Reducing the Console Output of LaTeX

The modern solution is latexmk

1. How best to procrastinate and learn LaTeX?

I found that learning TikZ a wonderful way of expanding my knowledge of Latex and vector graphics. It also had the handy side affect that the diagrams and charts in my masters project report looked beautiful

2. Latex ifFileExist

Looking at the tags, I assume you use knitr. Why not let R itself (silently) determine if the file exists?Note the results='asis' chunk option. Each cat would string will be outputted to the . tex file as it stands (hence the option's name). In other words, each cat would string will be a LaTeX command to be compiled.You can even generalize the above code by creating a fancy R function e. g. include_if_exists(filename), and reuse it in many chunks

3. Are there hexagon brackets in LaTeX?

Build your own... I should add that

oundrule.sty is not a CTAN package, but found at Is there such a thing as a mathrule? (rounded endcaps). If one does not care about rounded endcaps,

ule can be substituted for

oundruleEDITED by popular demand.With just a little more work,simpsons.sty, and a lot of zoom, the truth can be revealed:.

4. If you are allergic to latex....?

I have had some discharge due to a latex allergy and I think it is because the vagina goes into overdrive to get rid of the irritant. The allergy can change the PH balance and our bodies try to fix the problem

5. Submatrix in LaTeX

A flexible way of creating bordermatrix is the blkarray package. It allows to position delimiters in arbitrary positions only on some lines with a block environment. Here's the same example as in Herbert's answer:To avoid the cline to go past the left parenthesis, I had to use Left(mkern1mu instead of ( as the left delimiter and, for symmetry, I added on the right a

6. Am I allergic to latex condoms?

Tell your boyfriend to try the other kind and see the difference

7. Which is the better image format for LaTeX?

It depends on the kind of images that you want to insert. Is it line art or photos? While jpg uses lossy compression (you can usually decide which level) png uses lossless compression. You will have a higher quality using png the drawback is that in LaTeX usually png require more time to process see this question. So the general rule, not only restricted to LaTeX, is to use jpg for photos and png for images with text and lines that you could not vectorize (as shown below). The conversion of photos in .pdf is not always the best approach I would rather use a .jpg directly.Returning to LaTeX if you are using vectorized graphics there are some good alternatives to svg that can give you better results and freedom to edit the figure even after you have inserted in your document. The first alternative is to export the file in pdf, if you are using pdflatex it's usually the easiest choice, however, be aware that sometimes if you did not export the pdf well you might have some images or pieces of images that you can display in the viewer but are not printed in the final printed copy, so check always the results of the printed copy. It happened to me many times and can be very dangerous. You can create vector images directly in .tikz or export them in .pgf, the drawback of this approach is that in a thesis, for example, the compilation time of multiple .tikz or .pgf figure could become very high. The good thing is that you can edit directly the test and sometimes the data that you are plotting. Be aware that also in this case you might experience errors in the printing so always double-check.A good compromise might be to create a .pdf image with .tex file for the text, you can do it in Inkscape as in this answer. In this way, you have the possibility to have control over the text in your figure without penalizing to much the compilation time.

8. Latex changing lowercase with uppercase in a text

You should not do thisas the from the textbf or textsc ends the scope of the fontsize change before the paragraph ends so you will get large text set on a small baseline and uneven line spacing. Just use large once at the start of your center environment, and make sure there is a blank line before the end of the environment, so that the large line spacing is used correctly. To avoid using small caps, just do not use textsc.

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