In Pulp Fiction, What Is in the Briefcase?

i like to think it's marcellus' soul. and he traded the diamonds stolen in reservoir dogs for it

1. Standard briefcase measurements?

You mean the "standard" method which is totally not "standard?" :P Yeah I think the US is still stuck with it, although concepts like 1/2 and 3/4 are pretty universal, not limited to the system of measurement. :) 75 centimeters = 3/4 of a meter. :)

2. What's a good graduation present for my boy friend?

How about a vacation for the two of you. Like Aruba, Mexico, cruise anything. You could go with gift cards, a nice dinner out just the two of you. Tickets to a concert he likes, digital camera, camcorder, If he likes sports, you could get sport event tickets for his favorite team, (THIS IS A TOUGH ONE). I do not know what your money range is. A leather computer traveling case, briefcase (whatever type of career he may pursue)

3. What brand of briefcase should I buy for my dad?

Mancini Kenneth Cole xo

4. can i link to a file in my briefcase?

The Briefcase stores documents. If you want to store a link (and for some reason you do not want to add it to your Favorites menu), open up a Word document, paste the link into the document, save the document, and then upload it to the Briefcase

5. Who owns and/or uses a briefcase?

I do not use my brown/red cherry colored leather briefcase for travel in that sense instead I use take mine too school so I can carry my school belongings in style. I get so many compliments on it and it shows that I am definitely a leader and not a follower :)

6. HOw Do You Feel About CM Punk Cashing In His Briefcase Tonight?

i have 2 agree.all cm punk did wuz take advantage of a very physically drained hardy!cm punk needs 2 man up & fight jeff hardy when he's rested & ready 2 rumble(not catching jeff off guard).i doubt punk will have the title long...he is not championship material! i also rate it a 2 outa 5 CURSE U CM PUNK!!

7. Can I carry-on a small duffle bag and a backpack?

Generally you can have one personal item in addition to a carry-on. For most, this would be a purse, briefcase, or laptop case. If you are using the backpack as a laptop case, then it should be fine, especially if you do not cram it full of other stuff. If you do end up having to check one, make sure you have all electronics in your backpack. Those generally can not be checked and laptops absolutely can not be checked

8. Now that you think about it, was the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase a waste of talent and time?

It was a complete waste of time, it ruined the reputation of the MITB & how everyone who won it & cashed it in all became World Champion, except Cena. You are right, he did not need it at all, even Big Show could've won it to become World Champion sooner

9. What would happen to the career of a superstar if they took the briefcase and wasn't supposed to?

Something awesome I bet

10. Anoher site like Yahoo! Briefcase?

There are hundreds of sites that do this, and most offer a modest amount of space free (anything substantial you pay a fee for). Just Google "online storage" and you will find plenty

11. Let's say I find 100,000 dollars cash in a briefcase while walking home one day. How easy will it be to deposit the money to my bank account? What kind of problems will I encounter and if encountered will I get my money taken away?

Why would you deposit at the bank? Live day by day spending that money away. Pay your bills with your money as you should and use that money to buy the dinners and those extra things your salary does not allow you to. Make it last as long and as slowly as possible. Do not buy flashy things, do not spend on stupid things to impress others. No one cares. The best things in life are those that go untold

12. Pulp Fiction...what's in the briefcase?

Is the soul of Marsellus Wallace, seriously, in fact is aldo know that when you sell your soul to the devil he take it off from you, doing a hole in the back of your neck, and if you see the movie, youll see a bandit on the neck of Marsellus when hes talkin with Butch at the bar

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