What Color Leather Handbag Goes with Everything? Chocolate Or Tan?

both of them.... but, If you where mostly dark colors i would go with the Tan, If you wear mostly lighter colors i would go with the Chocolate brown. if its a mix, then which ever one you like best. =]]

1. How do I clean my leather work gloves?

Clean with paint thinner/mineral spirits, and then rub either some petroleum jelly or leather oil balm onto the gloves

2. Leather Back Bearded dragon help?

Hi Mitch, I am sorry that you are having trouble with your baby dragon. It sounds like there could be a few things going on here. Bearded dragons can suffer from relocation stress for up to a couple of weeks after you bring them home. There is a chance that he still suffering from relocation stress which would cause a reduction in his appetite. Also, you mentioned that he shed on Wednesday but did he shed his entire body? If not than there is a chance that he is going to shed another part of his body shortly. You mention the temperatures in your post which sound great but what are you using to measure these temperatures? If you are using those stick on thermometers than chances are very good that you are not getting an accurate temperature reading. Make sure that you are measuring your temperatures with a digital thermometer with a probe which will give you the most accurate reading. Also, are you using a UV light in addition to the heat bulb? Do you supplement with calcium? One last thing. Meal worms are not good for bearded dragons and should never be fed to babies. They have a hard exoskeleton which is hard for babies to digest and can cause impaction. It is best to stick with gutloaded crickets while your dragon is young. I hope this helped you some. Please feel free to email me at the address below if you have any questions :)

3. What can I use to clean leather?

i wouldnt like to risk anything, i would wait till a good leather cleaner is there in hand just incase!!!

4. How to soften leather boots?

ordinary answer... i could use "Mink Oil" first to melt the leather-based. yet once you "do no longer" have mink oil then use paste shoe polish, olive oil, or possibly a hand cream. Water additionally will artwork in case you have not one of the above. you basically could desire to get the leather-based delicate. positioned on numerous purposes and push the annoying edges down every time if that's annoying. while the annoying element is damp use "Duct Tape" to hold the sting down for a pair of days additionally applying a "Heavy Clamp" over the duct tape works "Ever Time" perfect desires.

5. Why do black leather boots look so good?

Black leather has always been regarded as a very sexy, edgy and sensual material. Personally, I only wear black leather boots as they exude quality and class.Why do black leather boots look so good?

6. what's the hottest design of wallet in USA now?

Leather or animal fur/skin! Everyone wants those!

7. ink stains on a leather purse. HELP!!!?

i just removed an ink stain from my leather sofa today At any home improvement store (Lowe's , Home Depot) you can purchase a little stick that looks like a glue stick. It is sort of waxy You rub it over the ink stain, let it set for 30 seconds and them wipe it with a clean white cloth to remove the solution and the ink. It worked great!! Always check it first like inside the purse to make sure it does not remove the leather stain.

8. Are leather skirts OK for a fifty year old woman? Worn with what? How about leather pants?

leather pants or skirts isnt ok for anybody

9. Is is odd that my wife loves to wear leather clothing?

Wife Leather Skirt

10. How should I prepare for a dog?

*Food *Treats *Crate ( to be replaced by a bigger one as he/she grows ) *Puppy Pads ( For bathroom ) *Bedding ( at least 2 sets ) *Dog Gate(s) *Soft, adjustable collar ( and new ones as he/she grows ) *At least one 4-6 foot leash, leather or webbing ( an additional longer lead useful for training ) *At least 5-6 safe chew toys ( the more the better=-toys can be rotated ) *A soft-bristle brush *Brush and sturdy metal combs *Gentle Puppy Shampoo *Good- quality dog nail trimmers Good Luck! :)

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