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Bighorn most often refers to the bighorn sheep. Big Horn or Bighorn might also mean:


Big Horns a mountain range in Wyoming and Montana

Big Horn Place a street in a neighborhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bighorn River, in Wyoming and Montana

Bighorn River (Alberta), Canada

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Bighorn Basin, in Wyoming and Montana

Big Horn County, Wyoming

Big Horn County, Montana

Big Horn, Wyoming, a census-designated place

Big Horn (Washington), a peak in the state of Washington

Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8, a municipal district in AlbertaOther:

USS Big Horn (AO-45), a United States Navy tanker in commission from 1942 to 1946

USS Big Horn (T-AO-198), a United States Navy fleet replenishment oiler in service since 1992

Big Horn Academy Building, a school in Cowley, Wyoming

Bighorn (Transformers), a fictional character in the various animated Transformers universes

Bighorn, a fictional town in One Piece, Oda Eiichiro's manga and anime series

Isuzu Bighorn, an SUV


Film and television of big & tall office chair

McCarthy appeared with retired MMA fighter Bas Rutten in New Found Glory's video "Listen to Your Friends", where he refs MMA fights between the band members. The music video, which was shot on November 5, 2008 in Los Angeles, California, premiered on March 9, 2009. He has also appeared on the Fight Science episode Super Cops on national Geographic.

McCarthy also appeared in the TV series Friends, season 3 episode 24 "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion" where he plays the referee of a UFC match between Tank Abbott and Jon Favreau.

McCarthy also served as the referee on the MTV2 series Bully Beatdown, along with professional mixed martial artist Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

McCarthy is featured in the award-winning mixed martial arts documentary Fight Life, the film is directed by James Z. Feng and released in 2013.

He's also made a cameo as himself in the mixed martial arts movie Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown.


Big West Conference Men's Soccer Tournament of big & tall office chair

The 2019 Big West Conference Men's Soccer Tournament, was the 12th edition of the tournament. It determined the Big West Conference's automatic berth to the 2019 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament.

UC Davis won the Big West Tournament, giving the program their first ever Big West title, and their first berth into the NCAA Tournament since 2008. UC Davis defeated UCSB in the final, 20. UC Davis senior forward, Adam Mickelson, was named the tournament's Most Valuable Player.

In addition to UC Davis, UCSB earned a berth in the NCAA Tournament. UC Davis earned their first ever national seeding and second round bye into the tournament, being seeded 14th overall. UC Davis were eliminated in the Second Round by Louisville, losing 10. UCSB won their first three NCAA Tournament games before losing to Wake Forest in the Quarterfinals.


Big House (band) of big & tall office chair

Big House is an American country music band based in Bakersfield, California. Grounded in the Bakersfield Sound, originally, the band consisted of Monty Byrom (lead vocals, guitar), David Neuhauser (guitar, keyboard), Chuck Seaton (guitar), Tanner Byrom (drums), Sonny California (harmonica), and Ron Mitchell (bass guitar). Under this lineup, Big House recorded two albums for MCA Nashville: 1997's Big House and 1998's Travelin' Kind. These two albums produced four chart singles on the Billboard country charts, including the No.30 hit "Cold Outside."

After the release of their second album, all of the band's members departed except for Monty Byrom and David Neuhauser. Benny Rappa was then signed as the band's new drummer, and Steve Vines assumed the role of bass guitarist. The revamped lineup recorded one album for Dead Reckoning Records before disbanding in 2000. The six original members reunited for concerts in 2007 and 2008, and released a fourth album in 2008 Never Ending Train.


Australian release (CD DVD) of big & tall office chair

The album Re-Entry was released in Australia on 17 March 2008 with a bonus DVD.

Fan voteOriginally Big Brovaz ran a fan vote on their official site asking fans to pick their favourites. Below are the twenty tracks listed in that fan vote with their original titles. The songs in bold are the ones that made the final album cut and the ones that are not highlighted in bold have yet to receive a release.

"Hangin' Around"

"Screaming Out" (later re-named "Scream")

"Must Be Crazy"

"What Ever You Need" (later re-named "I'll Be There")

"Can't Hold Me Down"

"Hear Me Knockin'"

"Hard Core"

"Goin' On a Trip"

"Take Me There"

"Breaking The Cycle"

"Go Getter"

"Big Bro Thang"

"Deep in Love"

"Always Take You Back"

"Hey Hey" (later re-named "Hey! Hey (Take Me Home)")

"Feelin' Freaky"

"Dirty Music" (later re-named "Duurty Music")

"All I Ever Need" (later re-named "All I Ever Wanted")

"Spring Rain"

"Double Trouble"


Writing and composition of big & tall office chair

The single "Labrador" as being about the Gold Coast suburb Labrador which frontwoman Maz DeVita described as a place where a significant relationship ended in her life. Speaking about the single "FU", DeVita said: "This song is about a situation with someone in your life who is taking advantage of you and finally having to acknowledge reality and stand up to them. I hope its as cathartic for the listener as it was to write.

" The track "History" details DeVita's experience in her teenage years wherein she suffered from an eating disorder. "Fade" is about a friend of DeVita's who went through a hard time being victim blamed and having no one believe them. DeVita explained the single "I Am" as being "about wanting to please someone so much that you forget who you are in the process.



