How Much Should I Feed My Rabbit Daily?

I would stop giving the purina and the oats. Purina is an alfalfa based brand and he does not need the alfalfa anymore. You can keep feeding it until you run out, but if have have a lot then you may want to donate some or something. Oats are high in carbs, so should only be a treat and only in small amounts. You do have to remember that the breeder has rabbits who are bred, probably live outside or in a barn and may be shown. These rabbits have different needs that pet rabbits who live inside and are spayed or neutered. The oxbow pellets are fine though, just do not feed too much. For a Holland Lop, 1/4 cup of pellets per day is enough. It will give him the nutrition from the pellets without giving him too much where he is getting fat. Rabbits should eat lots of hay. Timothy or other grass hay is best for adults. It sounds like he is doing fine for that. For veggies, 1-2 cups per day should be good. Remember to introduce them slowly to avoid digestive upset. Leafy green veggies are best. Avoid sugary foods like carrots and fruit, they can be treats only.

1. Gifts for Adults with Cerebral Palsy: The Ultimate CP Gift Guide

The best gifts for adults with cerebral palsy will add convenience to their everyday lives or help them be more independent. Because cerebral palsy is a developmental disorder, many gift guides for people with CP tend to be geared towards children. This gift guide will share 15 ideal gifts for adults with cerebral palsy. The Best Gifts for Adults with Cerebral Palsy Understanding how cerebral palsy affects your loved one's day-to-day life can help you pick out the perfect gift. Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term, meaning that it describes a wide range of motor impairments at varying severities. Individuals can experience motor impairments in their legs, one side of the body, or throughout their entire bodies. We are sure your loved one will love anything you get them, but to help you out, let's discuss 15 gift ideas for adults with cerebral palsy. Smart speakers like the Google Home or Amazon Echo make great gifts for adults with cerebral palsy. These devices are extremely convenient for individuals with motor impairments because they can be paired with other smart devices to: turn the lights on and off These tasks can be managed using just the individual's voice. If your loved one is non-verbal or has difficulties speaking, they can download the Amazon Alexa app or Google Home app to control these tasks from their phone. An iPad can open a world of opportunities for someone with cerebral palsy. Not only can it be used for entertainment, but also therapy. For example, individuals with oral motor impairments can download speech therapy apps and speech generators to improve their communication skills. Additionally, individuals can practice developing their fine motor skills by learning how to use the iPad. Various applications can be installed to keep adults with cerebral palsy engaged and occupied throughout the day. If an iPad is too costly, consider getting your loved one an app store & iTunes gift card so that they can purchase helpful apps to use on their iPhone. Adaptive tools make great gifts for adults with cerebral palsy because they provide the support needed for individuals with motor impairments to perform activities of daily living independently. Useful adaptive tools for individuals with cerebral palsy include: Reachers can help individuals with weak arm or trunk control grab objects that are out of reach. Leg lifters can help individuals with lower body motor impairments perform transfers in and out of bed. Grab bars can be installed around the house to provide additional support for performing transfers. Adaptive utensils can help individuals with motor impairments in the hands eat independently. Universal cuffs attach to various household items such as pens, toothbrushes, and silverware to help individuals with weak gripping skills hold onto objects. MusicGlove can help adults with hemiplegia (motor impairments on one side of the body) or quadriplegia (motor impairments throughout the entire body but predominantly in the limbs) strengthen their hand functions. It combines music, gaming, and hand therapy to keep individuals with weak hand functions engaged and practicing the repetitions they need to improve. Learn more about the MusicGlove FitMi is a rehabilitation device that can help motivate adults with cerebral palsy to be more active and perform high-repetition movements. It involves tapping, moving, and squeezing sensorized pucks along to challenges displayed on the screen. With 40 hand, arm, core, and leg exercises designed by physical and occupational therapists, the FitMi is ideal for individuals with any type of cerebral palsy. Learn more about the FitMi Wheelchair decorations like cushions, wheel covers, and stickers can add lots of personality and flair to a basic wheelchair. Some individuals with cerebral palsy may spend the majority of their day in a wheelchair, and having it decorated to express their personal style can help improve their confidence and uplift their mood. Additionally, cushions can help make your loved one feel more comfortable and prevent the development of pressure sores. Getting your loved one an activity tracker can help promote a more active lifestyle. Due to motor impairments, many individuals with cerebral palsy live sedentary lifestyles, which increases their risk of developing health complications, including: Being active does not require strenuous exercise. Simply moving around more throughout the day can provide significant health benefits. Setting a daily activity goal can help motivate individuals to move around more. Wireless headphones are an excellent gift for adults with cerebral palsy. Jumbled headphone cables can be difficult for individuals with motor impairments to detangle. Wireless headphones get rid of the hassle so that your loved one can listen to music or watch videos right away. Many adults with cerebral palsy experience tight muscles and pain on a regular basis. A professional massage can help promote relaxation by loosening stiff muscles, improving circulation, and reducing pain. If you rather get your loved one an item over a gift card, a handheld massager is also a great gift idea. Vacuuming can be challenging for individuals with cerebral palsy because it requires both upper and lower body mobility. A robotic vacuum helps keep the floor clean and gets to all those hard-to-reach spots, like under the sofa. It can also save a significant amount of the individual's time. Cerebral palsy can affect the muscles of the mouth and make it difficult for individuals to chew or swallow. Those that do not need a feeding tube may find that using a blender or food processor to breakdown their food is an effective way to cut down on chewing and make food easier to digest. The Ring video doorbell is another useful gift for individuals with cerebral palsy. When someone rings the doorbell, it sends a notification to the individual's phone and allows them to see who is at the door. Individuals with motor impairments may also require more time to get to the door. The Ring doorbell allows users to speak into their phones to let visitors know they are on the way. Learn more about the Ring video doorbell A virtual reality headset is both entertaining and can help promote a more active lifestyle. Individuals with cerebral palsy can escape their everyday lives and participate in interactive challenges that keep them engaged and performing the repetitions they need to improve their mobility. People with cerebral palsy can struggle with body temperature regulation. Because most of our body heat is generated through muscle contractions, those with severe motor impairments are more likely to feel cold due to limited movement. An electric blanket can help your loved one warm up quickly. The heat can also help relax tight muscles and reduce pain. If your loved one enjoys video games, then the Xbox adaptive controller will make a great gift. The Xbox adaptive controller was designed to make gaming more accessible for everyone. In fact, it was created in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Individuals can connect various switches, buttons, and joysticks to customize their gaming experience and have it better accommodate their specific motor impairments. Learn more about the Xbox Adaptive Controller Everyone experiences cerebral palsy differently, so it's essential to understand the severity and location of your loved one's motor impairments. Additionally, your loved one is so much more than their disability, so make sure to also consider their interests when picking out a gift. Hopefully, this gift guide for adults with cerebral palsy provided some helpful insight. We are sure you will find the perfect gift. Good luck!

