How Is a Multi-particle System in Classical Mechanics Solved? [closed]

You can just set up your equations of motion for a single particle. The initial velocity in the y-directions is given by the y-velocity of a point on the wheel. Once you get that velocity then you solve the problem like a regular projectile motion problem. Recall the tangential speed of a point on a wheel $v = romega$ and $omega$ is the angular speed of the wheel in radians/sec. And use the fact that the tangential velocity must be pointed upwards to be a solution to the problem.Set up and solve the equation of motion for h, and remember h must be upwards. Then look at what $v^2 > ag$ implies.

1. I bought a multi tool. How do I use it?

it should of came with a manual that said how to use is and ect but go online and type in the store where you got it from and try find thing out there cause it work for me

2. How to streamline setting up a multi-day class

One solution might be to create a custom field for participants with check boxes for each day. Then you could record attendance without having multiple events. You could use the Batch Update via Profile feature to make recording attendance easier for you staff. Not sure how many events or exact setup. If you use a generic field labels (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.) you could re-use the custom field and not have to create ones for each event.Hope this helps

3. Multi-sites local dev alias question for Drupal 6 / OS X

Seems like what you want could be accomplished by creating a symbolic link in the sites directory. Linking to by the name would do it:Mind you, you might need to change the $conf['cookie_domain'] and $conf['base_url'] values in the settings.php file if you want to be able to log in to your local dev site.

4. Possible multi-vitamin for a once starved horse?

I have rescued and fed many underweight horses. Barefoot above me is completely right. If she is on a quality senior feed and also gets hay, do not add supplements except for a mineral/salt block or joint supplement, or ulcer meds. Adding this big mix of other supplements messes with the balanced feed. Up her number of feedings to 3, add more hay as needed as you work her more. If you have a horse on just hay, you will need these other supplements. Otherwise, a 2 tablespoon scoop of the 12/12 type to get them their salt and minerals helps, but adding all of these other things is not necessary. They need the calories.

5. Anyone fans of the late multi-talented Billy Thorpe?

I love "Children of the Sun". It's spacey but so catchy it's unforgettable

6. What's problem with multi monitor usage in rdc7?

The Server [ or the computer you are connecting to] has to be either Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise. Only those 2 will allow the use of the multimon switch

7. Requirements for a (multi)touch wall-mounted kitchen pc [closed]

Wait a few months and check out the Windows 7 tablet pc's. They will support up to 4 finger multi touch. Wall mounted with proper ventilation, this should be a viable option.

8. Is there an affordable way for non-students to subscribe to multi-journals/archives?

To add to Boris Bukh's suggestions:Many institutions grant library privileges to alumni, which might include remote access to the university's online subscriptions. You might get in touch with the librarian at your alma mater and ask if they offer such a thing. (In some cases you might be required to join the alumni association and pay dues, but this would probably be on the order of US$10-$100 per year. )Many universities open their libraries to the public. If you live near any university or college that has appropriate subscriptions, you may be able to just walk into their library, sit down at a computer, and download the articles you want. Then just put them on a USB drive, upload them to a cloud storage account, or email them to yourself. For older articles that are not online, the library may have them in bound volumes; they may not let you check them out, but you can photocopy or scan any article you want.Institutional access to subscriptions is usually based on IP address - all computers on the campus's network have access. So if you still have a computer account at your alma mater, you may be able to log into it and fetch articles through there. You may even be able to set up a proxy/tunnel/VPN or something similar to let you browse from your own computer but have requests routed through your university account. For instance, if you have a Unix shell account, this is easily done with an ssh tunnel (but the details are beyond the scope of this site).If you have a friend who's still a student or faculty at your alma mater or elsewhere, you could ask them to download the occasional article for you. (This is probably not helpful for your 100-paper meta-analysis, unless they are a really good friend.)Unfortunately, as you've probably discovered, personal subscriptions are usually prohibitively expensive, and may have to be purchased individually for each journal, or at least each publisher

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