What's the Difference Between Summer Blended Gasoline and Winter Blended Gasoline?

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1. Difference between Heating Oil and Desiel?

I am not certain, but they must be very close. I had a Caterpillar D6 bulldozer, and the operating manual said "Do not spend money on diesel fuel for this bulldozer. Use the lowest and cheapest grade of #2 heating oil available. The engine will run perfectly fine on this fuel." I do know that heating oil and diesel fuel have a higher energy value than gasoline. I do not know what the chemical differences might be, however. Perhaps someone with a chemical engineering background can provide some more info.

2. When did people start using fossil fuels?

Of course the first car ever made did not run on what we use today, it ran on Steam.. Henry Ford created the automotive assembly line, and mass produced, Affordable cars that many could own... first automobile was steam powered and built in 1769. . anyway, the reason all of this stuff that appears green wo not work to power our vehicles, is because of the cost of production.. there is a fruit that is grown in Florida ( can not think of the name ). the oil's that can be extracted from it can be refined into a type of gasoline that will run in cars, which sounds great until you find out. .. it takes nearly 2 bushels to make 1 gallon of it... if you were to " crack " 55 gallons of crude oil in a refinery, 50% would be gasoline, and the other could be converted into Kerosene, Diesel Ect... much cheaper... would you pay the extra to burn Hemp gas?.

3. Stores sell out before storms?

They do not sell-out of generators,..they just can not keep up with the demand...There's a new order twice a week...and realize that generators are only in demand in Big hurricanes where electricity stays off past 4 days..If you stay out of a refrigerator/ freezer it will stay frozen/ cold for 4 days, or more.. The Price never changes,..and if they find a fly by night operator Price Gouging,..They shut em down and Fine them,...That goes for Plywood, and Gasoline... too The profit would go to the Gas station that had full gas tanks, and stayed open thru-out the Hurricane,...You would be on generator power,...but selling gas not much more than the price before the storm,..But very high volumes...The only station open ..Gas..Ice,..and Bread.. Or you could sell , and install Natural gas Generators that are hard plumbed into existing gas lines,..and wired into the house wiring and come on automatically....Which is the trend for those that can afford it..

4. Why is electricity considered "clean" when 90% of the worldu2019s electricity is generated by fossil/nuclear fuels?

Electricity itself can be "clean". It's just the method of generating it that can be dirty. So in the example in the question, 90% of global electricity is generated by dirty energy resources, fossil fuels.Electricity generated by clean methods, wind, water, solar, nuclear, geothermal etc, all has emissions profiles that are basically non existent compared to fossil fuels. Combine that with the other facts, that they have become a lot cheaper AND are essentially in infinite supply and you define "sustainable", "clean" electricity.These sustainable resources are now growing faster than fossil fuels which is why the global aggregate energy consumed is now heading north of 10% and replacing coal and natural gas. Oil will be replaced soon by gasoline from cellulosic sources.

5. Why do school buses last at least 20 years and cars need to be replaced every 4 years?

Car Fuel Saving Tips 1. Use the Right Grade of Gasoline / Do not Top Off: Most cars run fine on regular. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find out what is right for your car. Do not "top off" at the pump and make sure your fuel fill cap is on tight and working right. Regular grade fuel cost about 20-cents per gallon less than premium grade. 2. Look for the Best Price / Limit Purchases When Prices are High: Today's gasolines provide very similar engine performance (although some brands have different gasoline blends that provide other benefits), so choose stations in your area with the lowest prices. Fuel prices can vary 10% within a few blocks. Avoid filling the tank during high-price periods. 3. Use Carpooling / Public Transit / Non-Motorized Options: Ride the bus, carpool, bicycle or walk instead of driving alone. Sharing a ride to work with a friend or two effectively doubles your fuel economy for the trip and may allow you to use the diamond lane.

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