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Sleeping bag liners are the humble but a critical piece of gear for outdoor adventures; severely underrated, but with huge benefits.

Imagine sleeping in a sleeping bag night after night, and not being able to wash the sleeping bag. The liner offers a solution here, and more.

• Improved hygiene. Sleeping bag liners are significantly lighter, and easier to wash than sleeping bags themselves. Between outdoor or backcountry trips, it is easier to wash a liner than the whole sleeping bag. Or if going on extended trips, a couple of liners, help extend the time you can go without washing the sleeping bag itself. Or if you are sleeping in hotels with uncertain hygiene of bed linen used, or on train journeys, sleeping bag liners prove to be the solution for ensuring hygiene.

• Lightweight sleeping bags. In warm weather or fair-weather conditions, sleeping bag liners can function as sleeping bags. They are lighter and more economical than a sleeping bag.

• Additional thermal insulation & warmth. Liners provide additional warmth during colder nights. The additional amount of thermal insulation is dependent on the materials used. They can also act as vapour barriers depending on the materials used, and help with preventing evaporative heat loss.

• Comfort: Some liners, depending on the materials provide, next-to-skin comfort for those who are very discerning about such comfort vis-à-vis the fabrics used in a sleeping bag.

• Economics: By using a sleeping bag liner, you will extend the life of your sleeping bag, which is typically a bigger investment.

At Gipfel, we make 10 models of sleeping bags, based on material and shape! Very few outdoor companies invest into as many models, as we do. There is a reason for this.

We offer liners in the following materials:

Each material provides certain advantages or disadvantages with respect to weight, price, thermal insulation or warmth, how quickly they dry, comfort to skin, and breathability. Below is a comparison chart for our sleeping bags.

We make our liners in both Mummy shape and Envelope or Rectangular shape.

Mummy shape is more form fitting and compact, saves on some weight, and can prevent heat loss slightly better than an envelope shaped liner. But on the flip side, can be constricting for some body types and based on sleeping position preferred.

For an Envelope shaped liner, flip the pros and cons as versus the above. Cost wise, there is no difference. Please note the prices mentioned below are as of November 2019, and may change over time.

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Dear little mummy, 3 week old is an infant,better donot use a sleep bag. at all if you are to use it then you also go in tne bag

Will field and stream replace a ripped sleeping bag-camping?

Question source and not Field And Stream is now obliged to provide a replacement sleeping bag or monies equal to same. A sincere apology is not sufficient if friendship must be tested. And, no, he cannot return it. I guess you will handle less borrowed property, huh?

How do 0 degree sleeping bags work?

They can not do both. Sleeping bags are rated for a range of temp. Very low temp bags just trap your body heat with high tech insulation and seal without exposed zippers to let the heat out. They also wrap tight around your face, basically a good mummy bag. They will be very much uncomfortable at warmer temp. Bags for warm temps have less/lower tech insulation, exposed zippers, open tops to get in and out easier etc.

