The Best Swimming Pool Coating for Pool Type

Learn which swimming pool coating is suitable for your pool type Not every pool coating can be applied to any surface. For example, coatings that are especially suitable for porous substrates such as concrete are not suitable for baths made of fibreglass because of different requirements for adhesion. It is also important to define the expected looks of the finished pool: do you wish to protect the surface without changing its appearance, or is the purpose to give the pool a makeover while making it safer and more hygienic? Whatever the case, here are some general guidelines to which coatings are suitable for your pool type and material. For stainless steel and aluminium baths it is important to opt for a coating with an anti corrosive effect, or a rust-inhibiting primer. Always consult a specialist before choosing a swimming pool paint to prevent any issues related to adhesion or premature corrosion and further deterioration. Epoxy coating adheres well to fibreglass and is extremely resistant to chemicals (chlorine and detergents). The disadvantage is that the application and curing of epoxy is a relatively long process: 3-7 days depending on the layer thickness. Polyurea coating, however, is applied with high-pressure spray equipment and dries much faster. For small fibreglass pools or local repairs, one component epoxy-based paints are also available. Almost all two component coatings are suitable for applying over tiles, as long as a good primer is used. If you wish to retain the pool's looks, you should choose epoxy because it is the only option that can be applied as a transparent layer. However, it can crack as a result of temperature fluctuation and UV radiation when applied to an outdoor pool. Epoxy can also be opaque, however multiple layers are required if you wish to hide the tile structure and seams. Chlorinated rubber is the cheapest option, but it comes in a limited range of colours and is not recommended for commercial baths due to its poor resistance to oils. A concrete pool almost always requires a primer; the top coat can be epoxy, chlorinated rubber, or polyurethane based. Epoxy pool paint is not recommended for new pools due to its lack of flexibility; new concrete may "live" requiring the coating to stretch with it. Polyurethane is more flexible and can better absorb small cracks. Chlorinated rubber systems provide a fully watertight swimming pool as well as being resistant to chlorine and preventing algal growth. The disadvantage of chlorinated rubber is its poor resistance to fats and oils (including sunscreen), so it should not be the first choice for commercial outdoor swimming pools. Other surfaces that benefit from swimming pool paint In addition to actual swimming pools, other areas such as wellness facilities and saunas can also benefit from a watertight swimming pool coating which can also be made slip resistant to prevent slips and trips. Swimming pool paint makes pools durable and hygienic, and also does this for the areas around the pool. For example the following areas may benefit from pool paints. In and around water attractions (eg slides or children's pools) A high-quality swimming pool coating ensures that both the recreational swimmer and sauna visitor can safely enjoy the swimming pool and the area around it. What defines the price of swimming pool coating job Pool coating specialists often produce a quotation based on 5 factors. Therefore, you should take the following into account: The results of the inspection: Moisture in the subsoil, potholes and bumps, difficult to access spaces; these are all matters that must be taken into account before application. The fewer pitfalls and obstacles there are, the lower the quotation price. The preparation required: One of the most important steps for application. A good surface ensures that the coating adheres optimally. Are there a lot of repair and equalisation works required in advance? Or a thorough cleaning? Or maybe a primer? These costs come on top of the coating. Application method: Some surfaces are ideal for application with a roller/brush, others require application with high-pressure spray equipment. Sometimes one layer is sufficient, but often several layers are needed. This all affects the price calculation. Finishing wishes: Do you want a specific colour or special effect? There is a lot possible in terms of finish, including details like the lane lines and markings in competition pools. Of course there is a price tag. Extra options: Often the coating is not only applied in the swimming pool, but also around it. Think of the foot baths, pool edges or shower rooms. Here you can opt for an anti-slip finish at an additional cost. Our coating experts are happy to help. In cooperation with our partners we can also provide you with a tailor-made quote.

1. the length of a rectangular swimming pool is twice its width. the pool is surrounded by a cement walk 4 m wide?

I have to assume the area of the cement walk is 784m^2? It's 4m. wide, so first I would subtract 4 x (4 x 4)m^2 from the area, to account for the corners. (784 - 64) = 720m^2. Now. The area of 1 side and 1 end will be 1/2 of that, 360m^2. Divide by 3, = end path area of 120m^2. The side path area will be (120 x 2) = 240m^2. (120/4) = pool width of 30 metres, so side length will be twice that, = 60 metres. (60 x 4) x 2 = 480m^2, and (30 x 4) x 2 = 240m^2. Add both, then add the subtracted 64m^2 in the beginning, = total area 784m^2, so answer checks. Pool measures 30 x 60 metres.


yes, i always use this whenever the situation arises. but make sure you get a size that fits you VERY comfortably or else it's going to bother you a LOT. and make sure the tampon does not LEAK. cus you dont want to leak into the pool :)

3. Can I wear shorts, a tank top, or a t-shirt to go swimming in a pool?

What is more important is for you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Remember that there are many types of swimsuits. Maybe you are not shy about wearing a string bikini. Great! Why does it matter what other people think? Too skimpy? You could wear a one piece. Still too skimpy? Some swim outfits are made almost like shorts and tank top. It's quite common for people to wear clothes not specifically designed as swimsuits. Especially if they go to a conference and did not anticipate there being a pool available, lol. Depending on the situation, a girl might go skinny dipping, wear underwear (that often looks like a bikini anyway) or wear shorts and a top. However, the material of day clothes is made differently from swimsuit material. A swimsuit will not retain as much water. Regular clothes will absorb more, causing them to be heavier and drip more once out of the water. Also, avoid loose clothing; it might float around as you swim in embarrassing ways, or make it difficult to swim. If that's what you want to wear, wear it. Maybe that's what all the other girls will be wearing, maybe nobody else will. Do what you think is right. However, Colina's suggestion is a good one: be ready for anything. If you have both, then you are prepared. If you go there and everyone is in swimsuits, change or strip down. If everyone is in regular clothes, then you are ready to go. Bear in mind that you may want to bring a change of clothes, or larger/looser clothes for when you are done swimming. Have fun!

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