How Do You Get DARK RINGS From Under Your Eyes??

OK........I found this info.........The first quote is from an esthetician and the second quote is from someone with the same problem. "There are many causes for the dark circles. Lack of sleep, lack of iron or vitamin C, heredity, allergies, and we age the skin under the eyes thin out and this makes the veins and capillaires easy to see and will cast a dark shadow under your eyes. Kidney problems also will cause dark circles. As far as 'quick fixes' go...I tell people to try soaking cotton in cold milk and laying down, apply to the eyes for 20 minutes, or tomato juice and lemon will need to alternate these juice applications over the course of the day. cucumbers mixed with parsley and potatoes sometimes work, chamomile or calendula tea bags (wet and cold) placed over the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Even anything a bag of frozen peas can help (especially for swelling) A word of advice..please do not use hydroquinone 'lightening' products that you can buy over the counter. This is a very dangerous ingredient, especially to put near your eyes". Quote #2 "Works somewhat: aloette eye restore, beuticontrol eye cream and juice organics eye treatment. Helps: sleep, drinking water, less stress, excercise. Long term: use sun block and antioxidants such as vit C products made for eyes. Always: concealer " Good Luck

1. What are bags under your eyes?

The technical term is periorbital edema/puffiness, and they are caused by fluid build up in the area around the eye socket. One of the causes is interruption of the normal sleep cycle. Basically, when you sleep your eye sockets and the surrounding tissues are flooded with fluids as part of your body's normal cleaning and maintenance routine. If your sleep cycle is disturbed, it gets disorganized

2. Is it bad for my eyes to read in the dark with a book light?

No and sitting to close to the TV wo not hurt your eyes either

3. How to get rid of tear stains on my dog? Is "Angels Eyes" safe?

i would not touch any of those products you can buy, they all have chemicals in them and eyes are too important to mess with. i use apple cider vinegar on my dog and it's fantastic. it's one of natures wonder foods! it's great for dogs digestion and things like that, it's really cheap and you can buy it at any health food store. all you do is add about 1 teaspoon to their water bowl. for the tear stains though you just put some of the vinegar on a cotton ball and dab the stains, you might need to do it once daily for a few days but it totally gets rid of the stains. make sure you use different cotton balls for each eye so that you do not move germs from one to the other. i like apple cider vinegar because it's natural and because i've used it and it definitely works. my dog has white hair around her mouth so she gets food stains too so that's why i add it to her water bowl so if you have this problem too try it. but a little ACV on a cotton ball, just dab at the stains a few times until they are all cleared up!

4. Best Drugstore BB Cream as Foundation?

I have a horribly oily t-zone and my oil free garnier BB cream fixes that entirely. It is very low-priced, and just a little goes some distance for the reason that it is so liquidy. A excellent concealer is the Invisible concealer by means of duvet lady. It can be mighty. Also, to get rid of the redness of pimples and the sight of zits, are attempting shopping a inexperienced concealer (it can be slightly highly-priced however in may also be observed in drugstores and it can be totally worth it, trust me!) beneath your ordinary concealer. The green balances red out and you are not able to even see the green concealer rationale it blends out. And the identical can go to below eyes, but use a more pink concealer :) i am hoping I helped!.

5. Itchy rash around eyes, mouth, armpits, inner thighs, and nipples with unknown cause?

Rash Around Eyes

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