Is It Illegal to Have LED Lights Shining Through Your Grill in Your Car and Around Your Exhaust Pipe

You can have LED lights but they are illegal if you have them on while driving

1. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?

In most states a blue light is reserved for emergency vehicles. Displaying a blue light, even the led kind that bounces off the chrome or street will get you a ticket. Check you state laws

2. How long do car batteries usually last?

It depends on a lot of factors. Brand, storage environment, usage (charging), non-usage, cold crank amps used, additional electrical accessories (phone chargers, LED lights, etc...) I bought an O' Reilly battery that only lasted 1 summer and 1 winter but I had a Honda brand battery that lasted 8 years. So like I said it depends on the factors I mentioned above. Hope this helps.

3. incandesent lights going out in 2008-2009?

u can not completly phase out incandesent, u just can not , but then people will definetly be making changes to led lights and fluorescent lighting

4. I herd it's legal to have led lights under a car as long as you can't see the light bulb, is this true?

I belive that's true, but it's illegal to have red or blue no matter how they are displayed, and they can be on only while the car is not in motion. Lafayette laws may be different than my city though. Call the police department (not 9-1-1, the other number) and ask.

5. What are the most effective yet simple ways millionaires can save energy?

Use LED lights in place of all light bulbs. Turn down thermostats in houses not being used. Use solar power panels to heat swimming pools. ride bike cross country or run instead of taking personal plane. Many measures that we all can take, just on a grander scale

6. i hooked up led lights into my ac control and now my speed mph gauge doesnt work ?

one of the regulator fuses is out. It can be tested by popping the top off the regulator fuse and touch it with your finger with the vehicle on.

7. Wiring in some lights in my car, a little confused?

All circuits that draw power from the battery need some kind of circuit protection to prevent fire. A common way is to install an in-line fuse between the battery positive terminal and the load. The closer to the battery, the better. An even better way is to wire your circuit so that it draws power from an existing fused circuit; for example, the cigarette lighter or the overhead dome light. Finally, make sure you understand about the voltage requirements for LED lights, and you have the correct voltage-dropping resistors in your circuit.

8. Aren't gaming computers suppose to have LED lights?

Its quite likely that there is a switch or the lights havent been correctly connected - have a look inside with the computer turned off at the mains. You are allowed to (and its expected) that you can open the case to make minor modifications due to the expandibility nature of the PC. Any damage you do that results in it stop working of course isnt covered by any warantee.

9. Can I use Speaker wire to light my 12v led lights in my car?

U can plug them into something counting on length of lighting fixtures fixtures u ought to blow them with the amp yet while u hook them into speaker terminals they artwork effective I also have a strip from Walmart plugged into my door audio equipment and that they artwork great

10. help can i do this to my led lights?

Should not be a problem. Just make sure you stay on the load side of the fuse. That way, the fuse will still offer the same wiring protection as before. The side that is not is the load side. Also, make sure the wire you are using is capable of carrying the rated amps for the fuse, otherwise you will need to add a smaller fuse to the wire you are adding

11. Do i need any kind of resistor/fuse to run 12v LED lights on car battery?

Need better specs shown. Wattage indicated implies current limiting ballast is integral to assembly. That being said, they are good to go, and should not blow. With limited info you have there, not entirely wrote in stone. Over current protection is desirable in the event of unforeseen damage and catastrophic failure of lights & short across both wires resulting from a meteor strike. In this case, a 12vdc, 2 amp fuse at the battery would prevent serious damage from occuring to battery. EDIT: It's neccessary to know more information than you have made available, and what additionally you are purposely witholding. Please add additional info regarding specification of in-line overcurrent device at source end of light assembly. People are inhibited from answering completely, otherwise

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