is integrated with the radiator. Wich basicly means a leak in the rad in the flawed situation. Bye bye transmission. Electrically controlled heater and vent ports. When the servos burn out it's going to be an awfully bloodless wintry weather or an extraordinarily sizzling summer time within the auto. An feel me. . The will wreck down on an historic vehicle like this. And one fundamental protection hassle. On my Blazer the front Wheel bearing acquired worn. No longer unhealthy as it handed the security inspection. Nonetheless the bearing caued the ABS to engage in a way that the vehicle misplaced all brakes. Allways for the period of proper turns. Idiotic placement of the battery. The compact design of the engine compartment makes it inconceivable to use anything else than a inventory battery. There's no extra space. If you want some quite irritating work. Attempt to eliminate the starter or trade the spark plugs. Even altering the oilfilter is an field of leisure :)

Replacing key switch in a 1991 Chevy S10. Help?

No air bag. You may need steering wheel puller, lock plate compresser, phillips screwdriver and possibly torx screwdrivers, along with basic hand tools.

Will my 2WD 93 Chevy S10 with the 4.3 V6 tow a 3000lbs car?

With out a problem.. If it in on a trailer you have what the call rolling weight.. Just keep in mind that the stopping power will not be the same.. Be safe

chevy s10 vs. chevy zr2?

Chevrolet S10 Zr2

given a 91 chevrolet s10 but it's has been sitting for 5 years with half a tank of gas.?

1991 has electric fuel pump. If it's not clogged with solids, put 12V() to the red wire hanging off the fuel pump relay. If the pump and wiring is good, the pump will run until you remove the wire. Disconnect the fuel filter. Run a hose from the tank side line to a bucked. Hook up your wire. Fill, drain, repeat. Pretty likely you've got a ton of water in there, you need to get out every last ounce you can before trying to run new fuel through it. The new gas (ethanol) is hard on rubber fuel lines from that vintage, be prepared to drop the tank anyway in the near future, when the hose inside the tank from the pump to sending unit fails. Truck may idle, but will stall with any throttle. Ethanol is very aggressive as a solvent, and picks up water, so nothing in a can (heet, etc) is going to work any better to (try) and clean the lines.

Should I charge Chevy S10 battery at 6 or 12 volt setting?

definetaly 12 volt. all most all cars now are 12 volt systems. If you really have questions fo to ask.com or call your local auto parts store they can answer all you questions on cars and accesories

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