What Companies Hold Patents on White LED Bulb Technology and Stands to Benefit the Most From It.?

Two companies holding patents are Cree and Osram. There is also a lawsuit between Nichia and E&E Japan about other patents

1. I replaced the over the range light in my microwave with an led bulb and it is on even when the switch is off. What circuit do I add so it is off?

There is the possibility that the microwaves themselves are powering the LED?

2. What are some things to keep in mind while starting an LED bulb business?

Starting with a new business can be a tedious task, it is not always easy to start your own business, and coming up with an idea of starting your own business itself is a challenging job. Any new business involves risk and it can be a tough game. Although if you are planning to start a led bulb store or a manufacturing unit you can definitely go ahead and open your own business. There are a few things which need to be considered before you go ahead with opening your own business:Location:Location plays an important role in any business, starting your business in a place where other similar businesses exist can be a good option, it will not only but also create a competitive environment for your business. if you plan to open a manufacturing unit locate it in an industrial area where other manufacturers operate doing this will help you get benefits that are available by the government and it will also reduce infrastructure cost.Business compliance:Get your business registered with the government so that you do not face any difficulty in operating your business. trade license and incorporating as company or partnership will help investors to approach your business or vice versa.Investment:Funds are something that will help you purchase necessary things to start your business. For a new business, the initial investment in the business has to be done from outside since the business is not generating any profit it is important for you to have an investment done at the initial stage by either taking a bank loan or investing your own money. any new business would require its land, labor, raw materials and production and all of these require money.Business plan:A business plan is a detailed document of your business that contains everything right from your investment to your vision and your set targets. A business plan is a road map that helps your business to stay organized and in track, it provides direction and helps in the growth and development of the business. Businesses must have a plan of what it is going to do in the coming future. It is used by other stakeholders who will get an idea of what is a business is doing to make it successful.Marketing and promotion:Marketing is a part and parcel of any business, today no business in the world is without marketing effective marketing ensure more business and more customers Your business will not be known to the larger crowd if you do not promote your business and neither it will attract customers. People should know what the business is all about and promoting will make your business known to the people. Good marketing and promotion can help to increase sales. There are various online marketing ideas available to promote your business. Digital marketing tools like Facebook, Instagram can also be helpful in the promotion

3. Can I use a 110 volt LED bulb in a lamp with 130 volt bulbs?

difficult matter. lookup using a search engine. that will can help!

4. Strange behaviour of a LED bulb via SSR Relay: it's EMI?

Try to use 1K pull-up resistor with button, internal pull-up might not be enough to hold HIGH level with stronger EMI nearby.Also set unused pins to INPUT_PULLUP mode (or OUTPUT) - they are floating after reset and it catches all kinds of interferences (if it's not a problem here it usually causes much higher current consumption by MCU)

5. What companies hold patents on white LED bulb technology and stands to benefit the most from it.?

There are a number of different entities that hold patents on LED bulb technology including: GE, Cree, Nichia, Osram, Phillips, See the links below for a few sources: The first link is rather dated, but it is a good article on the topic, and also has a graph showing the relationships among many companies that are competing in this sector. Best of luck to you!!

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