What Basic Judo Throws Would Be Good for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner to Learn?

Depends on your purpose,For IBJJF competitions and self defense, De Ashi Barai, Hiza Guruma, Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, O Soto Gari, and O Uchi Gari. Those takedowns are soft so you wo not be disqualified for illegal slam, and executed in standing up with the least exposed position, so you can get away quick before more attacker comeFor MMA, Harai Goshi. The most handy from clinch position, but in the same time, the most devastatingWhat basic Judo throws would be good for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner to learn?.

1. Is judo REALLY be effective for the streets?

most street fights our ground maybe not school but street fights are ground fights just about 80 percent i think it is there for learning that it would be good inless the aggresser happens to fight above ground but most ppl cant handle punchs so will go down to take it to the ground and see if they win there or just str8 grab ya

2. What should i say to let my mom let me join judo?

Get 5 of the biggest men you can find to beat you up BAM your in judo 5 months after being in the hospital

3. judo vs bjj?

Judo is definitely a lot of fun, and so is BJJ. You are right- if you are looking for groundwork, BJJ does a much better job of teaching the newaza portion of fighting. Honestly, though- while most Judo ground techniques would be more than sufficient to win a fight, most schools I've seen that dedicate a decent portion of time to newaza are still very lacking in guard work of any kind. On an aside, look for schools that dedicate some amount of time (at least 20%) to no-Gi work, regardless of style. You will find that it improves your strength and confidence even more.

4. Why don't hot girls do judo?

I do know a couple of very attractive girls that have done Judo. But your generalisation is largely true. I would guess its for one or several of the following reasons: - Some are scared by the prospect of fighting men that are generally bigger and stronger (few know judo is an effective art for defeating larger opponents) - Ground fighting can get a bit intimate (more likely to bother girls than women) - Scared of getting hurt (could be said for some men also, should not happen if it done correctly) - Females generally show less of a desire to compete physically and directly with others. Despite there being many capable female fighters out there, the generalisation of boys wanting to play rough and men wanting to fighter is usually more true and apparent than with girls/women, this could be a due to social conditioning or genetics. - Attractive girls are sometimes more vain and therefore more worried about bruising, hair, make-up etc (not true of all women by a long shot, but a potentially a reason for some) - Worried about boys/men taking advantage As I said this is a trend. However one of the girls I did know at Judo as very pretty, had a perfect body, was fairly small, and was very "girly" and lady like. She was also brown belt, could beat many guys 25-40 KG heavier than her, was perfectly happy going home covered in bruises, was not bothered about wrestling around with guys on the floor, or nervous about her appearance, or having to fight in her bra if her Gi came open. Do not judge a book by its cover, she was a cute, flirty girl that could deck most guys very quickly.

5. Is brazillian jiujitsu better with tkd or is judo better with tkd?

Since you are leaning toward BJJ, it's probably the better choice for you. Judo may be more easily available, however, and probably will cost a lot less. If you can get excellent judo instruction and only so-so BJJ classes, definitely go judo. But if you can get good BJJ instruction for a price you can afford, then you should take it, since that's what you are interested in. One thing to consider about judo is that it's designed primarily to be a standing art. You already have a standing art (though TDK is more of a sport than a fighting art), so that might give you a leg up in judo. Also, at least in theory, everything in BJJ is also a part of judo, though the reality is that BJJ practitioners usually smoke judokas on the ground unless the judoka has really focused on his newaza.

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