Type of Butterfly Or Moth?

Yes you are right it is the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Gorgeous butterfly. Nice pic too. No he should not be out at night and what this behaviour means is that he has probably been caught by a cat or something that ran away when you came out. He may be dying, or he may be OK if you just put him somewhere safe overnight and then let him go in the sunshine during the day.

1. How to get rid of a moth problem in my bedroom?

If you have a cat do not use moth balls. If you do not have a cat use them

2. Burnt Survey : Have you ever been burnt like a moth to a flame?

Feeling a little like that today... 2nd week in a row that dispatch sent me somewhere to pick up a truck and there was no truck for me to pick up, stuck in Albuquerque now all weekend.... grrrrrrrr... And BTW I play it safe... no Sailor ever got burned by a Mermaid.... although maybe drowned LOL.... WenoHnS!! xox

3. how do you get the moth ball smell out of clothing?

Try to see if this works for you. Set the dryer on delicate for about ten minutes with the item and a dryer sheet or a damp wash cloth spritzed with you favorite body spray, perfume or cologne

4. hiw to get ridof a moth!!?

turn off your light and then turn on a flashlight the moth will become attracted to it then you catch it with some type of container or your hands and set it free out side

5. Do you consider moth balls toxic to use in storage areas?

Paradichlorobenzene (moth balls) is quite toxic, and it is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which is not looked on very favorably by the EPA. Try having your stuff dry cleaned before you store it instead. Alternatively you can try cedar blocks or a cedar chest. No moth balls though...bad for you and for the environment. Happy Earth Day! Bug Doc

6. 8 moth old boxer still pees/poops in the house?

hi, i know what you are going through, i have a 7 month old boxer, who i have just about got house trained, although she still wets her bed every night (in her crate), that is something i need to get sorted, anyway, i have to agree with others, showing your dog her mess and shouting and smacking is not the right thing to do. i know it makes you mad, especially when you feel you have done everything to ensure she goes out enough times a day. i have never smacked my pup, and have restrained from shouting. on the odd occasion when she has had an accident in the house, i say 'no' firmly, to let her know im not impressed, and ignore her for a short while ... this is enough punishment, anything else is too much ... you may need to go back to basics, and let her out more often, but i think if you stop the shouting, she may relax more, and not do her Business in the house. . ... my pup only whined in her crate for the first week, after that she settled well, you need to try not to answer her every whine, at 8 months old she should be accustomed to her kennel. i hope this is of some help to you

7. WHAT IS THE MOTH MAN???????????????????????

they made a movie about him quite a few years ago. Called the mothman prophecy. Interesting. It will explain everything. I am sure you could find it at blockbuster

8. how can i keep rabbits out of my garden will moth balls help?

the lawn and garden center sells Coyote urine in a bottle and that keeps the little bunnys out of my veggi's

9. 20th moth baby tear duct blocked.......?

hi, my son had blocked tear ducts additionally. I used a heat toddler wash fabric on his eyes. it is not extremely effortless to rub down an infants eyes yet it extremely is the comparable propose they gave me. My son is now 15 and that i am able to reliably say he grew out of it. it is not notably in spite of the shown fact that it is not existence threatening and valuable bothers you extra suitable than him. I prefer you incredibly some success. shop saying, "this too shall bypass. ".

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