2. How do you carry on a relationship with parents who abused/neglected you as a child?

It relies upon on the placement. that's easy to assert that that's contained in the applicable activity of the adults in touch, yet no longer inevitably the youngster. evaluate how a baby would be taken care of by making use of mothers and fathers who did no longer prefer it, is that extra appropriate than adoption? Why do maximum of adoptees hate adoption? i develop into accompanied, by making use of well-known working type people. They have been religious, us little ones have been given spanked especially circumstances . valuable i will locate fault with their parenting, yet who wo not be able to locate fault with their mothers and fathers.i am ok as an grownup. i am knowledgeable, married to a valuable guy, I extremely have awesome little ones (organic and organic) and sometime i ought to undertake. I attempt my toughest to be a sturdy confirm and that i am , yet i am valuable while they are adults my little ones will in all probability have some subject concerns with the way they have been raised. no one escapes formative years unscathed. My accompanied mom saved 2 little ones (they have been her cousin's) after their mom develop into arrested for cocaine, one develop right into a new child and had seizures simply by fact his mom did drugs whilst pregnant, the different develop into 2.Their father develop into additionally on drugs. Their mom took the parenting training and have been given her youngsters decrease back simply by fact she develop into attempting, no longer simply by fact she develop into sparkling, or her husband develop into, yet simply by fact they have been attempting. Her husband beat the youngsters subconscious with a telephone whilst extreme. develop into this well worth protecting the confirm baby bond? My oldest organic and organic brother develop into saved by making use of my organic and organic mom. he's in his previous due Nineteen Twenties, has 5 little ones by making use of five distinctive women, no education, in detention center for drugs.... and so on. it could have been in his applicable hobbies if my accompanied mothers and fathers could have accompanied him too, yet he develop into older and had a confirm-baby bond. i think of that giving your baby up for adoption while you are no longer able to correct preserve them is between the bravest issues a mom can do for her baby and that i do no longer think of that we could desire to constantly belittle that or make it out to be some thing undesirable, nor could desire to we make people who pick to undertake seem as though villains.

3. Need ideas for plane travel with a 10 month old and 6 year old.?

Sometimes flying can bother a babys ears. I know it happens to some adults. Maybe you should consult you Dr. I know adults chew gum when flying it help their ears. may a bottle or something for the baby to suck on

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