Is It Possible to Make a Sterling Silver and Diamond Ring Smaller?

It is not a problem to have a ring resized. You can take your ring to a jeweler and have them resize the ring to fit your finger. It would be a good idea to know your ring size, unless if you plan on taking the ring there yourself. If you need a ring sizer, you can usually find them on online jewelry stores like, or

When you find the ring sizer you can print it out and cut out the finger sizes to find what fits you best.

The cost will vary depending on how much work has to be done on the ring (how many ring sizes do they have to drop). The cost should not be more than $50.00, and even that is pushing it.

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Fake silver ring not leaving a green/blue mark anymore?

We tell a narrative, our bodies - hands, ft and torso. in specific situations they say something approximately us on my own, in specific situations approximately our relationship to others. I discern i could on no account destroy out with mendacity approximately my marital status. My finger has an eternal mark the place the ring is worn. i don't have issues removing it nevertheless. it could be nicely worth pointing out that adult adult males could have a similar subject with regards to wedding ceremony bands. At one time my spouse had her wedding ceremony band decrease unfastened after falling and breaking her finger. We had to pay to have the ring repaired as quickly as she'd recovered. i'm uncertain whether this relates on your poem in any respect. in simple terms extra random techniques, perhaps they are of pastime


How cheap can a real silver ring cost?

i'd fairly Have a real Diamond regardless of if It replaced into Small. because of fact If somebody asked Me approximately My vast faux Ring it would experience somewhat Scabby. Them : "Wow. What Carat Is That?" Me : "Oh, it incredibly is faux" See What I propose. My Engagement Ring is amazingly comparable to The 2d hyperlink. regardless of if it incredibly is One Diamond in the middle as a exchange of four & it incredibly is in basic terms a single Band. in spite of the undeniable fact that it Has an identical style of element below because of fact the 1st hyperlink & Has The Diamond below. We offered Mine On Sale. initially It replaced into $2,500. yet We have been given It On Sale For $a million,750. I nonetheless concept That replaced into too lots, yet My Fiance Insisted & stated He'd come back devoid of Me To Get It


Can anyone answer this 5th grade math question and tell me how they did it? Look below, 10 points best answer!?

Okay, so two diamond rings 4 silver rings $1440

one diamond ring one silver ring $660

diamond ring d

Silver ring s

2d 4s 1440

d s 660


use the second equation, "d s 660," to find either d or s

d s 660 > subtract "s" from both sides

d 660 - s

Now plug "d" from the second equation into the first equation

2d 4s 1440 > 2 (660 - s) 4s 1440

Distributive property: (2 * 660) - (2 * s) 4s 1440

1320 - 2s 4s 1440

Subtract 1320 from both sides:

2s 1440 - 1320 120

divide 2 by both sides:

s 120 / 2 $60 per silver ring

Now plug "s" back into the second equation:

d s 660 d 60

subtract 60 from both sides:

d 660 - 60 $600 per diamond ring

There are many ways to solve this question, but I only did one:

The answer: $60 for a silver ring and $600 for a diamond ring


what causes a silver ring to turn a finger red?

your skin may be allergic to a specific type of metal. which is posible. Your immune system changes every 7 years so what you used to NOT be allergic to is possible that you can be now. Also, you may have washed hands with the ring on at a point and wasnt able to dry the hands thouroughly and water became trapped under the ring by residual water or sweat and built up some bacteria going on under there.

.. as the temps rise outdoors it is possible for your fingers to swell and that could cause a rednes or cause finger to become irritated. just remove th ering for a few days... if its of gret importance to you where you dont want to put it away.

.. simply wear it around your neck on a sturdy chain


Does lemon juice get tarnish off of a sterling silver ring?