Best Sleeping Bag Liner Reviews 2021

Everyone wants to enjoy their camping trip as much as possible and in as much comfort as one can get. And what better way to do that than with the help of a good quality sleeping bag liner? These accessories are a great way to boost your sleep experience while you are camping and add a layer of warmth to your sleeping bag, keep it clean, and prolong its longevity. It is also a perfect accessory for warm months, where only a thin layer of fabric is enough to balance the temperature out and keep you comfortable during the night. A sleeping bag liner has many benefits and uses, they are affordable, easy to carry around, and easy to use. Most of them fold down small and neat, making them very easy to fit in your pack. But do you really need one? This is the scoop. What are the Main Advantages of a Sleeping Bag Liner? There are certain things you really want to take care of when you are spending time outdoors and safety is of utmost priority. One of the most important aspects of safe outdoor time is sleeping in a warm and insulated sleeping bag. If you lack proper warmth, your body heat can evaporate, leaving you cold - and that's always bad news. Luckily, you can keep the evening chill at bay with the addition of a good sleeping bag liner which can be that much-needed layer of warmth. However, while the most obvious feature, good insulation is not the only advantage of sleeping bag liners. Here are just a few benefits that make this an important camping accessory. Every sleeping bag has a limited life span. After a few years of use, and the wear and tear that is imposed by the roughness of the outdoors and camping use, you will start noticing that it is taking a beating. But with the use of a sleeping bag liner, you can prevent this and keep the inside part preserved and intact. A liner can be that much-needed layer between your body and the soft walls of the sleeping bag. Also, it keeps the sleeping bag clean and hygienic for longer periods: a liner is easier to use and wash when compared to a big bulky sleeping bag. And that makes things much easier for you! Sometimes we need a bit of protection and warmth on our camping trip - even in the warm and sunny months of the year. But in such cases, a bulky and warm sleeping bag just wo not do the trick. It will be too warm and too bulky to carry around. A liner is a perfect alternative in this case. It will keep you warm without making you too hot and will be so simple to carry around. Compared to a sleeping bag, a liner will fold so small and lightweight, making it next to invisible in your backpack. Most brands offer simple carrying sacks for a neat and organized addition to your kit. Most brands rely on fleece, silk, and polyester fabrics in their liners. These materials are great for all things outdoors-related and have a ton of advantages over some other basic fabrics. One of the biggest of these advantages is their ability to dry out very quickly and to wick away moisture. Almost all liners will never make you sweat, and will not absorb superficial moisture like drizzle or dew. And in a camping situation, this is a big advantage! If you are really passionate about the outdoors and camping, you will know that sometimes the temperatures can go really low during the night. And when this happens, even a sleeping bag can have its limits, and you will quickly start feeling the chill. But with the help of a sturdy liner, you can even out this difference and quickly regain the warmth. Most liners will add between 5 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit to your sleeping bag's rating. And when the chill creeps in, this can be a big difference. They also work as an important additional layer of insulation, keeping the coldness of the ground at bay. This sleeping bag liner is a versatile accessory with many benefits. Thanks to its insulating properties, it can add between 5 and 10 degrees to your sleeping bag's warmth rating, and that can really make a big difference in the chilly months of the year. Made from 100% durable and breathable polyester fabric, it is a viable solution for every adventure, all year round. Added pillow liner helps boost the comfort wherever you are, and the wide opening makes it easy to slip in and snooze. The Tough Outdoors sleeping bag liner folds compactly into a nifty 8" by 6" carrying case which can easily fit inside your backpack. When you are out camping, do not worry about that morning dew or accidental spills - this quick-drying material is great at wicking away moisture. It is a great item to add to your camping kit- it will make sure you always have a cozy place to snooze when you are on a trip. And all that without breaking the bank! Who Should Buy This Product? Tough and durable yet pleasant to touch, this polyester sleeping bag liner is excellent at keeping you warm- but still breathable enough to be used throughout the year for sleeping bag protection. Affordable and versatile, this sleeping bag liner will suit the needs of most campers. For those moments when you wished you had another layer of insulation in your sleeping bag, this lightweight but temperature-regulating liner perfectly fits the description. It is made from breathable and silky-feeling polyester material which provides great protection against the elements and efficiently traps your body heat to keep you warm and cozy. This liner features a full-length zipper, which gives you the option to unfold it and make a great mat for casual sitting or lying. It can also be left open at the bottom, allowing you to put your feet out if you want to cool down a bit. At its top is a suitably sized pillow pocket, adding to the overall comfort. Of course, you also have a nifty carrying sack, which makes this accessory inconspicuous and very easy to carry around. It is also very easy to maintain, allowing you to keep it clean whenever you are not out camping. Who Should Buy This