Party Ideas for a Backyard Summer 16 Yr Old Party!?

whats up, how cool are you? Are you particularly cool sufficient to have a Grease party, like the movie? get the movie AKA. Sandy and play it loud out area, beautify your out doorways very 50 ish and placed on jean sand diggers i think of you women call them Capri's now.... upload some carnival video games and serve,50-50 Punch which could be a million tub orange sherbet and ginger ale, and sliced oranges upload some dry ice it would be fairly cool. .at present childrens devour PB and J sandwiches and small television dinners, must be the spaghetti ones.... Play your movie, get the song and characteristic some summer season exciting

1. How should I deal with pressure from friends about my wedding plans?

I have to say I was surprised when you mentioned your age, because these friends sound so immature. It's one thing to be disappointed if you can not make someone's destination wedding, but to critique it this way, and then demand you pay for rooming, is something you would expect from older teens. Obviously, you've done too much talking too soon. A lot can change in their lives between now and then. So that's numero uno. Do not talk about it. As it gets closer, set up a free wedding website using weddingwire or On this site, do some preliminary research for your guests. The biggest is local hotels or hostels. Some people add in passport info and flight options. Just anything to make their lives easier. Maybe photos, etc. And also tourist type suggestions. I am biased, because Greece is my favorite place in the whole world! For US guests, I know the cost of food and lodging is incredibly low, but I am not sure how it compares with Aussie prices. PS - I would not complicate your life with an after party. It's just more money, and it does not take the place of a wedding.

2. Is there a career out there that requires you to go out to formal parties all the time?

Call girls get to party a lot

3. Saudis, what goes on at a wedding party (women's party)?

Women party and dance all night till its time for the bride to show up... The bride ,in all weddings I've been to, shows up with the groom next to her and many times the father, brothers and uncles show up as well.. I am not sure about weddings in other parts of Saudi, but I am from Jeddah and this is how generally weddings are :-)

4. Is getting pregnant at 19 too young?

no kids are over rated go to party's have sex with multiplier partners

5. if you could run away and could go anywhere, where would you go, and why?

This is an easy one. Vietnam is the new place to go. The country is absolutely beautiful. With miles of white sand beaches, cool mountain hideaways, Great city night life and cozy country inns. It's very inexpensive. You can get nice hotel rooms for $10 and beer is 15 cents a glass. The people are wonderful. I have traveled just about everywhere and I ended up buying a home here because I like it so much. Flights from almost any where are around $1000 USD. You more than make up the difference with the inexpensive lodging etc. Also, you are close to Thailand, Cambodia , (Angkor Wat) Lao, Hong Kong, A ticket to Kuala Lumpur is about $50, Lots to do and plenty to see. Check it out. You will never regret it if you come to Vietnam. . Great food, amazingly wonderful people. We stopped our bikes at the end of the road by the river the other day. Out in the middle of no where. In minutes we were surrounded by kids saying "hello, Where you from?" the mothers came out a few minutes later and they are bringing out food and laughing. A few minutes later the men came out bringing the rice wine. We had a full on party going and did not understand much of what was going on. But... we knew that they were really friendly and they treated us like Rock Stars. Just amazing. Do not miss Vietnam. It will be your best trip ever. I promise. This is not a what if question with me anymore. Now living in Vietnam. I DID run away.

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