Hoboken Reopens Playground at Church Square Park

HOBOKEN -- They couldn't be held back.As the ribbon was cut Thursday, some 50 smiling kids charged onto the new playground at Church Square Park, eager to test out the new futuristic-looking play equipment.The playground, which includes new slides, a dome-shaped jungle gym, swing bars and a climbing wall, has been restored as part of a $600,000 project to renovate the park at Fourth and Garden streets.The park is also getting new basketball courts in the next few weeks and renovated public restrooms, which will be completed by the end of December, said Health and Human Services Director Leo Pelligrini.The cost is being met with $55,000 raised through fundraising by the Hoboken Family Alliance, and the remainder comes from a $1.6 million fund approved by the City Council for improvements to parks across the city.Among the children trying out the new equipment were Hudson School kids. Harper van Doorn said it exceeded her expectations."We are really excited," said Harper. "There's a lot of new equipment."Children from the Hudson School use the park for recess twice a day and have been eagerly watching the renovations."It's a lot more modern and it's got a lot more things to do," said student Eric Olah-Reiken.Mayor Dawn Zimmer said some additions are still to be made, including new swings, but the city wanted to have the park open for kids for the holidays."This is our backyard," Zimmer said. "It's great to have good equipment for the younger kids to play on and for the older ones as well."

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