Offensive selections of big & tall office chair

QuarterbacksBraxton Miller, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Connor Cook, Michigan State (Coaches-2)

Nathan Scheelhaase, Illinois (Media-2)Running backsAmeer Abdullah, Nebraska (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Carlos Hyde, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin (Coaches-2; Media-2)

James White, Wisconsin (Coaches-2; Media-2)ReceiversJared Abbrederis, Wisconsin (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Allen Robinson, Penn State (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Jeremy Gallon, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-2)

Corey Brown, Ohio State (Coaches-2)

Cody Latimer, Indiana (Media-2)CentersCorey Linsley, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Cole Pensick, Nebraska (Coaches-2)

Jack Allen, Michigan State (Media-2)GuardsJohn Urschel, Penn State (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Ryan Groy, Wisconsin (Coaches-1; Media-2)

Andrew Norwell, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)

Blake Treadwell, Michigan State (Coaches-2; Media-2)TacklesTaylor Lewan, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)

Brandon Scherff, Iowa (Coaches-1; Media-2)

Jack Mewhort, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)

Brett Van Sloten, Iowa (Coaches-2)

Rob Havenstein, Wisconsin (Media-2)Tight endsC. J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa (Coaches-1; Media-2)

Devin Funchess, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-1)


Wisconsin Badgers football team of big & tall office chair

The 1921 Wisconsin Badgers football team was an American football team that represented the University of Wisconsin in the 1921 Big Ten Conference football season. The team compiled a 511 record (311 against conference opponents), finished in fourth place in the Big Ten Conference, shut out four of seven opponents, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 141 to 13. John R. Richards was in his fifth year as Wisconsin's head coach.

Fullback Guy Sundt was the team captain. Halfback Al Elliott was selected as a second-team All-American by Norman E. Brown of the Central Press. Four Wisconsin players received first-team All-Big Ten honors: Al Elliott, end Stevens Gould, center George Bunge, and halfback Rollie Williams.

The team played its home games at Camp Randall Stadium. The stadium's seating capacity was increased from 10,000 to 14,000 prior to the 1921 season. During the 1921 season, the average attendance at home games was 11,962.


Background of big & tall office chair

The main thing that I wanted to do with this record was to have as much classic, memorable melody as possible. The songs are all based on feelings and emotion, for each song had a particular vision. It covers all the colours we wanted to show with a first record. BigBigLove is built from that big hole I had inside. Its amazing how close this band has become and how fast we understand each other now. We have grown a million years in one year. Katy Steele, November 2004

McKercher was selected to produce after Steele was impressed with his work on Augie March's debut album, Sunset Studies.We wanted a pretty classic-sounding album; we didn't want to do anything that sounded really now. Katy Steele, October 2004


Episode Two of big & tall office chair

The second episode of The Big Spell was aired at the later time of 5:30 pm on Sky One on 15 January. The episode began by showing a recap of the previous episode before a trailer of that week's episode. The team game for that episode was Spell Check, where the aim of the game is to identify the incorrectly spelt word from 6 on a big screen, buzz in and say which is misspelt, before spelling the word correctly. There were 6 groups of 3, and only 4 went through safe to the next round.

The elimination round was Letter By Letter, where Moira says a word and each person says a letter of that word. If spelt wrong, that person has to step back and the last person standing is safe through to the next round. Out of the six in the elimination round, only 4 progressed, and Tiarna and Anna were the two to be knocked out of the competition.


XX of big & tall office chair

XX is a compilation by Great Big Sea to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. It is the group's final album to date, as well as their last recording to feature San McCann. It was released as a two-disc CD album, and also in a Deluxe Edition which includes a third CD plus a DVD with an hour-long documentary "Meet Great Big Sea" and other goodies.

The XX Tour was a comprehensive tour which accompanied the release of this album, playing 38 shows across North America and featuring music from almost all previous Great Big Sea records. This tour began on March 5, 2013 with a show at The Grove in Anaheim, California, and concluded a few minutes after midnight on January 1, 2014, after a final New Year's Day concert at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. Following the XX Tour, San McCann officially withdrew from the band.


Celly Cel of big & tall office chair

Marcellus McCarver, better known by his stage name Celly Cel, is an American rapper from Vallejo, California. He released his first single, "Lifestyle of a Mack", on his independent record label Realside Records in 1992. He released his debut studio album, Heat 4 Yo Azz, in 1994, and released a second album, Killa Kali, a year later.

In 1996, he appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation CD, America is Dying Slowly, alongside Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Fat Joe, among many other prominent hip hop artists. The CD, meant to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic among African American men, was heralded as "a masterpiece" by The Source magazine.

His next appearance wasn't until 1998, with his third album: The G Filez. Deep Conversation followed in mid-2000.

Celly has collaborated with fellow Bay Area rappers E-40 & B-Legit on several occasions.


Big Lake (Missouri) of big & tall office chair

Big Lake is a 646-acre (2.6km2) oxbow lake in Holt County, Missouri near Big Lake, Missouri.

It is believed to have formed from the Missouri River sometime before Lewis & Clark visited the area in 1804. It is the largest oxbow lake in the state of Missouri.

Big Lake State Park, a 407-acre (1.6km2) state park was established on the lake's northeast side in 1932. The State Park also includes the largest marsh in a state park in Missouri. The remaining two-thirds of the lake shore is occupied by privately owned cabins and residences. The lake is also known for being very shallow (usually only five feet) in most areas. Residents say you can walk across the lake if you are careful. The only known major deep spot in the lake is under the railroad trussel at the south side of the lake. This spot is almost 30 feet deep. The majority of the lake's fish reside here in winter.

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