Turtle Beach Headsets Any Different/better Than Others for Xbox 360?

Turtle beaches, are like extra ears, my mate has one, and he was onto me on chat (xbox) and he could hear the people he was in the game with, even though we were in private chat. They are better but they do break really easy

1. Cracked Plastic on Turtle Beach headsets, will epoxy work?

I got the same thing. you can try a long, thin strip of ducttape and wrap it around the crack as tight as possible. Maybe even between the layers, you can add small dabs of crazy glue (sold at dollar store) to secure the strip. If you do not like the color of the ducttape, cover it in electric tape!

2. Why is it illegal to be on your cell phone and only have headphones when its illegal to wear headsets in a car

Wow.. is it really illegal to wear headphones? I wear my ipod headphones all the time. Whoops

3. Best Playstation VR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2020): PS4 VR Sales Researched by The Consumer Post

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4. Do you think bluetooth headsets promote safe driving?

Really depends on the person. My grandma does not get distracted at all. She does not have to do a damn thing during driving though. Sets it up before she goes. It picks up, hangs up, and lowers volume without lifting a finger. Everything is automatic in her car. All she did was drive and talk to people when she drove across the country to LA. Wonder what that phone bill was like

5. Why most of the microphones are placed on the left of headsets / headphones?

Most people are right-handed, so 90% of headsets are made for r-h people. With right hand you can adjust microphone position more accurate than left

6. What are the best mics or headsets for the PS3?

If u do not want to wait just go to a circuit city and buy a mad catz bluetooth or a better $40 222 plantronics bluetooth

7. my cat is always chewing on headsets and my mom wants her to stop what should I do?

there is a product that discourages animals from chewing on wires cant remember the name i think its bitter lemon you buy it at the petstore. foxi

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