How Can I Make an Electric Wheel Chair? (from Scratch )?

you can build most anything if you have the proper tools and materials

1. 0bama to tax Medical Equipment. How compassionate is it to tax grannys wheel chair or walker?

The fake 1/2 black man who is actually Arab, Has to get those Obama bucks from somewhere,

2. what do you do when you find out your mom is going to be in a wheel chair in proubably less then 5 years and..

Just cherish every moment you have with her. My mom had les than 6 months from diagnosis until she passed. You will start remembering thing about your times with her with a lot more detail. Good luck to you and her.

3. Does anyone know where I can sell a used electric wheel chair?

you could probaly sell it back to the company or a hospital?

4. do you get to the front of the line at disney if your in a wheel chair?

buy a speedpass if you can afford it or just wheel up to the front and cut everyone i know i wouldnt question you lol lol trixi you said you cant get speed passes at Disney than you said the speed passes will not get you far?? make up your mind

5. where can i find a cheap wheel chair?

get in touch with local churches and they should be able to point you in the right direction of a cheap or free wheel chair. we did that for my friends mom who didnt have the $ for one and got it for free

6. should a school add a wheel chair ramp for just one student?

Yes because our school did even a lil mini elevator so he didnt have 2 go up 6 steps in the gym lobby. Its only fair and plus maybe in the future, the school might have another student in a wheelchair so tech. it isnt just 4 1 student:)

7. how do i build a wheel chair ramp?

How tough can it be? Jus git 2 by 4 and some plywood. Make sure the angle is not too steep. Use screws cuz they hold better. I sure wish I was there to hellp you with all this car problems and stuff. Oh well. Good luck!

8. If a retiree is collecting a pension that covers their monthly bills how much should they have in their emergency fund?

Everyone should have in savings at least 3-4 months of their household expenses.Questions: what aboutEmergency?New vehicle purchase?Replacement of major appliances?Major home repairs such as a new roof?Short-and long-term care?Nursing home costs?Health aids, if needed, such as wheel chair, walker etc

9. Ladies, would you date a guy in a wheel chair?

Of course, if he had a good heart and I liked him. Why does it matter if he could walk or not?

10. why does my electric wheel chair go in circles?

Thanks guys. It only goes in circles and wont go forward or backward. goes only I will look closer

11. How to fix wheel chair's wheels from wobbling? TEN POINTS FOR BEST POSSIBLE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!?

You could start by telling this to your bus driver, counselor, principle, or who ever you want to ask for help from. I do not know how old you are but you wrote this question, you can explain in person and not be expected to just figure this out on your own or even with Yahoo help. Good luck!

12. Who'd win the wheel chair race; Biden or McCain?

Thumbs up for your well written last sentence. I am not ashamed to be Pro-American and will support those who have my similiar thought on this. McCain 08

13. What's worse a drunk in a wheel chair who isn't handicapped or an atheists who really isn't an atheists?

Are you that fat lazy guy who gets take out all the time and thinks that weighing 177 pounds is something to be proud of? In short, are you the "nit wit" who sent me an email to that effect? If so, this is your response. Cook your own food, it's far better for you.

14. If I marry a chick that becomes paralyzed and wheel chair bound, I'll divorce her. Am I wrong? I say no.

I say you are a should love her for who she is, not what she is

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