What Are Other Alternatives to Shaving Bikini Area?

The best option is to wax it. It will be irritated for a little bit, but it will prevent the ingrown hairs and it wo not grow back as fast. Liquid hair removers will irritate your skin even more and laser hair removal is very expensive!

1. Fiance taking me to get bikini wax?

I just do not understand why women are so willing to go through such pain just to be smooth longer. You are so vain lol.. Just shave!

2. Is my body good enough to wear a bikini?

go for it! everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. wear sunscreen, you have beautiful skin!

3. Nervous about wearing a bikini... Advice?

Yes you is one hot babe

4. Bikini waxing... How bad is it?

Yes it hurts a lot, and you will get like a red rash type thing for a while afterwards, and DONT do it yourself. :)

5. Which girl in a bikini looks better for you?

the second i think camron looks like a pug

6. bikini area please help some advice?

First trim it dry with an electric razor. Then, in the shower make sure your skin has been soaked in warm water. This makes it easier to shave the coarse hair. Use any type of disposable razor or whatever you prefer and start lower. Shave down with the direction of hair growth, or you will have razor bumps. Careful! After you dry off after your shower, use baby oil to make your skin soft.

7. Which bikini do you like better?

I guess the delia's one

8. Bikini problem can you help?

Department store bikinis normally are see through. Invest in a good brand though, and you should have no problem (like Speedo) or try a similar color like yellow

9. Cute bikini top? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?

There's a website and phone app called wanelo and you just make an account(its free) and they have a thousand swimsuits you can look at and if you like them you can click on the buy it button. Trust me they have a billion on there and you can search it too. They also have other things if your interested( its really addicting) give it a try(:.

10. Is it bad to have a bikini shot on facebook?

if its your picture and you like it then have at it. does it really matter if there are perverts looking at it? its not like they look at your pic, beat off then send you the video of it. perverts are going to do what they are going to do. we cant change our lives because of what someone else may do

11. Bikini briefs on the 7th date?

I would think you should feel comfortable whenever you go out. Why wear something you are not going to even feel comfortable for the whole evening. I also dare say she is not going to even notice what kind of underwear you are wearing in the first place. Most of the time you will no doubt be sitting - another reason to feel comfortable!!! Do as you wish, but I would choose comfort over something that would bother me, especially if you will be sitting most of the evening...best to you...:)

12. Suggestions for bikini area hair removal?

if i were you, i would look into laser hair removal. some places are cheap and youd be suprised plus its permanent. i love it. best of luck to you =)

13. What's the point of a string Bikini?

that's for the ladies to answer, but to guys, it's definately better than one piece

14. Am I too fat for a bikini?

no i dont think u are if ur just going with the top

15. where can i find a cute bikini?

aeropostale, american eagle, pac sun, something like that!

16. Which bikini should I get?

The second one will look the best definitely!!!!!

17. Would I look okay in a bikini???? (-PICTURES-)?

WOW! thats amazing that your putting so much effort into this! Yes i would say in 6 weeks youll look absolutly fine! Ur not quite there but just the fact that your doing this amazes me! good job!

18. Would I look thin in a bikini or fat?

It's a little tough without pictures, but I think you would look ok in a bikini. It's a little tough asking for pictures and what to show based on your age. Try on the bikini, if there's too much "hanging over" or "hanging out", then best go with a one piece. Guys do not want to see fat wrinkles or cellulite. Sorry, just trying to be honest. What does your mom and/or dad say about the idea?

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