What Are Things You Need to Bring with When Living in Dorm?

I am not saying any of the other respondents are wrong, but I am amazed at these lists. I guess things have changed. Maybe I am just being nostalgic. I brought clothes, pens and pencils, desk lamp, electric alarm clock, dictionary. Had to buy bar of soap and laundry detergent once I got there. That's it. How come, in all these lists, I do not see anything at all that's involved with learning?! What are these folks going to college to do?

1. Where can I find a good but cheap desk lamp?

Ebay, amazon, craigslist, salvation army, goodwill or savers

2. is a 50wt 20v desk lamp good enough for a 5 gallon terrerium heater and light source?

yes it is sufficient an should be placed over the plant that needs the most heat or the middle

3. Can a 40 watt basking bulb fit in a desk lamp?

You can use any fixture, lamp, work light or whatever, as long as it is rated for a higher wattage than the bulb you will use. I do not know what temp a turtle needs to bask, but I imaging it will be hard to obtain with a 40W. You can get the metal dome work lights at a home improvement store for around $10, and then you can use just any household bulb. You might have to play around with different wattages to see which one gives you the correct temps. Remember that turtles need a good quality UVB. Reptisun 5.0 is basically the only decent fluorescent tube on the US market. Do not get the compact coil...they are known to cause health problems. Please find a forum that is dedicated to whatever species of turtle you are getting to get the most thorough information on how to care for it.

4. Can I return an opened desk lamp to Walmart?

Yes, Walmart, unlike most stores, do not have a strict return policy. That's why I love to shop there, so I do not get charged a 15-20% return fee if I change my mind. The only items that they are strict on returning, like everyone else, is DVDs/Music CDs/Video Games, etc. But, a lamp, they should not have a problem with it, I returned a vacuum I owned one time and many other things I opened and found out they did not work out. If they give you a hard time, talk with a manager. Good luck

5. is it ok to use a desk lamp as substitute for my tropical freshwater tank?

It may help keep the water warmer but it will not supply the tank with the light it needs to thrive. Although tropical fish do not need light to see where they are going, they do need the UV rays they get from the tank light. They are specially made for fish tanks and are not regular light bulbs.

6. desk lamp hurts eyes and vision?

just make sure that the light is not very much and reflecting directly on your eyes

7. can a desk lamp hold this compact flourescent UVB bulb?

It would do fine, but I urge you to choose a different UVB bulb. Get a Mercury Vapor Bulb or a Reptisun tube light. The compact fluorescents (and Reptiglos, but that's beside the point) have been known to cause some serious eye problems in reptiles. There have even been cases where the animal has died as a result of the CFL-induced problems. Mercury Vapor Bulbs (MVBs) are self-ballasted and will screw into a regular lamp. You should use a ceramic fixture for the MVB because they also produce heat. For a tube light, you need an aquarium hood-type or under-cabinet-light fluorescent fixture of the right length. MVBs have a MUCH higher UVB output and last twice as long as a fluorescent (12 months as opposed to 6 months), so I highly recommend you get a MVB bulb to replace the CFL and whatever incandescent you are using as a heat light.

8. Desk Lamp wont turn on after getting hit?

I guess the bulb has been damaged. Now what you can do, try to take out the bulb from the lamp and take the damaged bulb in the shop and get the same new one and replace it on your lamp. If you cannot get the bulb opened from lamp, bring the whole lamp to the shop for replacement of bulb. Thanks.

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