I Am Painting My Kitchen Cabinets?

If you have a good wood substrate, you can strip, sand and then stain the wood, followed by an appropriate finish such as a varnish or poly. If the substrate is painted, and it is not appropriate to stain, then sand, prime (use appropriate primer) and paint. No clear coat is necessary. Make your kitchen clean and attractive, but do not over invest your time or money. The next person is very likely going to tear it out and replace it anyway.

1. What is a quick way to update kitchen cabinets?

Go to Lowes or Home Depot and ask them about re staining or painting kitchen cabinets and tell them you want a more modern look for handles and hardware, Take a picture in to show them what you have. I can not really help you because I do not know what your cabinets or countertop looks like

2. I heard that old Marshall 1960 lead cabinets are better than new 1960 cabinets. Is this true? Why?

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3. How Do You Clean Wood Cabinets?

murphy's oil soap and water can do a good job. if they are really greasy though you need to check with a professional to get suggestions

4. Gray Paint black cabinets for kitchen bad idea?

My kitchen walls are painted gray and I left the cabinets brown (Stained) It turned out really nice. If you notice that gray and brown are really popular colors. Good Luck

5. Floating Shelves: Where & How to Use Them —

Unlike cabinets with doors, where you can stash a wide variety of odds and ends, your floating shelf space should be reserved for only curated items. After all, these shelves are meant to be an ongoing display, so you will want to make them as visually pleasing as possible. Perhaps you love a certain cookbook or want to showcase a few potted herbs. Or maybe your collection of dinnerware deserves a spotlight within your kitchen. Whatever your preference, just be sure to think strategically about how that shelf works with the rest of the space and decorate accordingly.

6. What differences would someone like me who went to first grade in 1953 notice immediately about first grade 65 years later?

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