Regarding Engagement Rings, What Size Diamond Is too Small?

1 caret definitely is not to small Good luck I WISH U GUYS HAPPINESS

1. How is the quality of diamond engagement rings at ?

I was hunting for a high quality diamond engagement ring set online, and I decided to go with after several weeks of search. When we received the ring we could not believe how sparkling it was. It was way clearer in person that it appeared on our screen, which I expected, but DID IT SPARKLE!!! Do not let your local jeweler to take advantage of you. If you do not think Goldia is superior, go to a local diamond jewelry store and select a ring, then note the diamond size/quality, then go home look up the same type diamond of Goldia. You will be thankful you did your research. Highest quality at the best price possible. All of her friends envy of her ring set. It was fun customizing her ring, Goldia engraved it with our names and wedding dates for free

2. Were wedding/engagement rings used in marriages/proposals in 18th century England?

When the US first minted dollar coins in 1794, it took about $4.51 to equal one pound. Before 1971, the British used a non-decimal currency system. The pound was divided into twenty shillings, and each shilling was divided into 12 pennies, the plural of which was "pence"--you might have one penny, but you had two pence.

3. How much do engagement rings usually cost?

An engagement ring can be as expensive as hundreds of dollars all the way into the millions of dollars... My engagement ring was about $10,000

4. Whats the standard amount people spend on engagement rings?

there's no rule of thumb. Just buy what you can afford, and what you think she might like, or just pick one together. You do not want to spend the rest of your lives paying off a ring!!!!

5. how much do guys spend on engagement rings?

My husband just told me that he spent $10,000.00 on my ring. He just said that it's the "only one he will ever buy". He figured it like an investment; the 4 "c", cut, clarity, colour, and carat, were worth it. My husband also spent that much because he knew that I was not interested in how much he spent. Prior to the engagement, we had discussed rings and such, and I expressed to him that the amount of money that someone spent on a ring does not matter, it's what the ring stood for that should matter more. He appreciated that. With that being said, you also have to consider your boyfriend's income. If he can only afford a $200.00 ring, then that's all he can afford. Some people upgrade the rings later on when things become more affordable. Yet though, if your boyfriend makes 6 figures and only thinks that a cubic zirconia or a $200.00 ring is fine, that he's being a cheap ***.

6. Engagement Rings? Some Interesting Styles.?

Timeless to me = round brilliant or emerald cut. I think that princess cuts are pretty, but are a fad that will pass. I agree that marquise cuts are old fashioned looking and I really do not like them. Just google "engagement ring" and see what pictures come up. Then, go try some rings on. Sometimes certain styles do not look good on while others do.

7. What is your opinion on cheap engagement rings?

I do not even particularly like to wear jewelry. My current bf and I have talked about getting our wedding rings tattooed on instead of spending a lot on jewelry that could be spent on a house, car or wedding

8. Bare with me, I know this is BF is shopping for engagement rings, but I'm stuck and NEED ADVICE!!?

Leave do you really want to wait another few years till you catch him in the act or worse he gives you an STD

9. how do you feel about upgrading engagement rings?

My mother had a little bitty diamond engagement ring, you all these days would call it a promise ring. And her wedding band was skinny. Dad promised her he would someday upgrade them, and he did just before my 16th birthday. She got a nice thick fancy band and matching engagement ring. I got the diamond out of the old ring, Mom had it re-set into white gold for me. Pretty. And I inherited the gold from the engagement ring. But, if you got a nice engagement ring, you should keep it. Styles come and go, and Rivers is sorry that having keepsakes, and keeping things for heirlooms is considered out of style now. A whole generation after yours will have nothing of their forebears, hey guys, that means no antiques to sell for extra cash. Antiques Roadshow, 2080 will talk about the dearth of antiques from the early 2000s. I think one should keep their engagement and wedding ring set forever, the post WWII crowd, that had to make due when there was little gold to make into rings, and no one could afford it anyway is mostly gone now. So if you just must have a new ring set, perhaps wait until a major anniversary, like the 35th, to have a new one. And perhaps, have the old one done over using its gold for the daughter of the house. Or use the gold and the diamond in the new rings. In other words, keep your rings and wear them!

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