I work at the Jewelry counter at K-mart, we sell lots of sterling silver jewelry, rings, necklaces ect. I'm not saying our stuff is the highest quality stuff but it stands the test of time, we don't handle every piece everyday, they mostly stay in the case unless we are with customers. I Have only NEEDED to polish certain pieces once every 6 months or so. They are the more integrate ones. I love my own SS pieces, and I polish them about 3 times a year, Which is what I recommend to my customers ( I say the same with with the yellow and white gold) I would just go pick up SS polishing cloths if you wear the ring daily I would go with every 3 months and you should be just fine. Just take care of it. And remember the price you paid. And what they mean to you


What is the mass of a gold and silver ring if the density is.... in chemistry?

finding on the chemical makeup of your pores and skin and whether or no longer you have hypersensitive reactions to the steel that the two the gold or silver is blended with... the two metals may well be worn each and all the time. % the steel that looks suited with your pores and skin tone. If Silver looks suited with your pores and skin tone, yet you may no longer positioned on it, % white gold. Edited to function that the silver won't turn black in case you place on it each and all the time. it is going to turn black in case you do no longer positioned on it. My wedding ceremony band is silver as are each and all the rings that I positioned on, which count quantity 7. And none of them are black. i will observe that considered one of them turns my finger black while the acidity in my physique is off, yet it is as a results of the fact there is copper interior the hoop


Is sterling silver good or bad for a ring?

Everyone is right when they say sterling is softer, so it will bend and get more scratched, you will also have a greater chance of loosing stones (if there are any in the ring) with sterling. As for it turning peoples fingers green, it will only do that if you have high quantities of acid in your body, which isn't healthy anyway! (or if it isn't really sterling!) You can tell if its sterling becuase it will be stamped 925 on the inside. If it's not stamped, its not likely that it is sterling. Silver does tarnish, though if you wear it every day it really won't tarnish much because it will constantly be being buffed. A solid white gold ring isn't going to turn yellow, however that mirror shine is an affect of rhodium. However I have a white gold ring from the 1940's and it is still beautiful. Get whatever makes you happy! After all you can always replace the ring later!


Question about silver rings on the ring finger?

no longer attempting to be rude yet having it stamped ".925" would not recommend that it particularly is the only actual sterling silver. Having it stamped .925 potential it is it Italian Sterling Silver that's made out of ninety two.

5% Silver (subsequently the identity .

925) and something is made out of an alloy, often Copper. maximum will use a White Copper in recent times. I make rings, and that i do no longer stamp mine .

925 via fact mine is made out of ALL Silver. the only one I truthfully have considered supply a respected answer is queennerd79. he's powerful. maximum cases it won't turn your finger green, yet at times there will be a reaction which will supply that green tinge to the exterior and cleansing it with a cloth or silver cleansing answer will help. no longer announcing that your merchandise became or became no longer actual silver. i'm purely announcing that the solutions given listed below are actually not maximum appropriate


Can 2 solid sterling silver rings be soldered together? If yes, then should I have it done professionally?

Yes, two sterling silver rings should be able to be soldered together. They would need to fit tightly so there would be a good surface touching. You would probably be better off to have a jeweler to do it for you. Silver has a higher melt temperature than a soldering iron can do, it requires a torch. If the rings have stones in them, the stones would have to be removed or carefully shielded. After cleaning thoroughly, you would need to use flux, hard silver solder (75% silver), soak in pickle (acid to remove soldering oxides and excess flux), then re-polish. Probably more tools/suplies than you want to buy and more process than you want to learn to do one solder joint. If you did want to learn to solder and make jewelry, find a local community college/bead shop/lapidary club that has a silversmithing class to sign up for


Sterling Silver Ring be shiny again?

You can probably brighten it substantially with plain old silver polish, although that won't make the patina of scratches normal with jewelry worn on the hands disappear.

Sterling (and most silver plate) will get very shiny again with silver polish, and all but the deepest gouges will not be especially noticeable when it's gleaming.

I scratched a large, relatively flat surface of a silver ring. The jeweler I took it to for a buffing convinced me to leave it alone. "It looks bad to you, now, but when you've got five scratches and a scrape or two on this part, it's going to have some character and will look better than straight out of the box. Signs of wear show you love it. I'd rather see one of my rings a little worse for the wear, you know? The only repairs I recommend are bad clasps and damage to stone settings."


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