Neighbor Wears Bikinis and Short Shorts When Kids Are!?

Sorry Paige, this is your problem, not hers. Short shorts are no big deal and neither is a woman in a bathing suit. Kids do not see this as any sexual thing, but you sure do. I think you have no business telling anyone what they should or should not wear. I have an overweight neighbor who wears skirts and dresses. No big deal. Until she bends over. She does not bend over at the knees. She bends over at the waist, which reveals her behind and the rear end of her whoha. It used to offend me, but now we laugh at her lack of manners. I learned it is best to just live with your neighbors, not against them.

1. I Need a Sexy Semiformal Dress?

I say, you wear a tube dress (strapless). those are really sexy :) A short one though. Check and look at dresses. They have cute designer ones. P.S. - I LOOOOVE your hair!!!!

2. shopping spree need help! What to get?

dresses a couple of shorts, tanks, camis and tees for spring/summer a cardigan flats tennis shoes(if needed) etc.

3. whats in style right now?

Buffalo plaid shirts dark wash skinny jeans gladiators converse/ vans era shoes cropped capri jeans lightish wash V necks Over sized sweatshirts tank tops w/ racerback backs dresses (bubbles bottoms w/ tank top top) things with small floral prints (dresses blouses)

4. A good place to buy a (cocktail) dress?

Ann Taylor LOFT often has dresses like that for $75-100. When my friends and I were in college (not terribly long ago) that's the place we would go for cocktail attire. You may find something at Banana Republic too, but it will be a tad more pricey.

5. My prom dress and hair! helpy! (pics)?

You look beautiful in this dress. try wearing dresses like these and wear a necklace instead of a bracelet and leave the hair as it is

6. why in the pentecostal belief,do only women have to abide by a dress code?

I GREW UP with the Pentecostal Holiness.They are very strick with the women.The men should be the one wearing dresses .In the Bible day,men did not wear pants.Yes they are wrong,right in that same passage of verses it say "if this causes problem in the church,kick it out. "i corn 11:16.

7. Is my friend being Bridezilla, or am I just hormonal?

shes is being selfish. I never agree with the poeple who say "well its her wedding so..." no, your doing her a favor by being in the wedding. she is doing you no actually have to spend money to be in a wedding. I picked out a few different styles of dresses I liked for my maid of honour (i didnt have bridesmaids) and let her pick the one she liked best then I paid more than half of it for her. she should let you go with something your comfortable it...especially considering none of you like this style dress. personally I dont really like the strapless styles either. I am big busted and I spend the entire day pulling up the dress. I would get together and tell her none of you like this style dress. if she dtill insists you wear them then I would make her pay for them since its nothing something you will ever use again....congrats on the baby by the way!

8. How can i save money on my wedding?

Ok, deep breaths....I am getting married soon so I know what you are going through! For dresses, David's Bridal has dresses for under 500. Mine was about 450 and my friends was like 3. Costs start to add when you get it altered, so try to find a dress in a size that you might not have to get altered, at least as much, The cake gets eaten; think of it that way. One thing you can do to save cost is to do a "show cake". Sometimes, they will do a cardboard cake so the guests can see a showpiece, but then they cut into a sheet cake in the back. WAY CHEAPER. You can do cakes from grocery stores, too. It all goes into everyone's bellies! My 3 tier cake is costing me about 700, and I added an extra sheet cake for 80!!!! See how much cheaper???? Renting a tux can be around 140. You cut costs by not getting a vest and having the guys wear just a suit jacket. We went to Mr.Tux. DJs are pricey, so see if you know any. Other than that, you could always program an IPod and get a docking station. Then, not only do you control the playlist, but you do not need to hire a DJ. Flowers can be expensive, there's no way around it. Try to buy in season, they are cheaper I think. Also, carnations are cheap! You do not need to do flowers for the centerpieces, you could go a different, cheaper, route. Hope this helps!

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