Shouldn't TV Shows' Survival Hinge on the Ratings Alone(how Many People Are Watching Them?)?

Ratings are one component, but so are demographics and other potential revenue streams. A show with high ratings that attracts women over 50 is more likely to get canceled than a show with low ratings that attracts lots of males ages 18-24, because that's the demographic the advertisers want. A show that's produced by the network that airs it is more likely to get renewed over a higher-rated show produced by a third party, because in the first case the network (or their parent company) gets a larger slice of profit. Sometimes a network will keep a show with low ratings that has a devoted following and critical acclaim even though it does not make money, because it generates good PR, which pays off in other ways. There are a large number of factors involved

1. My left jaw in the hinge area near my ear is hurting?

left jaw hinge area ear hurting

2. How important is a laptop hinge cover?

It's there to protect it, so it's up to you. If you were careful and did not mess with it, it will probably be fine.

3. I need help with my strap-hinge scrapbook?

Hi! It sounds like you have a Creative Memories scrapbook, as others have noted. I am actually an independent consultant for the company, and one of the things that they have just committed to is getting their products to the industry size - a true square of 12" x 12". However, their "older" products (anything available for purchase before this upcoming March) are actually 12" x 11.5". It's this non-square size that can cause papers bought elsewhere or CM papers that are not oriented the "right" way that will make a paper hang over the side of the page. You can trim this excess off - it's always 1/2". The really exciting thing is that CM is going to "fix" this! So my advice is to wait to buy for new projects until March and ensure that you get enough to finish your current projects now. While the transition seems at first like a pain, it's all for the best in the end! However, yes, the intention (although you can do it any way you like!) is for you to take the paper and affix it to the white pages inside the ablum. In addition, you will be able to interchange these pages with other Creative Memories albums - both before and after this project transition. (They fit in the current product line albums, which have gotten much more "exciting" and will also fit into the future, slightly larger albums - which, as a teaser, are largely solid colors, but with some new, very cute colors with great texture/sheen.) I am more than happy to help you over Yahoo! Messenger, on the phone, or otherwise. (I've only done three projects myself, so I am still learning!) It's such a rewarding feeling to finish a project and be able to have a book of your memories.

4. What is the best way to clean a hp pavilion dv5 laptop (the bronze kind)?

The ammonia in Windex will remove the coating on the LCD screen. Never use Windex. Rubbing alcohol is either isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethyl alcohol (ethanol) depending on where you buy it. If you do wish to use an alcohol product, use only isopropyl alcohol, and buy it in the strongest concentration you can buy. Do not use things like Fingernail polish remover, as there are other substances in the mix (color, fragrance, etc) that will leave a residue. You want as close to pure Isopropyl Alcohol as possible. Why? A spill on the laptop will evaporate quickly. Go to the nearest Auto parts store, and purchase a $5 micro-fiber cloth. If you want, you can purchase the SAME EXACT CLOTH from Radio Shack for $20, which will be sold as an Electronics Cleaning cloth, and will come in a soft blue or brown color. The ones sold at Auto parts stores are typically brighter, more garish colors, but otherwise are exactly the same (they will feel like they are clinging to your hands, when you hold them with dry hands). Use this cloth to dust your laptop regularly. You can even wet a corner, and using water and elbow grease only, clean your screen. That's all it takes. A good, lint-free cloth, a little water, and elbow grease. Your keyboard. Hmm. STOP EATING OVER YOUR KEYBOARD. Yes, once you successfully remove one key top, you will notice that they easily snap back into place (New HP keys... you point the tip edge downward until the small slot-tabs on the underside grasp the appropriate pins on the X-Hinge, then snap the bottom edge on the appropriate pins on the other side of the X-Hinge... but HP has used this design turned 90 degrees before...) so if you insist on taking your keys off, take one off, examine it properly and thoroughly and make sure you can put it back on. Once you take your key tops off, avoid touching the rubber plunger/nipples at all. If you break the seals/make them move or come off, you will need a whole new keyboard. If you break an X-Hinge, they cannot be replaced, but the metal tabs that hold those hings down cannot be replaced. Essentially take a key of by lifting form the bottom edge until it pops off. Just in case, use a square key you rarely hit (shift, space bar, tab, etc.. wider keys have prop rods that make them "interesting" to replace) then turn it over. You will see two channel-like tabs that look like they should be slid over pins, and two clips that look like they should be pushed down on pins. The tabs always go on first, then the clips are pushed down. It will make more sense when you see it. Otherwise, expect a replacement keyboard to cost about $50... maybe $65.

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