Oprah Winfrey Selling Her Stuff for Charity

Some of Oprah Winfrey's favourite things are going on the auction block.

The TV host and billionaire is selling more than 500 items - including furniture, artwork and designer clothes - with proceeds going to The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers said in a press release.

The items for sale Saturday mostly come from Winfrey's Chicago apartment. Winfrey recently announced she relocated her studio headquarters from Chicago to Los Angeles.

"Oprah's acumen as a media icon and businesswoman has been an inspiration for millions. Perhaps even more inspiring is her dedication to altruistic endeavours, built on the foundation of sharing her success to better the lives of others," Leslie Hindman said in the release.

Hindman expects the auction to raise at least US$800,000.

The estimated price of Winfrey's stuff ranges from about $50 for designer sunglasses to a Richard Edward Miller painting worth $120,000 Antique furniture, home gym equipment, fancy pens, glassware and more than a little Chanel are also up for sale.

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