What Is Fairy Dust Used For?

you snort it, and it feels amazing

1. My gas fireplace has a weak blue flame. Does it need to be cleaned or something?

Gas fires use a lot of air to burn. they also can draw dust in with the air over a time, and this dust accumalates under the gas fire and can reduce the size of the gas injector which makes the gas burner operate correcly. I suggest you clen the burnr with a vacuum cleaner and make sure the gas injector is not blocked. The silver thing on top of the gag meter is not a reglator , but it is a gas governer, and it is not to be tampered with. The gas governere reduces the gas main pressure fro 100lbs psi to 12 lbs psi for your gas appliances to work corectly. if the incoming gas pressure is too high then your appliances will be overgassed and you would be unable to light any of the appliances.

2. tattoos are wrapped and sealed by plastic?

All that is is saran wrap. The artist puts it on your tattoo for several reasons. A fresh tattoo is an open wound so they put the saran wrap on to keep dust and stuff from getting in it till you get home to clean it and lubricate it. It also keeps your clothes from rubbing against it which can irritate your tattoo and ruin your clothes with blood and ink. Once you get home you clean it with antibacterial soap and put tattoo goo or lubriderm on it. The plastic acts kind of like a temporary band-aid

3. Can there be a planet with no dust?

It's really not possible to not have dust. If you have an atmosphere, erosion will create dust. If you have no atmosphere, micrometeorite impacts will create dust, and being a planet, it will have enough gravity to pull some of that material back to the surface. One solution might be a completely liquid-covered planet. The liquid could capture the dust, causing it to sink to the "ocean" floor.Of course, the definition of "having dust" is tricky. That's why we have different grades of clean rooms, each having a slightly different definition of dust. An ISO 8 clean room (also known as a Class 100,000 clean room) is concerned with particles of .5m or greater. As you go towards cleaner rooms, such as an ISO 3 (aka a Class 1 clean room), the definition shifts to particles greater than . 1m. Also worth noting is the number of particles. While an ISO 9 clean room (aka "room air," no special precautions) may have 35 million particles (0.5m or greater) per cubic meter, a ISO 1 may only have 10 particles (0. 1m or greater). These varying standards all share one thing in common: they recognize that particles are everywhere. There is no clean room standard for "no particles."

4. If you've never served a day in the military, what gives you the right to scorn them?

11H TOW gunner, huh? I remember many days at Ft Benning at the TOW school there, back in 79-82. And the darn J1P1 cables in the old modified M113 TOW-equipped APCs....all pre-Bradley of course. Anyway, to answer your question, the Constitution gives every American the right to scorn anything he/she wants to. It's not fun, but I would not have it any other way. We who served have our own pride - we do not need kudos from pimple-faced couch potatos. We who gave our time and endured dust, rain, cold, heat, horrible food, no sleepm, and those who endured enemy fire - we can endure the smart-a$$ remarks of these people. i am confident that the constitution and the country will still be here long after these pimps are gone.

5. I'm repairing a plaster wall in my home. The hole is 1' x 2' and is over brick. How do I mix the plaster?

make sure the hole is free from dust, use a wet brush to clean it use clean water and a clean container probabley a cup full of water then add a hand full of powder, mix until its like play doe

6. is the compressed air in dust off the same as in whipped cream cans?

No, Dust Off is not the same and not safe

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