Introduction to __function__: Other Appearances of __function__

Other appearances of __function__

Other contexts where real-valued functions and their special properties are used include monotonic functions (on ordered sets), convex functions (on vector and affine spaces), harmonic and subharmonic functions (on Riemannian manifolds), analytic functions (usually of one or more real variables), algebraic functions (on real algebraic varieties), and polynomials (of one or more real variables)


Relation to generalized permutahedra of __function__

Because generalized permutahedra can be constructed from submodular functions, and every generalized permutahedron has an associated submodular function, we have that there should be a correspondence between generalized permutahedra and polymatroids. In fact every polymatroid is a generalized permutahedron that has been translated to have a vertex in the origin. This result suggests that the combinatorial information of polymatroids is shared with generalized permutahedra.


Wrch1 of __function__

RhoU (or Wrch1 or Chp2) is a small (21 kDa) signaling G protein (more specifically a GTPase), and is a member of the Rho family of GTPases.

Wrch1 was identified in 2001 as encoded by a non-canonical Wnt induced gene.

RhoU/Wrch delineates with RhoV/Chp a Rho subclass related to Rac and Cdc42, which emerged in early multicellular organisms during evolution.


Carboxypeptidase of __function__

A carboxypeptidase (EC number 3.4.16 - 3.4.18) is a protease enzyme that hydrolyzes (cleaves) a peptide bond at the carboxy-terminal (C-terminal) end of a protein or peptide. This is in contrast to an aminopeptidases, which cleave peptide bonds at the N-terminus of proteins. Humans, animals, bacteria and plants contain several types of carboxypeptidases that have diverse functions ranging from catabolism to protein maturation.


Signs and symptoms of __function__

Cloacas appear in a wide spectrum of variation in females born with the malformation. The single orifice, called a common channel, may occur varying in length from 1 to 10cm. The length of the common channel can be used to judge prognostic outcomes and technical challenges during surgical repair. A common channel less than 3cm in length usually has good sphincter muscles and a well-developed sacrum


Structure of __function__

The Ministerial Functions Act 1969, in its current form (1 June 2013), consists of only 5 sections and no schedule (including no amendment), without separate Part.

Section 1: Short title

Section 2: Functions, styles and titles of Ministers

Section 3: Effect of transfer of functions and change of style and title

Section 4: Reference in written laws

Section 5: Repeal and saving


Variational analysis of __function__

In mathematics, the term variational analysis usually denotes the combination and extension of methods from convex optimization and the classical calculus of variations to a more general theory. This includes the more general problems of optimization theory, including topics in set-valued analysis, e.g. generalized derivatives.

In the Mathematics Subject Classification scheme (MSC2010), the field of "Set-valued and variational analysis" is coded by "49J53".


Non-local variable of __function__

In programming language theory, a non-local variable is a variable that is not defined in the local scope. While the term can refer to global variables, it is primarily used in the context of nested and anonymous functions where some variables can be neither in the local nor the global scope.

In Lua they are called the upvalues of the function.


Real-valued function of __function__

In mathematics, a real-valued function is a function whose values are real numbers. In other words, it is a function that assigns a real number to each member of its domain.

Real-valued functions of a real variable (commonly called real functions) and real-valued functions of several real variables are the main object of study of calculus and, more generally, real analysis. In particular, many function spaces consist of real-valued functions.


Ground expression of __function__

In mathematical logic, a ground term of a formal system is a term that does not contain any variables. Similarly, a ground formula is a formula that does not contain any variables.

In first-order logic with identity, the sentence Q(a) P(b) is a ground formula, with a and b being constant symbols. A ground expression is a ground term or ground formula.


Principle of permanence of __function__

In mathematics, the principle of permanence states that a complex function, suitably well-behaved, which is 0 on a set containing a non-isolated point is 0 everywhere (or at least on the connected component of its domain which contains the point). There are various statements of the principle, depending on the type of function or equation considered


Residual (numerical analysis) of __function__

Loosely speaking, a residual is the error in a result. To be precise, suppose we want to find x such that f ( x ) b . displaystyle f(x)b.,

Given an approximation x0 of x, the residual is b f ( x 0 ) displaystyle b-f(x_0),

whereas the error is x x 0 displaystyle x-x_0,

If the exact value of x is not known, the residual can be computed, whereas the error cannot.


Successive parabolic interpolation of __function__

Successive parabolic interpolation is a technique for finding the extremum (minimum or maximum) of a continuous unimodal function by successively fitting parabolas (polynomials of degree two) to a function of one variable at three unique points or, in general, a function of n variables at 1n(n3)/2 points, and at each iteration replacing the "oldest" point with the extremum of the fitted parabola


Henri Fayol of __function__

Henri Fayol (29 July 1841 19 November 1925) was a French mining engineer, mining executive, author and director of mines who developed a general theory of business administration that is often called Fayolism. He and his colleagues developed this theory independently of scientific management but roughly contemporaneously. Like his contemporary Frederick Winslow Taylor, he is widely acknowledged as a founder of modern management method.


Induction variable substitution of __function__

Induction variable substitution is a compiler transformation to recognize variables which can be expressed as functions of the indices of enclosing loops and replace them with expressions involving loop indices.

This transformation makes the relationship between the variables and loop indices explicit, which helps other compiler analysis, such as dependence analysis.


Input code:

Output code


Name of __function__

The function is named in honour of von Hann, who used the three-term weighted average smoothing technique on meteorological data. However, the erroneous "Hanning" function is also heard of on occasion, derived from the paper in which it was named, where the term "hanning a signal" was used to mean applying the Hann window to it. The confusion arose from the similar Hamming function, named after Richard Hamming.


