What to Wear in Italy in June?

All those cities could get very hot and humid during summer. Sometimes summer storms might hit Italy and you would need a jacket and an umbrella. Be prepared. Capri pants should be ok, even to visit a church. Bring your tennis shoes for the unexpected cold or wet days and bring sandals for the hottest ones. Whatever color you will wear is ok but probably you know that black keeps you hotter in a hot day so wear light colors and natural fibers. Drink a lot to keep hydrated (a good way to try the many brands of Italian mineral water) :)

1. Whats Your Shoe Style ???

Sandals & flip-flops, sometimes trainers. '

2. I dont have sandals for the beach?

just buy some cheap ones

3. Apparently Sandals Are "Gay?!?" According to school?

What is this, middle school?

4. How to be comfortable wearing sandals?

shoes for me are quite enclosed yet sandals basically experience greater delicate. ( I nonetheless placed on them even tho that they had that issue approximately sandals making ur feet artwork greater) Watever do no longer experience a distinction and that they are delicate to me. :)

5. I'll make you an outfit?

Age: 15 Fave Stores: Rock Creek Outfitters, American Eagle Least fave stores: Hot Topic and the like Accessories: Accesories are okay, like the occasional bracelet but not too much Fave colors: Any! Not too much black though Money: As long as its not ridiculous, I dont really care. Occasion: School and hiking Extra: I really love sandals and outdoorsy kind of stuff. Thanks! You rock :)

6. Ahh! blisters help?

No, toothpaste will not help blisters. It's only good for your teeth,and that's the only place it's useful. For the blisters, if you like, you can deflate them. Use a needle or sharp pin, and clean it with alcohol before you use it. Poke a hole in the side of the blister- just one hole is necessary. The liquid should drain itself out and deflate the blister enough to make things more comfortable for you. Do not peel off the skin covering it, do not even try because that will hurt much worse than it does now. If you have an antibiotic ointment, smear a tiny bit on a bandaid and put that on the blister. Try to keep the feet out of shoes and socks as much as you can- if you can swing wearing sandals to register that would be best. The blisters may refill, so do not do this until shortly before you are due to go out. You can poke them again if you need to, but be careful that needle or pin is clean, really clean. Otherwise do not mess with the blisters at all, and do not slather on strange potions to cure them, they wo not and you can not anyway. Your body will reabsorb the fluid, and when the skin beneath it has healed enough the dry skin cover will flake off. Expect to have them several days before they deflate and stay that way

7. Fashion mistakes - Sandals w socks??? (SEE DETAILS)?

Eh no. The reason they are against fashion rules is because if it is warm enough to wear sandals, and in the situation where you would wear sandals, you shouldnt be wearing socks. Plus they just look bad. They never match. Nobody's stopping you from wearing them, but you just have to know that people will be thinking bad things lol. People around here in WA sometimes wear thick wool socks with their hiking sandals. Its bad.

8. ok ok, so u hated the last outfit , but what about this guys......=?

You should not wear sneakers with that dress. Try a cute pair of flats, dolly shoes, or sandals

9. Are these sandals pretty? for summer?

no! forget it.... thats nothing you should run aroung with

10. ballet tights?

Yes you will. I bought the convertible tights and I love them. They allow you to wear them like leggings and then like regular tights. So you can slip on a pair of sandals and then throw your ballet shoes on. Also remember to buy leather ballet shoes that fit you tight. When I bought mine, they hurt some and I thought I bought them too small. But they streched and now they are really comfy. Just remember, leather streches.

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