I Have Sun Conjunct Moon and Saturn, with Cancer and Cap Intercepted in Houses, What Do You Make of

Could not find your chart as I am a newbie(sp?) to computer. Finally had to join the 21st century. I believe that with both your sun and moon conjoin saturn would definitely explain why are feel limited regarding your emotions and also why you feel motivationaly-challenged. Saturn restricts and delays whatever it touches. It also requires complete personal reponsibility regarding its placement and aspects to other planets. It is almost as if saturn is saying, "OK, I am going to put some limits on you and you are going to have to work these issues out. And though it will be one of the hardest things that you do in this life, you will need to make the necessary changes and take responsibility for these limitations in this lifetime. Oh, the rewards will be awesome so take some chances and let's get rid of old patterns that are no longer needed." Saturn is like the Father. Father can be demanding. Father can make us fear. Father can order us to do things that we are not comfortable with. But Father knows best because Father has wisdom. Father also makes us do things that we just do not want to do. Father does not allow laziness. But as we age we can appreciate all of Father's demands because the wisdom that he provided and directed us to do (earn) will serve us well in our life. That is Saturn. Closing in on your emotions and your individuality. It is time to get rid of the things that are limiting your growth. Saturn demands it. You also have to stretch yourself as an indiviidual (Sun) as again, get rid of what is not working for you and take a different path. It is going to be bumpy and filled with delays and often depressing. But at the end of that road, take a look at Saturn. it is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. But Saturn earned those rings. And you will to. Never give up because that is the only way you will fail. Good luck and Bless you. Remember that a journey always begins with one step. One uncomfortable step in your case. Maybe a baby step. But you will find the things that one works the hardest one usually always bring the greatest rewards. Again Bless you

1. Why does earth spin counter-clockwise?

When our solar system formed it had a certain amount of intrinsic angular momentum. As it collapsed over time it began to spin faster like an ice skater that brings her arms in. Our planet, Earth, was formed in this cloud. It too is the product of that spinning gas cloud long gone. So the Earth retains the angular momentum of the matter that formed it. The Sun also spins, but amazingly Jupiter spins so fast that it contains 60% of the solar systems angular momentum. Thats more than the Sun! The take away point is that the Sun, Jupiter and the Earth all spin in roughly the same direction which is due to the fact that they all formed from the same spinning gas cloud

2. What is the total mass of all the planets combined be able to match the milky way?

In our solar system, the sun takes up most of the mass, about 99.98%. It is believed that this approximate ratio is common to other solar systems as well. Therefore, if we added up the masses of all the planets in our galaxy, they would probably not amount to more than a few hundredths of one percent of the mass of the galaxy (the Milky Way) as a whole.

3. Best type of paint for a mural?

I painted a full wall mural of our solar system on my nephew's wall a few years ago. They painted the wall with a beautiful indigo blue washable semi-gloss latex paint. I painted the planets and stars over that with acrylic craft paint. I used a little glow-in-the-dark paint for the stars, nebulas, etc. Acrylic paint is non-toxic, but the glow-in-the-dark is not. Most kids are not going to pick off the paint and eat it. . .as long as you have that up high enough to discourage it, that should not be a problem. I usually use cheap masking tape from the Dollar Store to mask off with- it usually is not as sticky as the painters' tape. You could score the painted edge with an Exact-o knife to ensure that the paint will not peel away when you lift the tape. Have fun, and good luck! And congratulations on your new baby!

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