What Should I Put in a Fishbowl (other Than Fish)? ?

Some marbles, silk flowers, a piece of driftwood. Make some sort of oriental style flower ornamant out of it. It's not much use for fish or other living critters. You could set it up as a mini planted tank with shrimp or snails, but you would still have to maintain it (cleaning and water changing) Ian

1. are cultured pearls good pearls?

All pearls are cultured. There are no pearl jewellery pieces made form uncultured pearls unless you go to an antique store. The chance of finding a pearl in an oyster on the bottom of the ocean is 1 in a million The difference in cost is between fresh and salt water (or dipped pearls are the worse because they take a bead and dip it in mother of pearl and coat it) the fresh is slightly more expensive that than and the salt is the most expensive. I have a salt water pearl that costs over 300 for just the single pearl Sea water pearls are grown in the pearl shell (not actually an oyster but its big brother/cousin) and are kept in panels in groups of six (separately) and tied to long lines anchored in the ocean. there are 100 panels on each line and they are harvested two ways, on is a kill harvest where the older shell is brought in, killed and the pearl as well as the meat is removed. An operative harvest is where the shell is collected and brought onto the boat; technicians take the pearl out and insert a new bead for the shell to cover Theses salt water shell require a lot of cleaning and people work in swings living out on boats and tending to them (cleaning allows them to open and feed otherwise they get covered in other sea plants and die) Obviously this is more labour intensive and requires more maintenance costs. Also you generally get bigger pearls because these shells grow best in slat water. I hope this helps shed some light on the subject yes cultured pearls can be good (we had a harvest where we got two over 22cm in diameter and they sold for thousands each) but its the salt water ones you want if you are looking for real quality and ' are al' pearls

2. whats the best way to remove the popcorn ceiling in an old house???

Tools: Water sprayer bottle - filled with water. Wide-blade putty or scraper knife Goggles Ladder Plastic drop cloths - you can buy the inexpensive ones. Cover everything under the area you will be working immediately over. Put up ladder, climb up, goggled, with water bottle and scraper at hand. Spray area you can reach while on the latter. Begin scraping. Some of this will come off in large chunks - you will make cleaning easier if you toss these large chunks in one pile -- if you can as aiming from that height might be difficult. Careful not to gouge the ceiling just under this popcorn texture or you will make more work for yourself patching and sanding it. If stubborn areas, spray and scrape again. Enjoy - note: Arms and Neck will tire -- you will likely feel this for a couple of days. btw: Old House - popcorn ceiling was probably put there for a purpose >> Hide cracks. You will likely need patching compound to fix these. Note: you must scrape back these now exposed cracks to a solid surface -- need something hard and sharp like an old screwdriver if you do not have a specialized tool.

3. How can a 13 year old earn money ?

well the easiest way- lawn work. anyone in a neighborhood would want some yard work done besides doing it themselves. Or babysitting. It's a great job and easy money most of the time. I started babysitting at 12 and id earn close to 50 dollars sometimes. but check around and find what the rate would be in your area. Or ask your parents if there is work at home or in the office you could do. filing or cleaning or what not. hope that helps

4. Clogged Standing Show Drain, snake won't go down?

Once it get clogged that badly Drano wo not help. It may require taking the pipe apart for cleaning. If it is a metal pipe it may need replacing. A professional plumber has a device that blows pressurized air into the line. If that does not work it must be separated and cleaned

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