Stories of Ice and Snow

Song of Ice and Fire? How about Stories of Ice and Snow?Every two weeks, the LGBTQ Fiction Project on Crossin(G)enres hosts a very-short-fiction challenge. Our writers craft works of art, tales of lived truths, celebrations of life, love, struggle, despair, joy, and hope.For the next two weeks, were inviting you to join us in sharing your stories!This weeks challenge theme is Ice and Snow.

Take it how you like! Write a story set in a howling blizzard or a romantic mountain winter retreat. Take the topic as metaphor if you like; set your tale in summer with an icy heart as the only reflection of the theme. The first thought that occured to me when I pondered the theme was how the ancient Romans used to cart snow down from the mountains so slaves could ice wine with it.

But how will YOU tell a story about Ice and Snow?Round Twelve starts right now Ill be accepting submissions today for publication as early as tomorrow morning.Gwen Saoirse, Esther Spurrill-Jones, BFoundAPen, Zayn Singh, Gloria Bates, Ainsley L, Kathy Lee Tolleth, Amanda Roman, Brian Pelletier, Fred Shirley, Alex David Bevan, Ikedi Oghenetega, neil chapman, David Wade Chambers, Artemis Shishir, alto, Jk Mansi, Sean Stephane Martin Gabriela Penelope Carolus On your marks.Time to do it again!And if you dont usually write with us? The LGBTQ Fiction Project wants you. Seriously. Crank out some stories and send em in.

Rules?Make em up as you go. The only condition Ill set is that the stories be short between 750 words and 2,000 words, and even thats flexible. Obviously, they should have some kind of transgender, bisexual, lesbian, or gay theme. Genderqueer. Gender fluid. You name it.Queer it up, folks.Hone your craft and tell us all some awesome stories. Love, death, sex, family, aliens, leprechauns, history, sci-fi, cowboys, or rogue elephants. Its all good!And if you dont write for us yet? Follow the link below and lets get that fixed. Your stories matter, and we want to help you tell them!Calling all Queer Fiction Writers!Crossin(G)enres wants you!crossingenres.

comStories so far:Wolf Stories and Sex in the DarkSkiing with Justincrossingenres.comSnow White and the Ice QueenA week had passed since Prince Leon had woken Snow and brought her to his castle. He courted her constantly, composingcrossingenres.

comA Champion For JennyThe whistle blew, and Jenny threw up her arms and charged forward. The tall girl facing her laughed and did the samecrossingenres.comA Hallmark(ish) New YearA ing vegan! Jesus Christ, Adam! Its New Years Eve! New Years Eve. If its a New Years resolution, she


What is the easiest way to clean hard snow off your windshield in the morning?

The easiest way? Don't let it accumulate in the first place. Move somewhere warmer! Ok, totally joking. Obviously moving is not easy (but it sure would eliminate the ice and snow on your windshield!).

Use a snow cover when you park your car. It's not like you don't generally know snow or ice is coming. You know you live in a winter weather area and that it's winter.Overdrive/Windshield cover (I'm not endorsing this product, simply using it as an example)Assuming you don't have one of these or didn't use it for whatever reason, then run the vehicle on defrost for a bit while you wait inside as others have suggested. Once the car has had a few minutes to warm up and melt the lower layer of ice and/or snow, simply brush it or scrape it off.Apparently, this is the lazy, stupid American answer but I fail to see any other "easy" answers from other countries here. Sure, there are other ways but that is not what the question is asking.

When I lived placed where winter weather was a concern, I didn't do any of these things. I simply kept a heavy-duty scraper around and powered through whatever was there until it was gone enough I could see and then allowed the rest to melt naturally as I drove around. Not the safest method but it sure warmed me up while I was doing it.

What is the easiest way to clean hard snow off your windshield in the morning?

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