Product? If you just want a lightweight layer when camping in the warm months, this polyester liner is a great solution. Of course, it is also great for some added protection alongside your winter-rated sleeping bag, making it a suitable solution for any period of the year. This sleeping bag liner is made from sleek high-quality polyester which is super lightweight and machine washable, but more importantly - extra durable. This material is also efficient at wicking away moisture, especially sweat and tiny dew droplets, which makes it ideal for camping in the outdoors. It features a full-length side zipper with an added Velcro to ensure that getting in and out of it is no hassle. An integrated pillowcase is a great addition, perfect to protect your camping pillow from wear and tear. One unique aspect of this liner is the way it folds away - it packs into its own carrying sack and is incredibly small when packed: almost hand-sized! With an addition of a carabiner clip, you can carry it attached to your belt or backpack. While the insulation of this material is great, it can also be used in warmer months as a solo accessory- or for those situations when you have to stay at a hostel and need a protective barrier between you and the sheets. None Smooth and silky material can cause sliding Who Should Buy This Product? If you value ease of maintenance and insulating, moisture-wicking materials, this liner is the choice for you- it stores compactly, can be machine washed and dried, and used year-round with the same success. A sleeping bag liner is an invaluable addition to the kit of every responsible outdoorsman. Whether you are hiking or camping, one of these nifty accessories will certainly come in handy, especially if you are out and about in all seasons of the year. This fleece liner is made from 100% premium brushed polyester fleece, and this fact alone gives it great insulation properties and makes it sufficiently warm for camping in the colder months of the year. While it is not waterproof it can wick away slight moisture, for example, dewdrops and such. The liner features a high-quality zipper, which also gives you the option to connect two liners together to create a single double-sized one. It comes neatly packed in its own carrying sack and is fully machine washable - helping keep it clean and fresh for your next adventure. All in all, this fleece liner is a great addition in every season, but especially in the cold months, when the warm fleece will be a good added layer of warmth in your trusty sleeping bag. Who Should Buy This Product? Looking for a suitable layer of insulation for those chilly camping trips? This fleece liner from Stansport really is one of the best solutions out there: it is affordable, warm, and very well made. If you thought that you could not find a lightweight sleeping bag liner that's also durable and well-made, think again. Made from 100% quality Pongee polyester, this liner is smooth, soft, and exceptionally comfy. It is also breathable and very durable as well, with great insulating properties, which makes it perfect all year round but particularly for milder weather. It will make sure that the cold ground does not disturb your sleep but wo not overheat you. This sleeping bag liner is full of clever design features - a full-length zipper makes for easy use and a snug fit, while an added Velcro pouch helps you to store all your important tidbits. Volcano also adds a package of silicone earplugs into this pack, which helps you get that good night's sleep when camping. Also, this liner can be unzipped to a full length, making for a nifty mat for two to lie on. With the addition of its lightweight, compact, and durable carrying sack, this liner is dead easy to carry around. It also has a unique integrated pillowcase, which completes this superb design into one amazing sleeping bag liner. Who Should Buy This Product? When you want a little more protection from the dampness and coldness of the ground, even in warmer weather, this lightweight and breathable sleeping bag liner is an excellent choice. Cleverly designed and well-made, it will quickly become a staple in your camping kit. For all of you looking for the ultimate, luxury, premium liner experience, this is where it's at. Cocoon offers a true luxury choice, with this liner that is made from 100% ripstop silk. This material is perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable, as silk is very breathable and great at regulating temperature. Ripstop silk is prized for its durability, as the threads are woven with a grid-like structure to improve the toughness and strength of the fabric. Pure silk liners are very rare but boast a whole lot of advantages, making them a truly reliable camping accessory. Silk will help regulate temperature regardless of the weather outside, it is pleasant to touch and very breathable. Contrary to some other liner models on the market, this design did not opt for a sideways zippered entrance. Instead, you have a top opening through which you can snuggle up. It is fully machine washable and lightweight- effortless maintenance for a whole lot of benefits. None No sweating thanks to properties of silk Who Should Buy This Product? Made from pure ripstop silk, this sleeping bag liner is both delicate and tough: the silky feel is irreplaceable but the tightly woven threads make for a much more durable fabric suited for the wear and tear of camping. Having a sleeping bag liner on your next camping or hiking trip can really be a game-changer. If you feel that your sleeping bag is somewhat lacking in warmth, adding a liner can really boost its temperature rating. Furthermore, a sleeping bag liner can make maintenance of your sleeping bag effortless as it is easy to wash and dry and it creates a barrier between you and the sleeping bag interior. On all accounts- a must-have for any camper worth their salt.

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