How to Upcycle Your Bedside Table

Before doing anything, remove your drawers and grab a screwdriver to unscrew the existing handles and hardware from the side of the drawer. Keep these handy by popping them into a cup or a zip-lock bag - so they do not disappear!

Fill the old handle holes with Spakfilla If you've decided to replace the handles on your drawers with new ones - like we are doing - you are going to need to fill the existing holes with Spakfilla. Scrape on, then smooth away any excess and set aside to wait for it to dry. Once it is, give it a light sand with 180-grit sandpaper, then wipe clean.

If you are doing this by hand, make sure you have ample sanding blocks and pieces of sandpaper - you are going to need quite a bit to get the table down to its natural timber. Using an electric sander might be easier. Pick up one of these from Bunnings. Make sure you have your dust mask and eye protection on for this - you will end up covered in dust, and you do not want to be breathing that stuff in!

It's prime time! For this we are using a Zinsser shellac-based primer, just in case there's any oily residue left over from the old paint. This primer dries really quickly, so you should be able to paint fairly soon after applying. Just remember to give it a light sand after, then wipe away the dust - this way the paint will adhere more easily.

Before pouring your paint into the tray, give your tin a good shake so the pigment is well distributed. Then you are ready for your topcoat - roll it on in long, even strokes. Use a brush for all those tricky to reach places. Wait for it to dry, then give it a light sand with 180-grit sandpaper before applying a second coat. While this is drying, you may want to spray your handles. We chose a Rose Gold colour, which we applied using a spray can after giving the handles a light sand (this helps the paint stick easier).

Mark up where you want your handles Once the paint is dry, use a tape measure and a pencil to mark up where the handles go - mark the centre point first. Then place the handle against it and mark up where the screw holes are on your handle. Mark those spots with a pencil. To make sure your handle is screwed on even and straight, use a square.

Affix your hessian with a spray adhesive - simply spray on to the front of the drawers and wait five or so seconds before placing the hessian over the top. Try to ensure you get the grain of the hessian straight. Once it's in place, simply cut around the edges of the drawer. It's best to leave about an inch overlap on each side when you are initially measuring your material, then trim your piece to fit the edges of the drawer.

i want to make some things for my room?

Cover small cardboard boxes with pretty wrapping paper or scrap fabric, for nice looking storage for small things. Look in magazines for pictures of things or colors you like. You can use these pictures to make a collage. Take simple things like a plain lamp or bedside table and paint it a bright, unexpected color

How do I fix up my room?

One thing you can do, since you can paint with existing colors, is paint the wardrobe to match the walls. It will be far less an eyesore. Maybe you can put some of the larger stuff under your bed where it can not be seen? It seems unreasonable not to be able to get rid of stuff you do not want anymore. Maybe you can host a garage sale to earn money to buy a new desk and bedside table?.

wanted: creative people (or i guess anyone else)?

mini rug for bedside table

Can an NDA cadet bring his own watch into the academy?

Definitely.I recommend, you must.Both Wrist and one small you require on your study table or bedside table for alarm etc.Good luck

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