Neighbor Upstairs Constantly Scraping Their Dining Chair?

Your problem is a common one, and sometimes you just have to chalk it up to lack of experience. Never rent an apartment under another apartment unless you have concrete floors. The most important thing is that it's not your neighbor's fault at all. He has every right to walk around in his own place. He's probably just making dinner, cleaning, doing laundry and so forth. The problem is with the building, so talk to the landlord about putting some insulation between the floors. Best of luck.

1. What is casual elegant, for dining out t a restaurant?

It varies slightly depending on region and is lightly enforced. It usually refers to long pants (no shorts) and a collared shirt (no T-shirts), and closed shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals). In warm weather, either a short sleeved shirt or polo or golf shirts are ok. The East coast (like New York) a coat and tie may be desired but is often not enforced if you are otherwise wearing nice clothing. Note that in Los Angeles, I have never been stopped for dress code violations

2. Help on Dining at Fancy Restaurants!?

Hello pay for both at the end of the meal you will order a starter and a main then after the main the waiter, waitress will bring you the sweet menu that you can then choose a sweet from after that they will clear the table and ask if you would like coffee or tea or drinks Hope this helps =]

3. Fine Dining in Las Vegas?

I like redrock buffet, they are fantastic. If you want a steakhouse, I suggest envy.

4. Dining at KFC - Trini Style?

Gyul, way you does get these tings from? yuh good. LMAO. Give dem the one about in Tobago and the ambulance and yuh uncle. lol

5. Specialty dining on the Norwegian Jewel?

For $25 per person you get a choice of starters, salads, entrees, desserts and tea or coffee. Any other beverage will cost extra. I recommend the Cagney's fries and the cheesecake!

6. Dining on a Carnival Cruise?

If you wish to eat in the two "formal" dining rooms you will have an assigned seating. There are two early seating and two later seatings. Once you select one that is your dining time for the entire cruise in those restaurants. You always have the option of eating elsewhere at any time you wish. They have buffet style on the lido deck, a supper club (Additional Cost), room service and a variety of other places that serve pizza, burgers, sandwiches etc. There is never a want for food as it is available 24/7 all over the ship. The biggest problem is overeating which is what usually happens to me

7. Disney Cruise Line- Dining dress code?

Triton's on the Disney ship is like a 5 star restraunt. I would at the very least recommend that your husband wear dress pants and a dress shirt. Disney along with every other cruise line has a formal night wear you are supposed to wear a Suit and Tie and/or a Tux (Yuck). I normaly wear a Suit and Tie and wife dresses all fancy. It is only one night. Take one nice thing to wear for the whole family and be done with it. You will be glad you did. If this is your first cruise you will enjoy it. I think I had more fun than my kids. LOL. You can email if you have more questions

8. I am going on the cruise allure of the seas and i have a question about My Time Dining.?

The answer is YES, the same rules apply regardless or what time you eat dinner. However, the dress on formal night is REQUESTED attire and that means you are NOT REQUIRED to dress formal regardless of whether you eat in the main dining room or a specialty restaurant or whether you choose first or second seating or My Time dining. The only requirement is that every evening for dinner you be dress at least sports casual and that simply means for guys slacks and a shirt with a collar, and for ladies a dress, skirt and blouse, or even capris or pants. No flip-flops, sneakers or shorts or swim wear

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