How to Find Great Flannel Crib Sheets

Flannel is soft and worm, which makes it a great fabric for crib bedding sets. Flannel crib sheets are soft and fluffy, and all parent love putting their little one to sleep on such a comfy sheet. Flannel is made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. For babies, you have to buy only flannel made of natural fibers: cotton or wool. Natural fibers allow the baby's delicate skin to breathe, preventing rashes and allergies and also overheating. Small babies can't regulate their body temperature very efficiently. That's why you need to be very careful about the quality of the sheet and blanket. They have to be able to keep the baby war and cozy, without causing overheating. Flannel crib sheets are very useful from that point of view. For colder periods, you can pick wool flannel. In the summer, when it's hot, you should use cotton flannel sheets.How To Make Your OwnIf you are not satisfied with the price or the quality of the crib sheets you find, then you should sew your own. Buy good-quality fabric and durable elastic. Prewash the fabric. Sometimes, flannel shrinks during washing. Measure the mattress - not only the surface, but also the height. You need to make a sheet that fits perfectly the mattress. Calculate how much fabric you need, including the parts that come on the sides and under the mattress. Cut 8-inch squares from the length of the flannel, take the squares out and sew the corners together. Male sure you do the sewing on the wrong side of the fabric. Sew the elastic starting with the center of the corners. Pull the elastic as you sew, to allow it to stretch when you put the sheet on the mattress. If you want, you can make another stitch, to hide the elastic, but it's not necessary, since it will be under the mattress.How To Find Cheap Flannel Crib Sheets And Free ShippingOne thing is for sure: with babies and toddlers, you will have to change the crib sheets a lot. You will probably need clean sheets every few days, so it's important to have a lot of them. You can find a lot of cheap flannel crib sheets online, if you shop around a little, and most of the online sellers also offer you free shipping. If you buy several pieces, you'll probably get a discount too. Once you buy your crib and you know which size of sheets you need, it's the time to start searching for a serious flannel crib sheets sale. You'll save a lot of money if you buy those items from discount sellers. You can purchase a lot of different colors, to match with all your bedding sets. Generally, bedding sets contain only one sheet, which is totally insufficient. For some of the sets, it's possible to get spare sheets, but many of the manufacturers don't offer you this possibility. Even if you find extra sheets for your bedding sets, they are generally very expensive. You can avoid spending tens of dollars on a small crib sheet. Just look for simple flannel crib sheets on Amazon or other online retailers. You'll find great deals and you'll be able to save a lot of money, while still buying good quality products for your baby. Since you'll have to use the sheets with different bedding sets, buy neutral colors. Brown flannel crib sheets are great: brown matches almost any other color and it's easy to maintain.Flannel Crib Sheets - KoalaIf you are interested in finding great flannel sheets, Koala is a brand that you definitely need to check out. They make great items and you can choose among a lot of colors, patterns and prints. Soft and warm, the sheets fit perfectly the mattress and they wash very well too. When picking crib sheets, always go for elastic hemmed pockets. They keep the sheet firmly on the mattress, preventing any risk of accidents. Never use crib sheets unless they fit securely on the crib mattress. Loose sheets can cause accidents. The baby's arms or legs can remain stuck in the sheet, provoking pain and discomfort. That's not the biggest risk: a crib sheet that's too large might cause suffocation.

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