Zygomaticus major muscle of __function__

The zygomaticus major is a muscle of the human body. It is a muscle of facial expression which draws the angle of the mouth superiorly and posteriorly to allow one to smile. Like all muscles of facial expression, the zygomatic major is innervated by the facial nerve (the seventh cranial nerve), more specifically, the buccal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve.


Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Women's 1500 metres T54 of __function__

The Women's 1500 metres T54 event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Olympic Stadium from 6 to 7 September. The event consisted of 2 heats and a final.

The T54 category is for wheelchair athletes with no leg function, but near full arm function and reasonable to normal trunk function. Typically this may be caused by a lower spinal cord injury or spinal cord birth defect.


Old Campus District, University of South Carolina of __function__

The Old Campus District, University of South Carolina, is a historic district centered on The Horseshoe on the main campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. On June 5, 1970, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. On April 19, 1996 MTV Unplugged filmed Hootie & the Blowfish's concert on The Horseshoe before the release of their second album Fairweather Johnson.


Subjectivity of __function__

The terms "abuse of language" and "abuse of notation" depend on context. Writing "f: A B" for a partial function from A to B is almost always an abuse of notation, but not in a category theoretic context, where f can be seen as a morphism in the category of sets and partial functions


Fragmentation function of __function__

In a sufficiently hard interaction between particles, the cross section can be factorized into parton distribution functions (PDFs), the hard scattering part, and fragmentation functions. The fragmentation functions, as are the PDFs, are non-perturbative functions describing the production of a given observed final state. In a leading order picture, it can be interpreted as the probability that the observed final state originates from a given quark or gluon.



Weierstrass sigma function of __function__

The Weierstrass sigma function associated to a two-dimensional lattice C displaystyle Lambda subset mathbb C is defined to be the product ( z ; ) z w ( 1 z w ) e z / w 1 2 ( z / w ) 2 displaystyle sigma (z;Lambda )zprod _win Lambda ^*left(1-frac zwright)e^z/wfrac 12(z/w)^2

where displaystyle Lambda ^* denotes 0 displaystyle Lambda -0


See also fundamental pair of periods.


Iteration of __function__

Iterating the aliquot sum function produces the aliquot sequence n, s(n), s(s(n)), ... of a nonnegative integer n (in this sequence, we define s(0) 0). It remains unknown whether these sequences always converge (the limit of the sequence must be 0 or a perfect number), or whether they can diverge (i.

e. the limit of the sequence does not exist).


Example of __function__

An example of uninterpreted functions in SMT-LIB, an input standard for SMT Solvers:

(declare-fun f (Int) Int)

(assert ( (f 10) 1))

This is satisfiable: f is an uninterpreted function. All that is known about f is its signature, so it is possible that f(10) 1.

(declare-fun f (Int) Int)

(assert ( (f 10) 1))

(assert ( (f 10) 42))

This is unsatisfiable: although f has no interpretation, it is impossible that it returns different values for the same input.


Blumberg theorem of __function__

In mathematics, the Blumberg theorem states that for any real function f: there is a dense subset D of such that the restriction of f to D is continuous.

For instance, the restriction of the Dirichlet function (the indicator function of the rational numbers ) to is continuous, although the Dirichlet function is nowhere continuous.


Bohr compactification of __function__

In mathematics, the Bohr compactification of a topological group G is a compact Hausdorff topological group H that may be canonically associated to G. Its importance lies in the reduction of the theory of uniformly almost periodic functions on G to the theory of continuous functions on H. The concept is named after Harald Bohr who pioneered the study of almost periodic functions, on the real line.


Arts and media of __function__

Limit (music), a way to characterize harmony

"Limit" (song), a 2016 single by Luna Sea

"Limits" (Paenda song), 2019 song that represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Limits (collection), a collection of short stories and essays by Larry Niven

The Limit, a Dutch band

The Limit (manga), a manga by Keiko Suenobu

LiMiT (company), a web development company

The Limit, an episode from The Amazing World of Gumball


National register listing of __function__

Second Church of Christ Scientist (added 2005 - Building - #05000212)

Also known as Second Samoan Congregational Church

655 Cedar Ave., Long Beach

Historic Significance:


Architect, builder, or engineer:

Shields, Fisher and Lake

Architectural Style:

Classical Revival

Area of Significance:


Period of Significance:




Historic Function:


Historic Sub-function:


Current Function:


Current Sub-function:



List of integrals of inverse hyperbolic functions of __function__

The following is a list of indefinite integrals (antiderivatives) of expressions involving the inverse hyperbolic functions. For a complete list of integral formulas, see lists of integrals.

In all formulas the constant a is assumed to be nonzero, and C denotes the constant of integration.

For each inverse hyperbolic integration formula below there is a corresponding formula in the list of integrals of inverse trigonometric functions.


Quality of __function__

A good bilingual law dictionary needs to take the users' expected language and professional competences into account. The lexicographers therefore must consider the following aspects: dictionary user research, dictionary typology, structure, and presentation of the relevant information. When making a law dictionary, the lexicographers attempt to present the information in such a way that the user is not burdened with excessive lexicographic information costs.



Origin and insertion of __function__

The upper/superior head originates on the infratemporal surface and infratemporal crest of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone and inserts onto the articular disc and fibrous capsule of the temporomandibular joint.

The lower/inferior head originates on the lateral surface of the lateral pterygoid plate and inserts onto the neck of condyloid process of the mandible; upper/superior head


ikiwiki of __function__

ikiwiki is a free and open-source wiki application, designed by Joey Hess. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. ikiwiki is written in Perl, although external plugins can be implemented in any language.

Unlike conventional wiki software, ikiwiki stores its pages in a standard version control system such as Git, Subversion or others.

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